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  1. My 5year old son absolutely loves it. Will wait to see the away strip before getting one for the summer. Not my favorite strip but not something i would get worked up about.
  2. Based on his, and Tudor-Jones performances, i want Thomson to play every game for hibs in the next few weeks.
  3. For everyone saying they can see him going into the media, is there really a career to be made as an ex player in scottish football? you have sportscene which is funded with washers and sky/bt that dont particularly care about scottish football.
  4. It works well on MOTD with its multi million pound budget when they link the relegation deciders all together in a timeline type of thing and it does look good Last night on sportscene it just looked half-arsed.
  5. Based on current form i cant believe anyone would trust Newton in the middle of the park in games thay will become battles. Hes by no means a saviour but IMO Goodwin is a must for these games.
  6. The team and management deserve all the praise that will come their way today. I was worried when it went 2-0 that the atmosphere in the stadium would turn poisonous but from where i was it was the opposite. Great reaction from the fans and we got our reward for that. Team that finished, except Goodwin in for Magennis is our best lineup IMO on current form. Mcgowan and Newton should be getting a rest for the next few weeks IMO.
  7. Both are an issue though, We have only scored 6 goals less than Inverness but they are 6 places and 21 points better off than us. showing us what can be achieved with a strong defensive unit (Before Yogi f*cked it up!!) conceding 51 goals in 31 games clearly needs to be addressed.
  8. I would go for Samson in goal ahead of Gallacher everytime.
  9. I would go with a similar team to Lex, but take out Newton, put McGinn central and play Teale or Wylde out wide. Watching Newton he doesnt want to take responsibility and constantly gets rid of the ball as soon as he can, he also hates a tackle. I would feel confident with McGinn and Goodwin protecting the defence allowing the 4 ahead to (try and) win the game.
  10. I use C and D grants just right at start of renfrew. Find the service superb and prices reasonable.
  11. Good luck to him then if he is looking for that amount of cash. Will always be remembered for 'that' goal. Hasnt hit the hights consistantly this season. Like DavidG says i think he would struggle in the championship.
  12. The speed bumps on foxbar road are absolutely horrendous as well, impossible to go over them without pretty much reducing your speed to zero. Anyone who has to use that road a lot will be spending a lot more time getting their suspension fixed.
  13. I think its a fair assumption to make that Salmond will be the First Minister for at least 2 terms (possibly more) if there is a Yes vote. saying anything else is just nonsense.
  14. Or more likely, they dont like/trust most politicians. A dislike for Salmond isnt linked to liking Cameron. and vice versa.
  15. Well deserved and long overdue in the case of John McGinn. Surprised Sean got the call up but good on him.
  16. I went to a celtic-rangers under 21 or under 19 final, celtic were by far the best team and won comfortably but Hemmings was the best player on the park by a mile. Not seen him mich since but you cant argue with his goal record. Would imagine its similar to stevie mays record at that level
  17. Ive always thought Scott Cuthbert was an excellent defender for us, even if it was for 1 season
  18. I would be pretty surprised if Hartley didnt accept the job. The longer the last thing on his CV is "chucked it after a bad run at Alloa" the harder he will find it to get a better offer.
  19. Wonder if the board would be tempted to let Danny going knowing that someone like Paul Hartley is available for no compensation. Not saying Hartley is the answer and seems to have left a bit bizarrely at Alloa but prior to that he was linked with nearly every SPL job.
  20. To be fair to Danny, hes managed to find something that 99.9% of saint mirren supporters agree on, and that doesnt happen often.
  21. As much as we desperatly need players, would anyone trust Danny to sign them? Time to go IMO
  22. Partick sign Lyle Taylor, Ross County sign Slew and Kiss, Killie- Eremenko, hearts about to sign Skacel, Hibs sign Danny Haynes, Aberdeen-Rooney, Dundee Utd-El Alagui, Fakes - Iwelumo...and we (may) end up with Nacho Novo, anyone else feel short changed??
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