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  1. I must be in the minority as i dont think Hughes is a bad appointment for them, done well at Falkirk, as well as anyone has done at Hibs recently, failing at Hartlepool is hardly a big deal when u look at guys that have returned to Scotland with their tails between their legs (Butcher, McInnes, Levein, etc). I always thought Hughes would be our next manager for some reason, seems a decent guy as well. Anyway, this has draw all over it as did last week, ill go for 1-1, hopefully McGowan will be fit!
  2. Is Thommos contract not an autcomatic extension after 20 games like Vanzys was last year? doesnt change the fact his contract is up at end of the season but there is zero chance of him not getting to the 20 game mark. Think Teales contract was the same. Possibly Grainger also? I expect Mair, Barron, Vanzy and Teale wont be offered new deals (assuming GT doesnt play 20 games) Dilo, McLean and Kelly i would hope would sign new deals by turn of the year (kenny being the only doubt if he would accept a deal) McGregor, Goodwin, Gowser (if he wants to stay) i would imagine would sign up a bit later in the season.
  3. To be fair, its the linesman thay should be on the christmas card list. He was looking right at the goodwin handball
  4. They are by far the worst side thats been at SMP this season (over both games). Killie and Partick shouldnt have much to fear. Their defence is certainly Dunfermline-esq when they had Potter and Keddie as their centre halfs.
  5. According to twitter Derek Adams had a right go at Jim Goodwin after the match. Maybe the arrogant wee arsehole should be looking a bit closer to home. Especially as Kettlewell could have been sent off for his persistent fouling along with Sproule and Saunders...
  6. If im ever out in Paisley we always head to Cardosis, just as nice as anything you would get in Glasgow for the same price range (IMO of course)
  7. Great signing. Could see Cornell being recalled by Swansea in january if its possible.
  8. So 4 shows at the Hydro announced yesterday and a further 2 announced today looks like selling out quite quickly, 12000 seats at between 30 and 45 quid a ticket means they will be doing well out of it anyway!!! managed to get 2 tickets for the friday show yesterday, went in today to look at getting two more for a friend and there was over 10,000 people in the queue a new bbc series will probably be on the way after the show also
  9. Pretty sure Norrie McWhirter is working for a joinery company (cant remember where i seen/heard this though)
  10. St Marys Primary Edward Scissorhands (came out when I was 4 or 5 and had nightmares for ages.....) Subbuteo (sp) got it from my grandparents and just wanted to play it all the time
  11. Massive result, hopefully season changing Well done to the players and Management
  12. Amazed Kenny is taking so much abuse when he is probably our only midfielder that offers a goalscoring threat, we have scored 2 goals all season (league), for all the arguing about harkins and mcgowans playing positions, neither offers goals, McGowan scored a fair few penalties last year but i dont remember scoring many from open play. Kenny scored 5 or 6 goals last year, usually of high quality, amazing considering he hardly kicked a ball in second half of the season.
  13. IMO its fairly clear DL is wanted out by some of the senior pros, but while Goodwin may well be one of them his performances have been gradually slipping for the past 12-18 months,its DLs fault that he has stuck by Goodwin to the degree he has. Thompsons performances pre and post cup final have been night and day. Either his age has caught up with him or hes not bothering his arse Harkins is just a waste of a jersey, look at Hibs second goal on the highlights, their full back (alan maybury, well over 30) is running to the by line when harkins appears in shot running half arsed to close him down. Grainger has been dreadful but will, IMO, come good. Goodwin is as culpable as anyone but i wouldnt say his performances have been the worst. The way these players have been performing has certainly left a bad taste in the mouth as they leave the manager hanging out to dry. The manager is not blameless, far from it, poor signings and tactically naive and IMO he will not turn it around. If it was possible i would love for some of these players to follow him out the door.
