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  1. Hope this isn't a lead up to a bigger act .bassas.
  2. Even Shakespeare had to start somewhere.
  3. That number 14 had his arms all over Sutton the whole game and only got pulled for it a couple of times , don't know how the linesman on the West stand side couldn't see it .
  4. Listening to this earlier , the grandson was in.
  5. Just my own opinion bud , wouldn't knock anybody for following the Saints.
  6. I know that a lot of buds are really excited about this final but I have never had the slightest interest in this competition , I've never been to any games and have only ever watched the New Saints game because it was on tv and we played well , but that's as far as it goes for me.
  7. Div , The 64 runs past the main entrance on match days , need to get on to McGills.
  8. Unfortunately we are not Hibs , so we don't have a hope in Hell
  9. Patriots Day , seen it a few weeks ago , well worth the watch.
  10. Wanted to go out on a high ,after his mob beating us?
  11. A big reality check tonight , we weren't at the level we had been at the last few games .Move on next game start again.
  12. Just hope we will be "Dancing in the streets in Raith" tonight.
  13. Nope , you're getting a free "Punt the baw at the panda" shot.
  14. So you can't see anything fishy going on?
  15. Is this the same academy that a couple of posters said wasn't doing a decent job, or producing first team players?