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The invites for next weeks game went out yesterday.

The game on 17th Dec will be the last one until the new year, no match on 24th or 31st of Dec.

Normal service resumes on 7th Jan, I will issue invites for that one at the start of the year, if I am ever sober enough to remember.

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Sorry to advise that tonights game at the Dome has had to be cancelled.

I got a text this morning from the club advising that due to some emergency repair work all bookings have been cancelled for a couple of days.

Apologies about the late notice.

Teamer has been updated. The same 16 who accepted this week will of course get first shout for next weeks game on 16th.

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I text the club over the weekend and was told they would let me know on Tuesday (ie; today)

I will chase them up in the morning and if it is a go-er I will send the teamer invites out.

Obviously the Dome was down on Saturday so it looks like the work they are doing is taking longer than expected.

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The pitz have now got a 7aside park. Not sure of prices etc

as a temporary measure I would see if Pitz have anything available for tomorrow night and get something booked, as foxbarsaints has said they now have a 7 a side facility which looks decent (not as good as our home the dome) but it will make do for a game until things are up and running again.

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