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Just watched episode 4 of Fargo. Very good indeed.

Yes , they have all been good so far . I have watched everyone of them and we now have a better idea of who Lorne Malvo , actually is. .

I'm thinking there may be a second series. .

Episode 10 , the big finale , is on Sunday , so if I were you I would do a bit more catch up to get ready to watch it. .

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A cabbie abroad, Sunday 9:00pm.....................watched some of last nights, interesting.

Next parts are on next Sunday and the following Sunday.

Just like me working in Weegieland whistling.gif

Watched the programme, it was interesting and i'll watch it again next week where he's cabbying at the Arctic Circle. ( Arbroff )

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C4 have given a release date for series 2 of Utopia death.gif sometime in July - nothing more specific.

Meanwhile I see trailers for an American sci-fi series The 100 which looks quite good, with impressive computer graphics far beyond what any UK show could afford, my problem with US sci-fi TV shows is that they quickly descend into soap opera mode (Orphan Black, The Dome) - if you can't tell the story in 8 episodes then stick to other genres & don't waste my time - I'll give it a go but expect to be pissed off by Episode 5................

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Documentary maybe worth watching tonight.


BBC1 10.35pm

Hope he disnae lose his match today.

This programme is fantastic.

On at the moment and i'm loving it. clap.gif

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The BBC sending an overpaid comedian all the way to Australia..........................why?

Oh, aye, people like entertainment. lol.gif

Well worth it.

Just like Top Gear when they go aw over the world.

I love it. clap.gif

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What about that auld bampot spouting off about giving his life to protect the union ? !! Dimbleby with his head in hands was hilarious !!

That was me ye cheeky scamp punk.gif

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Not exactly a TV programme but they're making a movie in Bangor just now and there's a dude called Tom Hiddleston wandering round the town. I thought I'd never heard of him but then I remembered he was in Wallender. Seems he's very approachable and my kids are desperate to get his autograph. They're filming a bit today in an old empty Co-Op store in Bangor and my daughter is a manager with the co so she's going down to see some filming today. No guarantee Hiddleston will be there all the same. The film is called High Rise but we don't have any high rises in Bangor. Hiddleson's old man is a Greenockian but don't know if that makes him a Morton fan.

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