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  1. The tackle certainly looked like a foul, but no penalty it was clearly outside the box...
  2. Isma Goncalves got a 2 game ban for a dive that won us a penalty against Celtic a few years back..
  3. Attendances

    No is doesn't, 1100 Morton fans, 1600 seats, I thought it looked a lot more than 5500..
  4. Chairman's statement

    Assuming you want to fill in the corners with something worthwhile and not sheets of plywood, at £32 grand a year you're gonna have a long wait..
  5. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    The crowd was apparently over 5000, no way was there nearly 4 times as many Falkirk fans at the game, I would say they would be lucky if they had double our support...
  6. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    No sure whats funny about that, I bet you 10 x the 275 sons fans leave that town every week to support they pair of cnuts from Glasgow..... f**kin shame really..
  7. Falkirk don't own there stadium it was built and paid for by the local council so they obviously had a bit more cash to play with, but I agree the main stand looks great a bit like Hampden only smaller, yet the atmosphere inside the ground is pish with that 4th stand missing..
  8. Many said the same thing before the season had even started, yet look where we are after the first quarter, also we've already had at least 4 players out for a few of the key games so the squad players must be doing something right..
  9. Lewis Morgan

    I would say it was closer too 75%....
  10. The school behind Ferguslie was St Fergus, I went there from 74-80, that used too be called the Craigielea, when they built the new school at the foot of Blackstoun road they moved the Craigielea down there and put the Catholic weans into there old school because it was across the road from St Fergus Church,
  11. Felt as if it took a lifetime to get into the game, then I couldn't get out of the place quick enough, utter shambolic on and off the park, but what I did see of the match (about half a game) we were 2nd best all over the place, Dunfermline completely dominated us it looked so easy for them, the warning signs were there last week playing 3 at the back it was panic stations every time they attacked us........ Shit day.
  12. I would have given it to Ridgers, he deserved it after yesterdays performance...
  13. After watching those highlights I'm surprised Ridgers wasn't giving the MOTM, thats the best game he's ever had for us...
  14. Spot on, his work rate was superb, shame he made an arse of that chance late on though...
  15. Lewis Morgan