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  1. There have been many this season for me, though the next couple of weeks will hopefully be the pick of the bunch if we get the results we need.
  2. Let's not mention the one that cycled away....Mahrez
  3. I have to agree about the Greens. I would love them to have a stronger backing, though I think an independent Scotland is their only chance of a heavier backing to compete with the SNP.
  4. Massive gamble imo. The board would have been given a roasting from the supporters if they never made change to save their season, though the replacement is hardly inspiring. At such a crucial stage in their season an untried manager is a major risk. If he pulls them out of a playoff spot then fair play.
  5. The league is still very tight at the bottom, so we just need to focus on one game at a time. As said, Raith could get a result tomorrow just as much as we could, which would keep them very much on our tails for another week. We are playing some incredible stuff at the moment and I agree with Jack that us playing against teams who would much rather attack than sit deep gives us the upper hand in our style of play.
  6. We were discussing last night after the game that our season started to change after the defeat to qots in early January, though the major impact started as soon as Jack completed all of his own signings going into the start of February. We haven't looked back and it is evident on that basis that half the squad he inherited were just not good enough, or did not have the heart. I think Shankland for one is a stand out example of that. We can look back on previous January windows and mention the impact the likes of Dorman, Goncalves, Newton etc made, though this may go down as the best window we have worked in.
  7. He was man of the match for me last night. Won absolutely everything in the air and added a goal to his game. If we stay up, he would be one of the first players i would be looking to keep if he is happy to stay and play at this level as he could still easily do it at a higher level.
  8. That's a shame mate. I was there last September and everything was still in place, though they were only a few weeks away from a change of hands.
  9. Can the disabled toilets not be an option to extend and equip?
  10. The lad that came on in the cup final O'Keefe, looks like he's a winger. Bring through our youth if Jack trusts that they are ready when called upon.
  11. I'm the same as you, though when a manager stops playing you, (fair enough McAllister made a difference when he came in), then your parent club releases you and doesn't even consider a further loan deal, followed up with the fact he hasn't had a club since, reads all the wrong signs.
  12. Thats what i thought...
  13. I got 5th too sitting joint on 43pts with QOTS 5 St. Mirren FC 36 11 10 15 51:57 -6 43 6 Queen Of The South 36 11 10 15 46:52 -6 43 7 Dumbarton FC 36 10 11 15 50:58 -8 41 8 Dunfermline Athletic 36 9 13 14 45:49 -4 40 9 Raith Rovers 36 9 9 18 35:52 -17 36 10 Ayr United 36 7 11 18 36:64 -28 32
  14. I'd be trying to tie Morgan and Mallan down to longer term deals as a priority, though we will probably not be in a position till safety to do so. Both players will move on to bigger teams I have no doubt, though to safeguard a decent return on two of our best assets is a must.