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  1. What really stumps me is that the fanny of a commentator says at 5-0, has Jack Ross made a mistake on turning down Dundee?
  2. The club would have had a sample. The issue is from my theory is that, with the short period between the new kit supplier deal being agreed then the short time frame to turn around a batch of kits in time for the end of June. The JD deal had only expired 3 weeks prior to the new top coming out. The away top catalogue selected, guaranteed a quicker return in production than a customised top would have as Poz and fans council members could confirm, designs are usually signed off mid way through a season for the next (oct/nov). The issue with the badges has been an unfortunate event out of our hands. Joma supply supply kits to teams in the Spanish top flight as well as Swansea and other big teams across the globe so they are a big name. The issue that I have gathered is that not enough heat has been applied during the process of applying the badges, possibly a part of production that Joma pass on to a 3rd party to do.
  3. Hilson on the right whwn fit id imagine.
  4. It could be a mistake on Jacks behalf, since alot of the extra funding since he has came in towards improving the club has came from SMISA. I'm sure it will be cleared up soon.
  5. That's right. I actually forgot about this too.
  6. Morgan was unbelievable last night. The pace he was beating the right back at time and time again. I hope we can hold on to him, even if it is just for the season ahead.
  7. I was really keen to get Loy back for next season as he seemed a very big character in the dressing room and his contribution to the team was immense. I am pretty sure he was not the only player on our radar as it was never a certainty he was leaving Dundee in the first place. I thought Reilly looked very good last night along with Cammy Smith. Hilson also looks like he could play in a more forward role if needed too, which would probably still not help me mistaking him for Morgan as I did last night.
  8. His wages would have been a stumbling block anyway in my opinion. Good signing for Falkirk.
  9. Midfielder Steven Thomson a financial advisor in the London area David Winnie a solictor in London i think Peter Weir - Was last working as central belt Aberdeen youth scout/coach David McNamee - Royal Navy Andy Roddie - Manager of Huntly
  10. Does anyone know what other clubs the smart cards company supply services to? It's quite a major issue if the club is inundated with issues raised from fans trying to book match day tickets and season tickets online. Especially the fans who cannot make it down to the ticket office any day prior to a match day.
  11. Hopefully all the Colts get a scudding like Celtic's did last season against Livy.
  12. I really can't see them selling for anything less than £3m based on our percentage due.
  13. SG recently when asked on Twitter confirmed on the 33% and that was after the January transfer window, so I would imagine that he is still worth 33% to us.
  14. Very very talented guitarist though....
  15. Yeah, no third party involved. Direct with Joma.