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I'm Listening To....

Bud the Baker

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You don't care what the whisperers say....

It wasn't until I heard Eliza Doolittle's single on the radio this morning that I realised what the above meant. huh.gif

I'm looking at that and thinking "Some underlying message here" blink.gifblink.gifblink.gif

I bow to your superior lyrical knowledge. laugh.gif

Note to self : LISTEN to the lyrics instead of the tune. wink.gif

Still listening to Plan B, better with every listen. biggrin.gif

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Watch oot Miss, this thread is like a time warp, if it's no from "yonksies" ago it's no cool. wink.gif

PS I just made yonksies up, in case you Google it. tongue.gif

I couldn't give a flying monkey's fat arse aboot being cool - I like what I like and thats that and if somebody doesn't ike it they can catch one of the aforementioned monkey's and kiss it's arse!!! :D

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