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    scottd reacted to norrie82 in Family Stand   
    Fantastic to see so many people behind the goals these past few games. We need to say the board stopping the old firm taking two stands is working out well. I am happy to continue to pay a little more on my season ticket to help this continue. 
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    scottd reacted to Wilbur in Welcome Keanu Baccus   
    Unfortunately that's just a drop in the ocean against our £30 billion debt. Drat those Kibble b*st*rds.
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    scottd got a reaction from faraway saint in Possible Questions for the SMISA meeting   
    Still alive according to Companies House.  84 years old though.
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    scottd got a reaction from shull in Possible Questions for the SMISA meeting   
    Still alive according to Companies House.  84 years old though.
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    scottd reacted to FTOF in More redundancies. Where are you SMISA?   
    I don't doubt that there will be some sort of financial deficit, given Covid and the current economic situation that the world has been forced into.
    If we have spent the government money, then so be it. It's to be paid back at a very low rate, so not a huge worry IMO.
    If there are other financial debts, then we'll have to see if we can sell a couple of players and get some of our high wage earners, currently warming the bench, off the payroll.
    As much as I thought SGG, on the whole, was a decent custodian of the club, I think that bringing him back, is a retrograde step.
    A lot of what seems to be happening seems to be down to supporters running the club disagreeing with the direction that The KIbble are taking the club. i.e. they've fallen out with each other. 
    IMO this was always going to happen. It's one of the reasons I voted against The Kibble involvement. However, I suspect that even if we'd stuck with the original model, someone would have thrown their toys out of the pram at some point.
    I wonder how many people who voted for The Kibble involvement have changed their mind. FWIW I think The Kibble have done a lot of good, despite my reservations, and we are a far more professional outfit, both on and off the field. However, has it come at too high a cost?
    There is no ideal way to run a club. Single ownership doesn't seem to be working all that well for Dundee United and Hibs if you look at the level of dissent from their fans.
    Almost every club has gone through some sort of "owner influenced" turmoil. Maybe it's our turn again.
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    scottd reacted to JJ McG in More redundancies. Where are you SMISA?   
    The same SGG that appointed Tommy Craig and left us hurtling towards league 1? Since Gordon Scott and kibble came in we’ve went from strength to strength, our stadium has been upgraded as has our training complex been refurbished, we are in a far better place on and off the park regardless of the shite that is being spouted. 
    We are trying to move forward as a club and we have massively so I would like to think the dinosaur days are gone, if he gets appointed my membership will be cancelled.

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    scottd reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in More redundancies. Where are you SMISA?   
    Can I just make one small point on this thread. 
    IT’S f**kING BORING AS f**k!
    I’ll no’ be back. 
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    scottd reacted to bazil85 in More redundancies. Where are you SMISA?   
    There’s a difference between getting early sight of what’s going to happen (which isn’t uncommon) and attaching Armageddon scenarios to it. 
    Reality - our third choice goalkeeper has left & the manager is having to move on a couple of players in January as we are slightly over budget. 
    Baseless exaggeration - St Mirren have to get rid of players urgently because we desperately need to cost save & are in financial hardship. 
    Reality - a couple of directors have moved on based on personal reasons/ other commitments 
    Baseless exaggeration - there is huge unrest on the board & the club is in turmoil. 
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    scottd reacted to Callum Gilhooley in More redundancies. Where are you SMISA?   
    I can help you with the Dome situation , it was very badly damaged in a vandalism attack a few weeks back. A fact which was covered on here, Twitter, Facebook & possibly other channels.  
    As far I am aware , The users of the Dome were notified immediately . I know our group was. 
    The repairs needed are extensive and no doubt expensive, a decision will have to be made regarding whether or not this will be worthwhile given its age , life expectancy and past issues and repairs. 
    It affects me and my group directly but At this stage I’d rather direct my anger at the f**king scum who damaged it . 
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    scottd reacted to djchapsticks in More redundancies. Where are you SMISA?   
    But you've provided no evidence to back your claims up whatsoever outside of 'I have a reliable source'.
    If you are coming here with irrefutable proof of wrongdoings then many Saints supporters will be up in arms. We've seen in the last couple of years, it doesn't take a lot for St. Mirren fans to question WTF is going on.
    The difference is though that on the public face of it, since last summer, the club has been run a whole lot better. Professional output, a stronger ticketing system, no real mumblings of wrongdoings or failings that often used to find their way out.
    Your 'evidence' that a bam or bams slashed a big inflatable structure as proof irrefutable that there are systematic failings at the club is honestly quite comical. 
