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  1. Shankland

    Let's not forget it was Jack Ross that cut short his stay at the club and his move to Morton turned out to be an absolute howler. He was training with a couple of Championship clubs with neither following up their interest. Don't get me wrong, there is certainly a player in there, as you could see from some of the quality goals he scored for us. His morale seemed to be affected by lack of game time and further by rarely finding the net when he was given his chance at Morton. Some players need to take that drop down to find a self belief in themselves again. From what I believe, the short contract at Ayr was due to Shankland believing that he could earn a better move if he got a good first half of the season at Ayr.
  2. Shankland

    Nobody above League one wanted to touch him after failed trials.
  3. Nothing changes...........Older drivers

    The robots will be driving them soon for you.
  4. Nothing changes...........Older drivers

    One of my cousins was killed along with one of her friends at the age of 19, 7 years ago after an 80 yr old driver exited a roundabout on to the wrong side of the road and hit their car head on further up the road on the dual carriageway. The old fella also lost his life that night and my cousins other friend who was driving, lost her unborn child. That moment gave me the same feeling as you have described and it is hard to think any differently.
  5. Lewis Morgan

    There were apparently a host of clubs chasing Kyle McAllister in January before he finally moved to Derby County, a team with a similar rep to Forrest. Kyle was making his mark in our first team, though opted for an early leave to England with 12 months remaining on his contract. Theres a very good chance that Forrest have made their interest known to the club and Lewis himself has been given some input. We could have a similar scenario with Lewis, with the only difference being that Morgan has less time remaining on his contract and go leave for compensation.
  6. Fake Saints shirt on ebay

    If you look below it, in related items, same shirt going dor 21.99
  7. Lewis Morgan

    If it is 400k, then a difference of around 200k on what they would be potentially be paying in the summer is shrapnel to a club of that size for an investment in a player they will most likely sell on for a few million.
  8. saints fans survey 2017

    Could there be options including: Save £2k from this spend Save 4k from this spend Save all 8k the rest of the options for community/club spend?
  9. Lewis Morgan

    Morgan was offered a contract, he has declined it as he is ready for the next chapter in his career and Jack, James and the board know this. We knocked back a bid in the summer as the club seen more value in keeping him till the end of the season leaving for buttons and contributing towards our push for promotion. No money in the world that we could afford would keep Morgan beyond this season. If the reported 400k or thereabouts interest is true, it would be a fantastic return for a player who will walk for less in the summer, plus there is always the chance they will loan him back till the end of the season. He is almost certain to earn 5 times at least what he is probably on at the moment and no-one can deny him that opportunity. Tierney on the other hand is a Celtic fan, has an affiliation with the club, gets Champions League/Europa League football each season with a team regularly winning the league and national cups. Add to this, he has probably more than doubled/tripled his four figure weekly wages with his new bumper deal.
  10. Chairman's statement

    Would it be an idea to gather SMISA members thoughts on here or on a new thread on what they would like to see as a project with a 'larger spend' long term. Take all of the suggestions, create a poll with these plus have an 'other' option included with a field you can fill out, if your suggestion was not one of the popular options listed. I think if this was publicised well enough and even sent out in a mailing list to members so that no-one can say that they were not informed of these suggestions, it would potentially make all members feel as if they have contributed towards ideas for the monthly spend.
  11. Kenny McLean

    McInness has been quoted saying: "He's been hugely influential and his commitment to us has been clear. His running stats and high-intensity work, he has been hands down better than any other player." The above to me sounds like a huge loss to their team. The only thing i would say about Kenny since moving to Aberdeen is that the goals have dried up and it was probably a major part of his game that he was signed for, though not having a settled consistent position in the team has probably been a major factor for that.
  12. Gary McKenzie

    The club used to release a regular injuries update on the website. I think it would be a good idea if we were still informed of injuries and length of time estimated till recovery and back in the first team picture. Magennis included yesterday was a surprise as i had no idea he was back in training.
  13. Injury Updates

    Davis as far as im aware was only returning to light training start of this month. He still has a full 'pre-season' to catch up with.
  14. But Falkirk started out in that stadium with just a main stand, an away stand and a marquee stall stand. They then, at a later date had the other stand behind the goals funded solely by Schuh tycoon who is a Falkirk fan at no cost to the club. If it was possible in the future if our board decided to fill at least one of the corners in, they could have an exec box there that could join on to either the supporters club end or the end that joins with the family stand.