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The sin bin what am i doing right now thread


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3 hours ago, whydowebother said:

Munching Shortbread & drinking tea I might add

I like to dook ma shortbread in sherry, whisky, brandy or Tia Maria, not all together though and no more than a bottle art a time..  hic.:huh: and burp!

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forgot the burp
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31 minutes ago, whydowebother said:

Watching Liverpool v Burnley

Currently 2-1

Wondering whether or not to start a thread about where’s the best singing section in ma hoose emoji2.png

Currently the 3 seater sofa area can be heard by my neighours

So that’ll be Section: S3 row 1 seat 1

Don't want to put a damper on things but Keep the frigging noise down  :whistle

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What a strange morning. 

I have not had a single hire from Paisley. 

Wait a goddam fecking minute, why should I ? 

I am not a Paisley Taxi Driver. 

I am not even a Taxi Driver. 

I am a Private Hire Driver 

But not licensed in Paisley or Renfrewshire. 

Nevertheless, I have had a few fares today in the Area that I am licenced for. 



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Been a decent working day. Plenty of local hires which are my favourites. 

Not had one hire to Paisley although I did drop a lady in Renfrewshire, namely Braehead Shopping Centre. 

Another hour or so then home for Supper and watch my recording of Derry Girls from last night. 

Great comedy and I do like Abba and I ain't a Catholic and I gave up being a wee Proddy when I was eight years of age. 

Oops, got tae go. Hire waiting for me at Morrisons in Cardonald. 


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