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    mikesmfc reacted to div in John Sutton Returns   
    I don't sign the players myself, so of course I get things wrong from time to time but I don't think my record on players is too bad!
    All I do is piece together bits of info I hear and join up the dots.
    This one is as solid as it gets. Sutton will be playing for us next season.
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    mikesmfc reacted to Ronnie in Livi V Saints- Pre Season Friendly 9/7/16   
    Really can't wait for this game only the 6th meeting in the last 10 months seems so long ago we last played. Super Excited.
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    mikesmfc reacted to TopCat in The Spfl & Pyramid Play Offs   
    Wee baldy's team in action tonight too. Queens Park v Cowdenbeath in the league 1 playoff first leg.
    Stranraer also playing Livi this evening. Hope Stranny come up, quite the away day down there.
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    mikesmfc reacted to div in Signing This Week?   
    This preview wasn't widely viewed last week. Was published on Saturday;

    240: in Rae says (on bringing the right players to the club)
    "this time next week we will have a bit of news on maybe one guy who ticks the boxes for us. I'm pretty optimistic about that one"
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    mikesmfc got a reaction from shull in Paisley Road West Eateries   
    Taste of India is usually my first stop when I get off the bus on a Saturday night, love their hoagies
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    mikesmfc reacted to TopCat in Sean Kelly?   
    Well his last start was the home win against Dumbarton at the end of February. We kept a clean sheet and I thought he played well.
    Since then he's had two brief sub appearances, the latest was at Alloa.
    I hope he stays next season. His versatility makes him a good player to have in the squad and he's always good for a few goals and assists.
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    mikesmfc reacted to TopCat in Sfa Good For Sfa?   
    They're recruited from the lower levels of the Scottish game.
    If you think you could do better, feel free to become a referee yourself.
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    mikesmfc reacted to TediousTom in Sfa Good For Sfa?   
    Where are the SFA recruiting the dullards that are officiating at games in the Scottish championship?
    These are incredibly low calibre people that we are being burdened with and it is ruining any enjoyment that one can derive from watching football.
    That idiotic referee from tonight would clearly be unable to hold down any form of employment due to his apparent stupidity so why is he being allowed to ruin our beautiful game?
    Yes this is a rant but for goodness sake I paid money for that game tonight and I deserve better than that halfwit!
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    mikesmfc reacted to Dibbles old paperboy in 'midfielders' In Alex Rae's Starting Xi's   
    1. McMullan - 4 starts and then loan deal ended and sent back to Celtic
    2. Mallan
    3. Carswell
    4. Agnew
    5. Howieson - 2 starts and then dropped from most matchday squads
    6. Gallagher
    7. Quinn (currently injured)
    8. Cooper
    9. McAllister - 17 year old from the U20s team
    10. Stewart - young defender being played in midfield
    11. Gow - 1 start, hooked after 45 minutes
    The mind boggles as to why Rae refuses to play Goodwin when he is prepared to play Jordan Stewart out of position in midfield and chuck in Kyle McAllister from the U20;s... McMullan was given 4 starts before being sent back to Celtic and his loan deal terminated because he wouldn't follow orders, Howieson has been bombed out of match day squads but has still had a few starts. Goodwin has been given 0 starts under Rae. Is he really our 12th choice midfielder?
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    mikesmfc reacted to Drew in Mcginn And Mclean   
    Both named in wee Gordy's squad for upcoming friendlies.
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    mikesmfc reacted to Sonny in St Mirren Player Of The Season 2015/16   
    Alan Gow. Been decent in every game he has played.
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    mikesmfc reacted to TopCat in Driving Lessons   
    Ha he taught me 13 years ago, glad to see he's still going. Good guy.
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    mikesmfc reacted to Mr Zo in Bubbles Gone But Not Forgotten   
    I was talking to a friend through the week who was telling me that tomorrow the 5th March 2016 will be the 10th anniversary of the death of Brian 'Bubbles' Hetherston after dieing in his sleep of a suspected epileptic fit at the tender age of 29. ( I have read some places that the anniversary is today)
    Bubbles came onto the scene at St Mirren when I found myself attending most of the reserve home games and enjoying watching him strut his stuff. He was head and shoulders above the rest of the players on the park most games and everytime he got the ball you felt he could do something special.
