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  1. Which one?
  2. The guy I deal with says it will get cracked again but don't know how long it could take, says that was 5 years it took for sky to block everything.
  3. Try and loan him out again and get the other club to pay part his wage.
  4. I would say so , 27 goals last season , even if he hit 15+ for us next season got to be worth a go.
  5. He will need to do something about those teeth , just won't look good in the team photo.
  6. Thanks bud , You're a gent , not many of them left.
  7. Just to watch the Liverpool game Shull.
  8. Does any one want a Now Tv sports pass I have a spare one. Had an Openbox but Sky have blocked all their channels now so got one for Sunday but managed to end up with three.
  9. I will be happy with any of Jacks signings or players he offers new contracts , unless its a one legged blind guy. Don't have anyone like that so far,so alls good.
  10. Fitzy will be fuming.
  11. Maybe they could throw the Thumb in as part of the deal for season loan.
  12. Agree with you here bud , would be a great signing right enough but maybe a bit beyond us presently.
  13. I only paid £5 to see The Jam at the Apollo in 1982 , seen them twice that year the first ticket was only £4.50.
  14. Just hope the rat gave up that wee boys grave , One thing we know is , is that Brady will rot in hell along with his bird.
  15. Not far off the mark there , He was one of plenty players who were just not cutting it , a lot of the criticism he received was OTT and his dad had to come on and defend him , as any father would do. Stevie is worth what any other club is willing to pay for him and is now entering the last year of his deal.