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  1. I have mine had the same one for a few seasons it just gets reactivated.
  2. The 6 month deal benefits us and there could be another deal on the table if he stays fit , on the flip side he could be exceptional in that time and some other club grabs him.
  3. Did Flannagan sign a two year deal , I thought it was only for one?
  4. i have grasped this from the outset ,i never said the old board would make anymore money.
  5. i know that the old board won't make any money from the sales Bud , I've probably given the impression that they will , i'm only trying to express my disagreement to the fact they will get any kind of benefit from them .
  6. Do you think that the club have not expected to get anything from Kenny or Johns sell on fees?I believe they did and that is why the old board inserted that into any deal , this was caused by the fact Simsa couldn't raise their initial payment. I'm not in Simsa and didn't agree with the buy out , although up till now things look to be running quite well.But will go back to my original statement and say again that ,I don't agree that the old board shout get anything from players sales. So if you don't agree with my opinion that's your choice , its my opinion and that's all it is
  7. Not a windfall , a windfall is something you would maybe have won , this is money from the transfer of a player or if you want an asset.So only thing that should benefit from this is the club . As for funds the club can't expect , Why place a sell on clause on any deal then?
  8. I didn't sign up to Simsa or pay a monthly DD towards buying the club , this is something I don't agree with in any way. I don't think any cash bought in through transfers should be handed to the old board , this cash should be used for player budgets and for the likes of the youth teams etc.
  9. Money we rake in from John and Kenny's sell on's we could buy the title, Championeeeeezzzzz
  10. Is it skinny fit?
  11. Chairman Dave King says that given the position Rangers have been in during the past few years, Celtic should be even further ahead of the Ibrox club than they currently are. Sun Online. 39 points behind, so at least we know that its not because Sevco are pants , its because Sellick are pants.
  12. Fyvie looking for a new club after Hibs withdrew contract offer ,could be a good signing if in our price range.
  13. Thank feck for this I was totally bamboozled there , this explained it.
  14. He should be made King of Scotland , Just imagine it ....... a catholic King Billy.
  15. No , going to see The Jam'd on the 29th and hopefully the Bungalow Bar weekender 15th/16th.