  14. The 2 late county goals should be more of a reason to end DLs reign quickly, allows new man to come in under massive pressure. Im convinced he will go this week, enoughs enough
  15. I really dont seee how he can continue, time for the BoD to make the right decision.
  16. If Hearts win and we lose surely the board need to make their move. This cannot go on.
  17. If, as has been mentioned previously, that we budget every year for 11th then Danny avoiding relegation every year and adding the bonus of a cup can justifiably make these claims IMO. I may not agree with what hes saying but thats irrelevant really, if he has achieving every objective the club set him , ie avoid relegation, and with the added bonus of the cup win then he has every right to question what the club would do if they sack him. Like I said, i may not agree but i dont think DL can be criticised for making these comments
  18. We seem to be sacrificing Paul McGowan in order to give Gary Harkins a more advanced, free role. unfortunately, Harkins doesnt work hard enough and basically isnt as good as Paul McGowan in order to justify this switch Trying to accomodate Harkins has resulted in playing a few players out of position
  19. Out of curiosity Stuart, what happens if said child had had to use their 26 or 32k fighting some illness. They are now penalised at the age of 5 when it comes to school as they have spent all their dividend on private health care.
  20. Actually looking forward to getting back to football after the international break, no idea how we will play Motherwell fan in work saying the new boy Anier is their danger man and that McManus and McFadden have been disapointing so far. i would go back to basics, Cornell Vanzy Cheesy Mair/McGregor Grainger Goodwin Newton McGowan Teale McGInn/McLean/Harkins (out wide) Thompson most players playing in their natural position (except McGinn or McLean) which would be a change not convinced that Goodwin has the legs to play this role every week but against 'well he will be up against McFadden who is slower than me Wont happen though as we will have more players out of position and i dont think he will move goodwin from midfeld, we will probably try and think Bahoken in also
  21. Im not convinced Goodwin has the legs to do that role anymore and thats why hes retained his position at the back For me Mair is much of a muchness with our other centre halfs, thats not saying much about any of them to be honest
  22. Is there a more annoying phrase than "its a short career" So what if you can only play football til your 35, go and get another job, I agree with oaksoft, the caliber of player we have in scotland is not worth 1000-3000 quid a week. if everyone cut their cloth accordingly the league would level out, yes, you will always get someone paying way over the odds, Hearts and Rangers fans are hardly laughing now though
  23. If DL was to go i dont think we would pay any compensation for a manager ruling out the highly rated guys in the lower league. More likely someone like John Hughes or Billy Reid which doesnt exactly fill me with confidence either
  24. For me, Danny has brought a lot of problems on himself. hes had a poor pre season in terms of squad, no one can deny that, what i will say though is that very few of us actually know what happens behind closed doors, we have no idea what the budgets are (currently) and how they are spent. i cant imagine any manager wouldnt bring in players is there is money available, so have the BoD moved the goalposts possibly due to hearts predicament? who knows. His record in terms of permanent signings is poor recently, Harkins and Grainger look like decent additions right now to be fair. One thing that certainly is Dannys fault though is an inability to change, i apprciate he wants us to play like barcelona, but barcelona have some of the best players in the world and finances that mean if they lose one player then can easily replace him. We need to be consistantly changing, teams know how to play against us and its as simple as press us high and we will make mistakes, teams cant do that against ICT as they hit it long to guys like foran and then surround him with their flair players like Doran and McKay to make things happen. we are too slow and predictable on the break also, nearly all our good moves involve Gary Teale, our only natural winger. He needs to change it, we have became a soft touch and far too easy to play against Im 28, ive seen some of the worst saints sides imaginable with guys like Crilly, Dunn, Robb, Lynch, Camara and Annand. Theres somehting i personally find uncomfortable about sacking a manager who has given me my greatest ever day in football (was 2 in 87) just 5 months after the event and just 3 games into a season. I also find it a bit sad the way some on here seem gleeful after defeats so they can stick the boot into Danny Lennon, and its not a new occurance, its been happening for about 18 months. They also seem excited at the prospect of Lennons job being on the line if we lose the next 2 games. IMO, i think he deserves more time, hes not invincible, but in my eyes he deserves to see out september and possibly October at the very least, I do also believe he deserves more respect for the cup win, ive seen some write the players won the cup in spite of lennon, which is frankly embarassing. Some of the names listed as possible replacements fill me with no confidence either, Shiels, Calderwood, Hughes etc
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