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  1. Naisy was a weak link last season, his crossing his poor and he always drifts towards the centre when he should be defending against the winger (probably since he is naturally a centre half). Needs to work on the basic stuff if he wants a move down south.
  2. The GIRUY was deserved, aimed at the same guy who last season, when Kenny McLean was stepping up to take a penalty to put us 2-2 in the 3-2 Motherwell game, and shouted "ye better not f**kin miss this ya wee f**kin c**t"... Imrie never got a fair chance, the same way that many of DL's signings didn't, he's a player who need's to be man managed.
  3. Tommy Craig is free just now, last time he was an assistant he helped guide the club he was at to a league cup trophy!
  4. Got a few from my short (in comparison) time as a buddy that stick out... Dargo's turning volley against Hearts (first win at the new stadium) Higdon scored one against Falkirk from about 30 yard that rattled off the bar and in, remember that being a belter... However, no goal has - or ever will - feel as sweet as Conor Newton's on 17/3/13
  5. Do you think they'd actually play the final if us or Morton lost the semi?
  6. Lack of budget certainly doesn't, he's on a very very good wage at the club - although I wouldn't be surprised if a percentage was coming straight from his old man.
  7. How are you folks managing to choose between Danny Grainger & Mo Camara?!
  8. Friendly at home against Hyundai Horang... someone care to enlighten me as to who the f**k Hyundai Horang are?
  9. Never fully recovered after his injuries, was awesome in his first season. Wouldn't be that sad to see him go.
  10. As a young 'keeper, surely he wants first team experience to try and grow in to an able big-league goaly, rather than a bigger paycheck and a few league cup games?
  11. Wee Gowza said at the POTY do on Saturday that he'll be back.
  12. I see this as a good move, and mostly likely a transitional period. From what I've the players seem to speak highly of TC, and enjoy his training. Tommy is getting on a bit, and because of this, the main decision behind this - IMO - is that Tommy is going to be there to mentor and help mould Gary Teale in to the next long term manager of St. Mirren FC, whilst hopefully building a good team for next season and securing us a top 6 place. COYS
  13. What's the POTY do on after? Heard Phil mention it on Saturday
  14. The wank that sits at the back of W1 when McLean stepped up to take his penalty last weekend: "You better not f**king miss this ya knob". Sums up the attitude to Kenny. Although playing one of his best games in the stripes that day, people expect more from him. He's inconsistent at best, but definitely got the potential and quality to make it somewhere like Ipswich if he's coached well and gives 100% every week.
  15. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ABbc-O_3_Ac" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  16. 50% off an already 'student' priced ticket? I'll take that.
  17. First album I ever bought, with a month's worth of pocket money at the age of 10! Would definitely buy it on vinyl though.
  18. Can't lose this one, that's the main thing. Knowing that DJL will probably set us up to draw COYS
  19. Got the beer bottle style t-shirt as a birthday present in February, and the colours all ran after 1 wash of it... someone paid £18 for that?
  20. Kello, Dilo, Naismith, Kelly, McGregor, McAusland, McGinn, McLean, Thompson
  21. Long gone are the days of the 70's & 80's at saints, of Sir. Alex Ferguson and top drawer players who were competing towards the top of the league and playing in Europe... but we're all here. Are St. Mirren just like orange walks?
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