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  1. I genuinely hadn’t heard this I just assumed the issue would be his commuting arrangements
  2. There’s now an online article from the sun but doesn’t add much to that one liner in the gossip. Either way it needs to be resolved ASAP, if Kearney stays then fantastic if there’s any doubts from either side we need to move on. There’s a fair bit of a squad rebuild to happen and with players back on Monday we can’t be pissing about. I know the sun is an absolute rag but they aren’t too bad with saints news
  3. For info the £1.9m figure is for 43 players and 34 management and admin salaries.
  4. Thoughts with her friends and family I just wrote on twitter that her screams at each players name being read out will be missed next season
  5. A great idea from Killie and something a bit different! Im all for clubs trying to move away from a reliance on Celtic/Rangers money!
  6. I like both but will guarantee my two boys will love the away strip. So will be pre ordering them!
  7. I like both but will guarantee my two boys will love the away strip. So will be pre ordering them!
  8. I think it was Div on Twitter that said Tony mentioned we are due something from the McGinn promotion but it was only a small amount!
  9. Club have just announced all the players who’s loans have ended and also noted that Jackson and Ferdinand have left. No mention of GMac and Muzek so they must be getting offered contracts. Not sure of anyone else who has out of contract?
  10. Yeah I had issues with this today. Tried to ask them how I can add my sons season ticket (wont let me do it under the 'friends' section) and I get an error about a security code...unbelievable how poor this company is.
  11. You guys are trying far too hard to get bites. Bit cringey for two grown men on a football forum
  12. Fantastic support through,nearly everyone bewildered at Hodson coming on.
  13. Same for me, his words indicate he’s focusing on the next week and a half and not much after that. I may be putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 18 but I’m now thinking he’s going back in the summer.
  14. Long shot as I think most have sold out but anyone aware of any buses with 2 seats going? Cheers
  15. Flynn has another year left on his contract, so imagine he will be here next year
  16. Agree with this Been critical a few times this season but was immense today, always wanting the ball and not panicking
  17. Kirk was superb for us in both seasons. Also remember one game at Tannadice near the end of the season, I have it in my head that Shuggie scored and we won 2-0 (I could be wrong) but I remember Kirk being absolutely sensational that day and almost dragging us to victory on his own. He may be an absolute zoomer but he was fantastic for us
  18. Is still possible to get folk signed into the bar pre match? And is there a max you can sign in? Two of us may end up at the stadium a bit earlier and was wondering if anyone could sign us in?
  19. We aren't seriously suggesting playing 4 centre halfs, 2 full backs and 1 striker? Celtic are a good attacking side with pace especially if Burke and Weah play but f**k me, If I see we have picked Ferdinand, Baird, MacKenzie, Popescu, PMcGinn and Muzek then ill be going straight up the road. Remember when Gus used to be criticised for being negative despite generally playing 442 or 352? This place would have erupted if he played that many defensive players
  20. Dont lie. Dundee Utd have flung cash at it in January to try and get yout that league, guys like Palwett, Sow and Reynolds will be on more than most of our squad.
  21. Surprised so many are criticising the performance. First half we played into the wind and we still didn’t give much away.2nd half the conditions were atrocious. We done well to dig in against a well drilled team I’ve probably been been one of his biggest critics but today I thought Ryan Flynn put in a lot of graft and took the goal well. McGinn looked really immobile, definitely not 100% Fantastic win and 5 points from the last 3 games is great going.
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