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Food bank Cross Bar Challenge

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Been reading on the difficulties food banks are having as panic buying/hoarding and just general disruption to normal life is having on donations to their cause.

So thought given the fantastic response to the BAWA 12 goals of Christmas, and the superb effort buddies make when there is a food bank collection...

Could a Cross Bar Challenge be organised with Saints Legends, Managers/Coaches past and present, to be conducted live, but streamed with no crowd attending, and reasonable safeguards in place for those taking part.

Then we could all wager on our favourite, or better still have a number draw so you dont know which legend you've got if you drew Number 7 until the name is pulled out the hat just before they shoot.

As well as raising much needed funds for a great, and in immediate need cause, it could be a bit of a tonic for footy starved buds across the globe.

Any thoughts?

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5 hours ago, Ice-tears said:

A lot of bullying towards Stuart Dickson on here, people need to give it a rest. Just because you do not agree with Stuart targeting him is uncalled for.

Stuart thrives on being targeted. he always has and is the reason for his multiple returns & antagonistic posts. 

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On 3/17/2020 at 5:07 PM, Dickson said:

A few short weeks ago on this very forum LPM was being told by the usual "superfans" that he was being "negative" and of having an "agenda" when he quite properly raised concerns about the Kibble purchase of Gordon Scotts shares. Yet on this thread LPM has again come up with a solid idea that if it were carried out by St Mirren FC it would attract a great deal of positive publicity and PR. 

Meanwhile his usual detractors are busying themselves on other threads encouraging the St Mirren board to screw over season ticket holders who may, for whatever reason, want a refund; busy calling other forum users defamatory names; and spreading fake news about product shortages in the shops whilst boasting about how he has managed to build his own wee hoard of toilet paper for those lucid moments where he shits himself screaming "exponentially we are all going to die. The other one appears to have lost all ability to form a cohesive sentence when posting, it's almost like his batteries have run out!

Have the club picked up on the idea LPM? Or is this just another opportunity they'll let rot on the vine whilst other clubs have their act together? 


Never mind cohesive sentences.  Feel certain the Guinness Book of Records beckons for that one.  Truly Duracell material.  😊

Edited by David Mc
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