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  1. I don't think TopCat will ever be happy until this thread comes to fruition...
  2. I take it you weren't on a train to Stranraer last weekend.......
  3. Moving to any team after playing for the mighty Motherwell would be a step down I suppose.. Lets be honest, he give's 100% every time I've seen him play, why would he be any different at St Mirren..
  4. Was the lavvy broken and woudn't flush or something? least they tried to get rid of there excrement..
  5. FFS.... That's just a ridiculous post, get a grip man...
  6. They wean's look well pleased holding that banner....They're probably thinking to themselves, if were being made to walk the streets with all these bigot's, can we at least follow a team that's no a fecking embarrassment or at the very least "exist's"....
  7. Without doubt they're the problem, pipelines,the petrodollar and the Russian influence in Syria Iraq and Iran is giving the US and it's allies the fear, I just cant see where they'll ever find a solution to this, there's too many countries with too much to lose..
  8. ISIS will be around for as long as the corrupt states that covertly support them want them to be around, does it ever cross your mind how some of the best equipped and technologically advanced armies on the planet have taken so long to wipe the floor with these mercenaries, who's arming them? who's paying them?, I think we all know.... Assad, Iran and Russia are the main problem for most nations concerned in that region, ISIS are just a convenient distraction.....Cut off there supply's and they'll soon disappear, but sadly they still have there use for the war mongers..
  9. Thought we played pretty well, the scoreline didn't reflect the performance, there goalie made at least 6 or 7 great saves, as for Samson, he looked really poor on at least 2 of there goals, a lot of positives but still a bit of work to be done..... Oh and some of those Dungdee players certainly weren't holding back on the tackles.dirty feckers...
  10. Fcuk him, he's pish anyway....
  11. Yip..
  12. How did the lad McManus play?... I know a load of his family, would be good to see a fellow Fegtonian strutting his stuff down Fegland...
  13. I was there, I was only 7 but remember thinking St Mirren fans are really nice and full of xmas spirit by giving the Clydebank fans a drink of there wine, shame they had to resort to throwing the bottles as the Bankies fans were too far away and couldn't hand them over, but a nice gesture all the same...
  14. Derek was a guest at the hospitality against Raith at the last home game of the season, so hopefully he's sorted himself out, Sadly I've heard his mate aber has fallen on hard times again, the last time I seen him he was sinking pint's in a pub up the west end...
  15. I think those colours might come out in the wash...