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  1. Fixtures up to and inc 10th March

    On that reading, I think Livvy have the toughest run, followed by United. IF we beat Utd next week and they fail to pick up full points in the two games prior to our meeting, I think their challenge is as good as over. I feel more focused on Livvys run in now over Utds.
  2. Massimo Donati

    I'm surprised as everyone else at this signing. The only reason i can see him been brought in, is to possibly add help on the coaching side, though be ready to be called upon once needed. He was highly regarded at Hamilton in his coaching role, though only left the club (had 18 months left on his contract) to help ease the pressure on club finances after they were bumped in that scam.
  3. Wake up call

    No need for panic. We were due a freak result at some point this season and any if any positives to take from it, is that it keeps our players grounded and prevent them from thinking we are an unbeatable force. We have bounced back terrific from our past defeats and i would personally prefer this to happen at the start of our final third of the season rather than nearer the end. We are top on merit and even the best teams have an off-day. On to next week and put this one to bed.
  4. I actually thought of him too!
  5. Yeah, you would never approach a club to speak to their manager unless he was your main man. Ainsworth has done an incredible job at Wycombe on a tight budget. Think last season they had a squad of around 20.
  6. I'd heard from more than one source he is suffering from some personal problems and that may have an impact on how his season is going. I have no issue with acknowledging his run of defeats. It is clear though, that as soon as he cleared out the deadwood, which was all that he had at his disposal, prior to the window, results improved to a point where we pulled off the great escape. Morale was at an all time low off the back of Raes management and it takes a lot more than tactics to psychologically raise players on low morale to turn games into wins. It was a work in progress if you like. Very few managers would have been able to turn around what Jack did last season, even the best of managers. Yes his 6 defeats in a row contributed to us pushing close to relegation, though the run we went on when he had his own team in place, not many managers at St. Mirren will repeat a period like that and in the fashion we did. You only have to look at Yogis short time at Raith Rovers. Many were calling for his appointment prior to JR coming in. He couldn't lift his players when they start to plummet.
  7. Hardie, Shankland and Walsh clearly never had the attitude for a relegation battle. A clearout was necessary and clearing the decks of loan players proved to work. Hardie - Left us and got relegated with Raith. Followed by once again being loaned out this season to another team below us. From what I believe, sees himself as a big time charlie. Shankland - Done heehaw at Morton, dumped by Aberdeen followed by failed trials at clubs playing championship level. He has had to step backwards to get his career back on track. Do not doubt there is a player in there, though attitude is a big problem hence his step backwards. Walsh - A bit unfortunate, though we don't see what goes on behind the scenes, so possibly replaced for reasons we will never know. Released almost immediately by The Rangers after we sent him back. Carswell - Honking. Did very little in a Saints jersey, left for Iceland and now playing part-time. Hutton - Again honking, loaned out to Airdrie and from one of their supporters i know, asked if we could take him back as he was not cutting it at their level either. Now playing part-time.
  8. The championship is a regular firing ground for managers. Owen Coyle probably the most successful manager to make the move from Scotland and succeed (promotion with Burnley), though not many have followed and had success. As you say there are more proven managers who could even do a filler till the end of the season, similar to the job Warnock did with Rotherham last season. I am unsure who I would bring in if it were to happen. Everything right now seems to fit from top to bottom on how things are operating through from youth to first-team. It would have to be a manager with the same philosophies, which would be hard to come by.
  9. I think either way, this forces the clubs hand to release a statement to confirm whether permission has been granted to Barnsley to speak to Jack or if it is a fabricated story by the Sun. If its the latter, ban that rag of a paper from any future press conferences or official press releases.
  10. It took Jack a few months to get a momentum and winning formula going with ourselves, notably with a transfer window to work within to turn things around. The new manager of Barnsley does not have time or a transfer window on their side to help them avoid a relegation battle.