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  1. I've just tried it Wilbur and can only say that it is simply not good enough to still have this in place. Gave up and yet again will need to phone the ticket office who thankfully do a great job. It needs to be sorted out .
  2. He turned and played a ball out the park and pulled up immediately about 10 mins before half time. Looked like his groin. He tried to play on but looked to be struggling.
  3. Its only three years since we were in the premiership and this didn't happen. Why would it happen now ?
  4. Another thread ruined . Cheers for that.
  5. In your opinion. Why is this clear ?
  6. I have no idea why you think this happened. It's a shame it put you off attending this year's meeting, it was much more enjoyable that last year.
  7. No angle. I was there and can quite clearly remember what happened. I commented at the time that he should have had the right to reply once his initial questions were answered. He was not given the opportunity and the meeting moved on. No angle or agenda from me here, I was simply pointing out that his version of events is incorrect.
  8. He said that he asked a question which they didn't like so the meeting was shut down. This simply did not happen.
  9. You came out with this nonsense not long after last year's meeting and it didn't take long for those in attendance to make it clear that none of this actually happened. None of it.
  10. Couldn't agree more billy. I thought it was well delivered, informative and assuring that despite the histrionics on here, the majority are happy with how things are being run. Well done to all concerned.
  11. Someone called me Snipey Jones. Think I will just cancel my membership now.
  12. You've just completely made this up.
  13. Just out of interest, why did you not vote No, and then wait to see what the vote result was before chucking it ?
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