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  1. I though the Ref against Dumbarton was one of the worst i'd ever seen , some of his decisions were puzzling to say the least.
  2. I know , plus side of that is that its not the last game of the season and hopefully wee Meatball will be wanting to do us a favour.
  3. Hope we can beat Raith next week and then hopefully Hibs play all the players they won't keep next season to give them a chance to say goodbye to the fans , Come on Hibs you know its the right thing to do
  4. Top Cat's "Jack Ross must go thread".
  5. I read somewhere that he had taken ill , like you said dead at 44 definitely a shocker.
  6. Has he been out injured , not heard anything about him for a while?
  7. Good point for both teams when you consider we are the form teams in the league , Utd next week is probably the game we need points from as would hope we can beat Raith at home and Hibbees will be in party mode when we play them.
  8. Or he could just have said ,"Ich bin ein Frankfurter" after that doozy.
  9. With the exception of Sellick our clubs don't usually last that long in Europe anyway , so not going to be any great change there.
  10. Well I know its not Homer Simpson. Edit to add .... You think JFK was calling the Germans doughnuts?
  11. Is this you in the morning?
  12. Ich bin ein Berliner.
  13. Cosa Nostra
  14. So they have no links to the Mafia or major drug cartels then?
  15. That's hit on the head then.