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  1. And season tickers are valid
  2. Aberdeen won 2-0, go through 3-1.
  3. Think Stelios just good booked for the other guy tripping himself up
  4. Quite a few have booked flights to Cyprus for the 2nd leg of the next round.
  5. Yes, it was
  6. I watched part of the Falkirk game in the STV van at the side of the main stand, the tv guys let us sit and watch the pictures coming in.
  7. 5th seed Wawrinka out.
  8. Only on center court, still playing on number 1 court.
  9. He did and in centre midfield interestingly.
  10. Not a surprise. They were the better team but it didn't help that they played on Sunday and we played on Tuesday
  11. 1-0 Scotland. Cracking goal.
  12. Just played a great ball through for Oliver Burke 1 v 1 with the goalie but couldn't score. Still Scotland 0 Brazil 0
  13. Loving the Alloa fans swapping ends to be behind the goal Alloa are attacking.