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  1. Nope, you're maybe thinking of Chris..
  2. He's a left sided player is he not?... Anyway I'm pleased with this, showed good potential at times, Good luck Josh.
  3. If any sport could be doing with dumbing down it's American football, the average game lasts over 3 hours, yet the actual amount of play averages at 11 minutes....What a joke of a sport..
  4. Hush money?.....
  5. The Barnsley fans will be creaming themselves, once they have a gander this....Superb
  6. No argument there mate...
  7. Raith are oot.........
  8. Raith Rovers 0-1 Brechin.....
  9. 1-0 Alloa.....come on Goody.
  10. Seem's a bit rushed for my liking, surely the club could have held on a bit in the hope that a few clubs would be interested and maybe start a bidding war, and is it not the case that the transfer window doesn't open until June anyway so no deal can be concluded till then...
  11. Preview of the new kit?
  12. That's 3 times he's been promoted to the premiership and every time he decided to sign for a championship club, could be a bad omen for DU in the playoffs...
  13. Found him.......
  14. It's like the season's not over until TC put's his hand's up and admit's he got it wrong, so come on, man up so we can draw a line under this season and begin to look forward to the next campaign...