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Top 5 Albums Your Currently Listening To

Liverpool Bud

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He uses similar effects on the album tracks too, so away with you!

Greig, I've been a fan from the very start, sur! Good to see them getting the recognition the deserve at last.

Of the three studio albums, probably best to start with the best and most recent, Absolution. It's fcking brilliant. Not a bad track on it, the most well rounded of the three. "Stockholm Syndrome" and "Hysteria" to be played at loud volume, two of the greatest guitar tracks evahhhh.

1st album Showbiz was remarkable for 3 kids - they were extraordinarily young. Some classic tracks on there, a wee bit of filler, but great stuff. Imagine Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Queen all mixed together. Nice.

Second album is excellent, Origin of Symmetry, with a big hit in "Plug In Baby", standout for me on there is "Bliss" however - could listen to that over and over and over.

Try Absolution and see if you like it.

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Dont have the last album, but always been impressed with what ive heard. Give em a shot!

Anyhow heres my current 5

1) Mylo - Destroy Rock n'Roll

2) Athlete - Vehicles and Animals

3) Pixies - Best of

4) KT Tunstall - Eye to the telescope

5) Love - Forever Changes

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By the way, I've heard wee bits and bobs of Muse and read a lot of critical acclaim (ie "opinion"). Are they any good? If so, what do people recommend for the first time buyer?

Hi Grieg when we going to have that pint and chat ?

If you have a DVD player I strongly recomend "Hullabaloo" it will blow your cotton socks off and gives you a very good insight to the band on the bouns DVD. Note that Muse have won best live band in every award this year.

I seen them at the SEEC and can confirm it is the best live band I have seen there , in fact the best live band I have seen since Pink Floyd, yes that good Grieg.

If your going down the Cd route start with "Absolution" this is the album that's given them a wider audience which is a good introduction to the band as it has the best production ( BIG SOUND )

Very clever band combining Clasical music , Modern dance sounds and Rock to give a sound that's diffrent from the run of the mill.

Origin of symmetry and showbiz are best listend to on the live DVD which is really worth the money.

If you like the band thier is also a very intresting book been written simply called "Muse" It's a great rock and roll story priced about £6.00.

Happy listening :)

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I think the majority of the live awards for Muse lately have come from their headlining slot at Glastobury...that was one of themost stunning things I've ever seen, and that was just watching it on the telly.

Feel so sorry for the drummer though...probably the proudest day of their lives, but one of the darkest. The drummer's dad died of a heart attack hours after they were off stage in a first aid tent at Glastonbury - tragic.

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Dug out Death to The Pixies and gave it a wee listen. What a great band! Some superb stuff on that. Here Comes Your Man was never off the jukebox when we were in the union. It always reminds me of my student days and, I believe, is still on the jukebox in the present union.

Others to relax to:-

1. Adore - Smashing Pumpkins

2. The Yellow Shark - Frank Zappa and the Frankfurt Ensemble Modern

3. Elephant - The White Stripes

4. King Crimson compilation made up by a pal from the Wee Howff; put together from 1981 - 2001 releases. Great stuff, in particular Discipline (band line up - Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Bill Bruford. Fúcking shit hot).

5. Grace - Jeff Buckley (aye okay, at last)

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Guest Roy Castle

Just now it's

1. We Have An Agenda - Mechanical Cabaret

2. Front By Front - Front 242

3. Pride And Fall - Pride And Fall

4. 6 feet underground - De/Vision

5. Communication - Karl Bartos

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1- Doves, Some Cities....great CD my cd of the year so far :)

2- The Bravery, The Bravery...Bubblegum glam , not bad !

3- Queens Of The Sone Age, Lullabies To Paralyze...Just what the speakers have been waiting for , great !

4- Judas Priest, Angel Of Retribution. Bought this new album from Priest because I had a ticket for ssec to see them. Heavy and loud that was the gig !

5- Roxy Music, Manifesto...Remasterd and sounds great !

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1. Trick of the Tail - Genesis

2. Amadeus - Original Soundtrack

3. The Young Offender's Mum - Four track live EP by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

4. Countdown to Ecstacy - Steely Dan

5. No More Shall We Part - Nick Cave and the bad Seeds

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Guest Expecting Rain

Bright Eyes - I'm wide awake It's morning

Willy mason - Where The Humans Eat

LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem

Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage

Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak

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