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  1. Was it a cricket style pavilion at the Love St end? AirdrieEsque?? (That's was Broomfield / Airdrienians FC - Now defunct! for younger readers)
  2. https://footballghana.com/tony-fitzpatrick-i-tricked-alex-ferguson-into-playing-me-before-st-mirren-captaincy
  3. He worked behind the bar in Jinty McGintys bar on Ashton Lane whilst he was at Stranraer after leaving Saints!
  4. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/uk/paisley-scotland-travel-bagpipes-british-championships-kilts-a8955781.html
  5. Did he not score a screamer against Killie in the same season?
  6. With a 660 capacity - chances of ANY going on "sale" are slim (ST holders would be first anyway!)
  7. Even with a 50/50 split, how many would real fans get once sponsors / players / media etc take theirs? I suppose the only thing would be to move it to HA / Well / Airdrie?
  8. I did once! Guy in the Chinese tried to rip me £4 for a basket of prawn crackers! (A Paisley man an aw that!!)
  9. Can;t disagree with ANY of the above! (I assume GLS / Fitzy will be looking at BWA on Saturday!)
  10. Let's keep the football aspect & the ticket chaos independent? Are we all confident about the turnstyles on Sunday??
  11. I'm genuinely surprised that the press haven't picked up on the potential for chaos at both matches due to the ticketing issues at boh clubs. 11 pages suggest there is a problem at SMFC What have DUFC done wrong? Other than allow people to buy 20 at one go?
  12. Under "distance selling regulations" they MUST! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/5tzLGdyC8FpBvKSr1GS4WLy/distance-selling-regulations
  13. Would season ticket Holders get priority in the que though??
  14. Like a parent with 2 kids that arrive safe in the knowledge they have 3 seats together?
  15. A similar split happens in routine SFA / League cup games then! What about an SFA semi at Hampden? Still cash tickets can be bought incognito / the dosh is then "pulled" amongst clubs involved. SFA don't need to know it was Sadie Smith from Pitenweem that actually bought it!
  16. That's bollox! 1000+ odd turn up on a Saturday waiving a £20 (ish) note & buy a ticket from the windows!
  17. What was the point of that at Dens when folk sat anywhere?
  18. what about those that have already bought seats they want? STH or otherwise??
  19. It's also a poor show from DUFC! - So, they didn't know for sure till 2200 on friday they would be in a play-off, but they could have sent the tickets in advance to us or Accies to sell ((Dependant on results) Had ICT qualified, then just bin them, (Or use SMFC stationery as Brechin did last time!)
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