    Just thought I would mark the occasion of his sad passing by starting a thread. Weirdly we play Raith tomorrow on the anniversary of his death and they were the club he finished his career with.
    A fantastic young footballer on his day and I will always remember him fondly from nutmegging Chris Waddle to scoring a peach against Morton at St Mirren Park.
    RIP Bubbles
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    mikesmfc reacted to shull in We Can Be The Leicester City Of Scotland   
    Wee Alex is the man to transform us.
    Win the Play Offs this year in front of near capacity Crowds at St Mirren Park.
    Finish in a European spot next Season in the Premiership.
    Leicester 3 nil up now,
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    mikesmfc reacted to TopCat in Paul Mcmullan Loan Finished   
    Yeah he's not good enough for this level, at least not yet anyway.
    Glad he's gone.
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    mikesmfc reacted to Frank McGarvey' wonky legs in Jack Smith   
    Thats a helluva lot of goals in the 90 mins he is fit to play each season
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    mikesmfc reacted to TopCat in Kieran Sadlier Leaves (Updated Title)   
    With the search function it took less than 10 seconds.
    The forum's full of updates on our former players and how they're doing and always has been. Sorry if this gets to you.
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    mikesmfc reacted to TopCat in Billy Mehmet   
    Think that's a bit unfair. Every striker we've had has got plenty of game time against part time teams in cup competitions. Not all of them scores 5.
    Would be delighted if Billy came back. I don't doubt he would do a good job for us for the rest of the season.
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    mikesmfc reacted to billymehmet1 in Billy Mehmet   
    The big man is on back of the PDE saying he wants a return to st mirren. Surely this has got to happen ASAP
    With shank land almost certain to head back to Aberdeen in a few weeks surely use the cash to bring back the legend
    I would love to see him return and with thomo almost finished as we'll surely 6 months of them playing together would be great for us two guys who genuinely love the club
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    mikesmfc reacted to shull in St Mirren V Partick Thistle Scottish Cup Friday 8/1/15   
    God knows what state we will be in when this Tie comes around.
    Assuming we have a new Manager and are on the up....
    Saints 2 Jags 0
    Crowd - 4087
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    mikesmfc reacted to Second Decay in Ian Murray V John Coughlan   
    JC was sacked 14 league games into the 2003/4 campaign but his record is better than Ian Murray's first 15 league games
    JC - won 4, draws 4, defeats 6, goals for 11, goals against 19 pts 16
    IM - won 2, draws 6, defeats 7, goals for 14, goals against 23 pts 14
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    mikesmfc reacted to shull in Two Of Glasgow Spfl Clubs Wish To Leave Us   
    Can they not go now ?
    The Top League up here would be fabulous with none of them in it.
    Presently, one Team can win the Premiership.
    Soon it will be just two.
    Without them , there is a chance any of the twelve could be Champions of Scotland.
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    mikesmfc reacted to ulysses in Speculation Thread   
    Maybe we can tempt them with a swap deal for Gow. McNamara has seemingly lost the plot anyway, so worth trying it out.
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    mikesmfc reacted to TopCat in Bad Starts   
    Three seasons, three managers, three different ways of preparing the team and squad... and three consecutive poor starts:
    Lennon 13/14 - First 6 league games returned 5 losses, 1 draw and we were knocked out the league cup to QOTS.
    Craig 14/15 - First 6 league games returned 5 losses, 1 win and we did get through in the League Cup, beating Dunfermline.
    Murray 15/16 - First 3 league games have returned 1 point and we were knocked out the league cup by Livi.
    What is causing these dreadful starts to keep happening? All 3 mangers were in their post at the start of June, all 3 had more than enough time to prepare their squad. All 3 have failed to hit the ground running and as a result we are now playing catch up on our rivals for the third consecutive season.
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    mikesmfc reacted to TopCat in 2 Defenders On Trial   
    I do love a flareybob exclusive
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