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  1. Or four - nil up. One man comeback attempt that just falls short!!
  2. 10 8 League 1 Scottish and 1 League Cup
  3. SBS

    Mark Hill

    Ethan Erhahon was born in 2001!!!
  4. But do we think Stevie Clarke can still offer something to the team?
  5. Gotta add Reilly to the priority list. Not had a striker as prolific since the days of Dougie Somner. Best since then has been 20 in all competition. Gavin already on that. Next target the 35 Somner got in 79-80. Half way through the season. Over half way yo the target.....it's do-able
  6. Hearts have an option to recall in January. They wouldn't let him play against LTHV as they didn't want him cup tied!
  7. Did McCoist not kick off then leave the pitch straight after?
  8. Sums them up really. I thought services like gritting and road safety were always a 24hr/365 service. No wonder this country grinds to a halt in winter.
  9. If the council are really in co-operation with the club as they claimed yo be whilst we were supporting their 2021 bid, they should be getting extra gritters etc out to ensure the roads around the stadium are clear. Note I said 'extra'. Don't want to take resources away from the main roads in the area.
  10. Injured. JR said at the AGM that he was not too far away from full training.
  11. Yup. Thought the armband was given to the sponsors. Or is that just home games.
  12. £670.00!! Even I wouldn't pay that much!!! Can't think of any reason that match would be so important. Guess the buyer must need it to complete a collection or something.
  13. No. He was released by them so they forfeit any future benefit. We only get a dev fee as we have offered him a new contract and want to keep him.
  14. Out on loan for rest of season. Hopefully Goody will get him playing well. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/1414-ross-stewart-to-join-alloa-athletic-on-loan
  15. Except Cameroon didn't qualify!
  16. Maybe need to 'focus' a bit more! [emoji13]
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    Stephane Bahoken, remember him? Just scored the winner for Strasbourg. Inflicting PSGs first defeat of the season!
  18. Soccerbase only have accurate dates from about 97-98th or there abouts. If you look back at the 50s or 60s all dates are jan 30th or something like that.
  19. Interesting to see if they keep the four man midfield they have had in the last few games. Gallagher Carswell Hutton Walsh. None of them ever did much at Greenhill Road. Let's hope it continues!
  20. Typical! They didn't consult with me about this and I'm out of the country that week! Poor!
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