    As for Michelle Evans arriving in a blaze of publicity....did she? As far as I recall she arrived every bit as quietly as she left. I don't recall a press release or certainly nothing heralding her arrival at the club. Possibly as mention in the newsletter. I don't even think I knew she worked for the club until recently.
    I'm not saying that what you have written carries no merit. There does appear to be a hell of a lot of confirmation bias going on though. You don't like the Kibble. We get it. But to use departures on the quiet as a stick to beat the club with when the arrivals were also on the quiet (whilst claiming they weren't) comes off as you having a pretty sizeable agenda.
    So long story short. Provide proof. Provide sources. If you are so concerned, go to the press. Someone out there will love having a scoop of this size landed on their desk with all the dirt and shenanigans that goes with it, particularly Saints friendly reporters such as Graeme McPherson, Douglas McNeill or even Scott Burns who also takes a keen interest in us. Rather than coming on here and slating supporters and SMISA backers for having our heads in the sand...if you are enlightened then you do something proactive with it and put your convictions out there to the press. You could save the club!
    Or carry on coming on here and telling folk doomsday is coming and either disappear when it doesn't, or wring your hands and go 'told you, told you' when it does. As it stands, the burden of proof lies solely at your door so you cannot get agitated when folk ask for you to back up your accusations and assertions.
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    scottd reacted to antrin in More redundancies. Where are you SMISA?   
    Sorry, glen.
    only time your perspective stares us in the face is when you put it there.
    we see week on week, St Mirren improving, attendances and satisfaction with the football rising, players appearing to be very happy.
    Michelle Evans? No harm to her but… shrug.
    her arrival’s “blaze of publicity” had as much impact on me as her disappearance.  Shrug.
    Same with low level departures.  Maybe that’s how they should be?
    I have little interest in back door, unsubstantiated gossip.
    I admit to being interested in the players, the manager, the team.  And a wee bit of success on the park.
    That’ll do me.  
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    scottd reacted to FTOF in Gallagher   
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    scottd reacted to shull in Kieran Offord Signs Contract Extension   
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    scottd reacted to HSS in Jack Ross Must Go.   
    Correct,they should never have signed Goodwillie
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    scottd reacted to billyg in Joe Shaugnessy   
    I was told about it last week , apparently the financing of the Gogic deal hinged on JS leaving. We still have plenty of cover , so not that bothered !
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    scottd reacted to faraway saint in Dundee United v St Mirren SPFL Premiership 21/8/22   
    Agree totally, unnecessary and childish for a manager who saved us from relegation then won the Championship and was manger of the year.
    How good or bad he has done elsewhere isn't a major issue for me, I'm only really concerned with what he did for St Mirren. 
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    scottd reacted to guinness in Aberdeen v St Mirren 6 August 2020   
    Just in from match. Good day out spoiled by a brick hitting the bus window then being very thoroughly frisked by a very large black chap who had NO legal right to do so other than ; you will not get in unless I do this: I wish clubs would be honest and just say we do not want away supporters. Oh also we were  absolutely pish. Manager has no idea.
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    scottd reacted to bazil85 in Redundancies at the Academy   
    Can someone check on on Elvis? He must be devastated that the club he ‘supports’ isn’t close to liquidation. 😂
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    scottd reacted to exiledfan in Is TOYOSI OLUSANYA the worst ever player for Saints?   
    Is Sue Denim the biggest twat to post on black and white army?
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    scottd reacted to Rascal in Redundancies at the Academy   
    Maybe Elvis but not necessarily. As others are saying, these are rumours. Even if true that we have that debt level the questions I would ask would be: How did we run up that debt and how does the board plan to service it and have we financed it from our own funds or have we borrowed it and if so from whom?
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    scottd reacted to HSS in St.Mirren v Hartlepool - July 5th   
    Hope they get relegated 
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    scottd reacted to exiledfan in Have you ever wondered where the Kibble got £400,000 of public money to buy into our club ?   
    To be honest I do not care.
    The club is best it has ever been run and we look at top 6 each season as opposed to survival from even the championship and going out of business.
    One of the top run clubs in Europe and lots to look forward to so I don't see relevance.  
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    scottd reacted to djchapsticks in 8th Best run team in Europe   
    Tremendous work by everyone involved including the Kibble.
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    scottd reacted to FTOF in 8th Best run team in Europe   
    Celtic and Rangers left in shade as two Scottish Premiership rivals among 'best run clubs' - Daily Record
    I'm sure everyone will join in with a well deserved round of applause for the people running our club.
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    scottd reacted to Tommy in Premier Cup Draw   
    Excellent, 2 home games at 3pm on a Sat and an away game live on telly in midweek  
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