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I'm Listening To....

Bud the Baker

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Eliza Doolittle Bought this album put it onto my iPod and have just given it the once over. WOW this girl will turn a winter's day in to the best summer you can remember. It's full of catchy hooks you like to put on before hitting the town on a Saturday night. If she get's the air play this album will be a huge hit. Terrific stuff that if you put on at new year everybody will be up dancin B)

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Ipod Shuffle ?

Besides - I did not take the meaning of 'I'm listening to .. ' - to mean right at this very second !! :blink:

In that case it would presently be f**kall !! :rolleyes:

Natalie Merchant is amazing and Ophelia is a great album. In my collection I have a very special print of Tigerlily. Her new album Leave Your Sleep is one of her best if you don’t have it yet.

Like you I just put down what I was listening to last night. That happend to be an album not one song. Nobody turns on an MP3 or cd player for one song. Do they ?

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Mogwai - Zidane - A 21st Century Portrait OST. :)

Get you and your, "oooohhhh, I'm a Mogwai fan now, they're so good and fantastic and wonderful and good and great" :ph34r:

LS, Natalie merchant is a fuggin' great singer.

Oh aye, and listening to Spanish Stroll by Mink DeVille. Ace!

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As pop music goes OMD are craft men of the highest order. When OMD split Andy McCluskey formed Atomic Kitten and became there manager and song writer. They had a number 1 and is the 4th best selling biggest hit of a girl band of all time. McCluskey reformed OMD and has just put out a new album. It sounds fresh and as good as anything that has come from the band before. I played it to my daughter and she said. But dad it does not sound any different from their other stuff. She is right of course.

Eating a small bar of Cadbury Carmel tastes very good. Eat a family sized bar and you start to feel sick. Bit like the new album. First few plays great. Thereafter it does your head in.

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I'm not taking the bait, fannybaws. :P

Anyhoo, you coming through for the Town Hall gig?

So one minute I'm a "total bellend" and next minute I'm "fannybaws"? Make up yer bloody mind!!!

Might come down & see them but they're playing the Lemon Tree two days later so I'll probably go to that. Or both. I'll see.

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