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  1. Agreed. I keep hearing though that he was Ross County captain so he must be great ? He's a full back that can't stop balls into the box FFS. Thought we did not bad in second half despite being a man down, got up the park and scored a brilliant goal. Tonight's defeat was entirely avoidable, all down to our mistakes.
  2. Excellent performance. McGrath showed how we were going to play within the first 10 seconds, pressed their kick-off, won the ball and took us up the park. Well done lads.
  3. Great to see Flynn even running in a saints jersey again. For me his performance was irrelevant but as usual he was great. I have a feeling he could be very important for the remainder of the season.
  4. The Slavia game, I remember saying to my dad that they had a huge away support on the other side of the northbank fence and he pointed out they were all buddies 😃
  5. I think this was the first match I watched under the lights. Brilliant night.
  6. Agreed, but he's just off the radio accepting the plaudits for his teams "fantastic" second half display. If Foley and Flynn are fit enough to play, today was the day to have at least one experienced guy in that midfield. A very negative starting lineup and his reluctance to change it when it was clearly not working was baffling.
  7. Brutal. Mason should have been taken off after 20 mins, completely lost.
  8. Agreed. When Ethen is struggling to get into the game he gets deeper and deeper and ends up playing beside Jake which is useless. When Well were on top we really needed someone to try and get us further up the pitch but we made it difficult for ourselves.
  9. If Fraser would learn how to stop crosses, manage to pass to a team mate sometimes and generally not wander about in a trance it would help everyone greatly.
  10. Absolutely no composure and tried everything too rashly. He ran about and threatened to close defenders down but when he got there he stopped. His final pass / cross / lay off was generally poor which resulted in him sprinting back to try and win it back again (resulting in shouts of "great work junior") . On the odd occasion he worked himself some space or was played in to a position where he could have worked the keeper, he had a wild slash at it and it would either sail high and wide or skitter wide. No-one can say he wasn't given his chance, but sadly not good enough.
  11. spot on. My concern is that there is absolutely no drive in the team to get us going. I know folk cant wait for Kyle to come back but I think Flynn is what we are crying out for at the moment to liven things up. Killie were not great but up against a team with Foley and Morias in it will always fancy their chances. No idea whats happened to Foley, he's about 3 weeks off the pace.
  12. I went back to the official site. Went back through the stmirrentv link and it let me back in. Was then showing event doesnt exist. Clicked on home and it has worked for last 15 mins.
  13. This event does not exist. As predicted. Shambles.
  14. Thought it looked more like we will be signing someone with a 4 letter surname and will be given the number 2 shirt ?
  15. How will this bring through more Scottish talent ?
  16. It's not even conflict. Someone will start a new thread. A few will post their opinions. Baz will post his thoughts . faraway saint and Buddie in EK immediately challenge Baz's post regardless of the topic. Baz will then spend the next 10 days posting screeds of repetitive guff , briefly interrupted by shull. The thread dies and everone repeats the process on the newest thread. It's a shame as the forum used to be enjoyable.
  17. New thread. 2 or 3 posts....then it begins. Is it any wonder folk don't bother any more?
  18. He spoke to Chick on Radio Scotland before the game on Sunday. It might be on the Sportsound podcast ?
  19. I think they must have agreed to ruin every thread on here. It's pathetic.
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