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On Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 3:24 PM, Burghbud said:

Once again. A good cause. You can give an anonymously if you wish.  Even if you don't give you can help the guys to promote it by sharing the link on social media.

Then again you could act like numbs kills and belittle the project or poster. The choice is yours. How small do you want to make yourself look?

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I had the privilege of transferring €2,000 into the account of CD Borgonyà this evening

Thank you to all of the fellow Buds who donated to, and shared the details of, this appeal

The clear up by the community continues in Borgonyà and hopefully they’ll be playing back on home turf as soon as possible 

The crowdfunding has raised the profile of CD Borgonyà and they have now made replica kits available to purchase

You can order individually via their Twitter feed but I’m putting together a consolidated order, which will save on individual bank transfer costs and delivery. Also makes it easier for the, to process. Details to follow in next few days but looking at £50 delivered pre-match, by me, to GHR

All monies to CD Borgonyà 




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Those in the Paisley area wishing to buy a @cdborgonya top shld drop me a DM with the following 

Full Name

Tel No



Shirt No

Name on Rear (+ £5)

Price £45 delivered to GHR. Add £5 if you want name on rear. 6-8 week delivery

No refunds for wrong size

Order by 7 Dec

On receipt of DM I’ll send payment details. Payment will be required by 7th Dec. Price covers international bank transfer charges and postage. Any monies left over will be paid to @cdborgonya 

Collect jerseys from me pre-match at GHR once I receive them

Sizes are In centimetres 






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