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  1. Can't help thinking that Davie Weir the Brentford 1st team coach had a big say in this. If Brentford win promotion its worth 60 million so to spend 1 million to help bail out his "old club" is neither here nor there.
  2. I was shocked and saddened to see the news coverage and I do feel there was a bit of a media frenzy to sell a story. Its tragic what happened in Glasgow today absolutely devastating. Thoughts go out to anyone who is involved in this terrible tragedy.
  3. I remember 12 years ago today driving down to Sumburgh to catch a flight to Paisley when I heard on the radio of the death of the great Joe Strummer. I was gutted at the passing of the guy who was a shining light throughout my youth and a guy whose musical influence went beyond the "punk" genre. Sad to hear of the passing of Joe Cocker. His version of the Beatles song "Get by, with a little help with my friends" is incredible.
  4. You're right Shull it should be called Love Street. Get it renamed now and get us out of this mess.
  5. I've had conversations with some of the coaches who worked under Calderwood at Aberdeen and they thought his coaching methods were complicated due to his Dutch background .To cut a long story short the players did try and buy into what Calderwood was doing but the backroom staff weren't singing the same song. If Calderwood is what the board want then he would need to bring in his own people to back him up and I think that goes with whoever comes in as the new gaffer. Personally I would go for Gary Locke.
  6. Murray would jump at the chance to manage St Mirren regardless of what his wife does for a living. I would like Saints to approach Gary Locke after the way he progressed the young Hearts team from last year into the championship winning side they will be this season. Good luck to Teale and Longwell in the time being as its in their hands to convince the chairman and fans.
  7. I clutch at straws its what I do supporting this team. C'mon St Mirren make my weekend and pump Invernsneck. Whatever happens tomorrow I dont think Tommy is our answer.
  8. Really enjoyed the sound of Lemonhaze and will buy the album if and when it gets out. Saw another pair of singing Buddies when I was in Paisley a few weeks ago, Allan McKimm and Al Mitchell in Paddy Malarkeys were fantastic.
  9. That cnut can stay in Orkney where he belongs.
  10. I notice it doesn't include Shetland on the map on its title Maybe we should keep all our oil and gas to ourselves.
  11. When Frank McDougall opened the Criterion bar in Aberdeen he invited Miller and McLeish among others to the opening night. Miller didn't stay long when he found out it wasn't a free bar. A tight fisted cnut according to Frank !
  12. A've nae changio wee guy, huv wanio of these instead;
  13. My Italian van dwelling sweetie vender also sold near to home produce;
  14. Gon yersel Goebbels me auld fruitbat!
  15. Spanish Gold sold from a sliding windae in an ice cream van in a central area of Paisley. It got me hooked!
  16. Scotland are playing football again something we haven't done under our previous managers and I'd take that back to the 70's when we last looked like threatening to be a quality team. I think Strachan has done a fantastic job in doing that.
  17. I seen him a couple of weeks ago helping old ladies across the road and ticking off young rapscallions for their loose language in front of Gods good people. More of a Take That kinda guy than a punk warlord these days and now realises that wrestling is just a waste of a boxing ring. Probably watches Mort*n every Saturday as he's always had a soft spot for them.
  18. Not sure if there's a cure for two left feet but here's hoping. Not been in Paisley in a while so really looking forward to a wee walk from the airport down to Love St and then into the town centre. A win will be fantastic but a point will do me. I just hope the new singing section breathes a bit of life into our dour stadium.
  19. Paddy Malarkey's I hope is still a Saints pub. I'll find out this weekend.
  20. I've had a piss up in that brewery when Sonny(the owner) used an agricultural shed next to his home. We just ended up in his house drinking. Unst fc are utterly shite and we would beat them with an u12 team but it costs a fortune to get here. I get an Islander discount through Flybe which gets me 40% off the cost of flights within the UK. On Saturday it still cost me £192 to fly down to Aberdeen and another £38 on the train down to Perth. I'm flying down again for the Inverness game in a fortnight this time down to Paisley international for about £210. I was in Unst last week and it is a magical place and I would recommend Shetland as a holiday to anyone if you can afford to get here. There is a pub in Baltasound as well as the brewery so no shortage of refreshments.
  21. Great result yesterday and brilliant day out in Perth and Aberdeen. We hung on a bit in the second half and to be honest I was hoping for the final whistle just before we scored the winner. The drummer was a prick though you'd think one of his mates would give him a boot in the baws for constantly battering that f**king thing.
  22. Well done the Buddies great result down there. Not many gave us a chance so that makes a point even better. Looking forward to Perth on Saturday.
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