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  1. Felt as if it took a lifetime to get into the game, then I couldn't get out of the place quick enough, utter shambolic on and off the park, but what I did see of the match (about half a game) we were 2nd best all over the place, Dunfermline completely dominated us it looked so easy for them, the warning signs were there last week playing 3 at the back it was panic stations every time they attacked us........ Shit day.
  2. I would have given it to Ridgers, he deserved it after yesterdays performance...
  3. After watching those highlights I'm surprised Ridgers wasn't giving the MOTM, thats the best game he's ever had for us...
  4. Spot on, his work rate was superb, shame he made an arse of that chance late on though...
  5. Lewis Morgan

  6. Levein Craig

    Thank's for the info......Saint Bute of Isle..
  7. Morton v Saints 12 August

    No complaints from me, we were simply beaten by a better team, both penalty's looked like the correct decision's as well as the sending off although it was a horrendous pass from McKenzie that left Jack in the shit, was also baffled with the high ball tactics it was dreadful, we deserved everything we got from the game...Fcuk all.
  8. Darryl Duffy

    Don't worry about it, your Naan would have be proud of you..
  9. Darryl Duffy

    I'm sure I read somewhere he can Calcutta open a defence and has an eye for a Goa...
  10. Darryl Duffy

    Will he be the Jewel if we lift the Crown...
  11. Darryl Duffy

    TBH I think most of us are on the "meh" bus, let's hope DD can do the business...Good luck son.
  12. Forum Upgrade

    I think it's the background option's your talking about, the other 3 pictures are the fans, C Newton, and The famous Thommo celebration... they are a bit on the dark side
  13. Forum Upgrade

    Let us know when you find it...
  14. Think of when you used too wake up during the night when you were a teenager and say, aw naw no again... You get the idea...
  15. I've got a bit of the fear that we're not quite ready for this game yet, I think we're still a player or 2 short and with key players out I would have preferred to have avoided the better teams in the league for the first couple of week's, Hope to fcuk I'm wrong and we get tore right into these cnuts right from the off.....COYS.