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  1. Lived around Paisley, but never in it... Moved about as a kid, living in East Kilbride, Austin TX, Bishopton, Erskine and Dumbarton before moving to Glasgow for a first (failed) attempt at Uni, then Dublin for a slightly more successful one. As such, I watched the League Cup win from a pub on O'Connell St while the parade went past outside. Despite moving about while in school, I sang in the Abbey choir for 3/4 years and was driven past Love Street about 10 times a week. Attended my first game in about 2004/2005 (a friendly against Rangers which we would've won had Klos not played out of his skin) and the rest is, apparently, geography. Moved back to Scotland in August last year and have been in Johnstone ever since.
  2. How's about? "Consistency is only a virtue if you're not a screwup."
  3. I like it and so does my brother. My girlfriend, however, says it looks girly... Sent from my GT-I9505 using Black & White Army mobile app
  4. I assume that's on top of their regular wage budget made up from season tickets, league money, sponsorship etc
  5. Thanks for that - I'm in the middle of researching an essay on the topic for my fundraising module at Uni and it just struck me that I hadn't seen anything.
  6. Haven't read the full thread so may have missed it, but is there a leave-a-legacy option in the bid funding process? And if not, why not?
  7. Ah well, every silver lining has a cloud... Glad to (finally) get the win - onwards and upwards!!! COYS
  8. Looks like a few folk beat me to it... Mods, feel free to merge!!
  9. Apparently we've signed a Alex Cooper until the end of the season, after his release from Falkirk. Welcome to the Saints, Alex!!!
  10. Would like to see us finish top 4, however I'm not too pushed this season - can see it being a season of consolidation. Just as long as we finish above Dumbarton and Morton - I don't think I could put up with my step-dad if we finish below Dumbarton in my first season back in Scotland...
  11. Can understand why he's signed for them, might as well make some stupid money while he can... I don't actually wish him harm personally but I hope his knee goes again and Sevco are stuck paying silly wages while he's on the sidelines!!
  12. Have a bad feeling about this one... Hoping to be proved wrong!!
  13. Not someone I ever met, but I do remember seeing him at my first ever game at Love Street and every so often at Greenhill Road. RIP Buddie!!
  14. Good call on the Durufle!! Got to sing that a few years back in the Usher Hall - absolutely amazing piece!! On the theme of Requiems - try any of Faure, Verdi and/or Mozart's variations.
  15. Really depends on what mood you're in. I've always liked "Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin, it's a fun listen. As is "An American in Paris." Another personal recommendation would be the Planets Suite by Holst. I've been listening to that since I was like 9... If you're thinking of the choral route, I'd say anything by Eric Whitacre. Especially "Sleep", "When David Heard" and "The Seal Lullaby." The Rite of Spring is good, but is a bit of an acquired taste imo. If you've seen Disney's Fantasia, you may be familiar with some of it. Prince Igor's an opera, and a fairly long one at that but if you can get a recording of the Polovtsian Dances, you'll get some of the highlights (along with the overture, I think)
  16. Well, that should officially mark the beginning of the end for Lennon. Dumbarton for the cup!!
  17. Right Danny, time for some subs. Teale for Newton (at least)
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