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  1. Anyone with past or present convictions of hate crime should not be let out of prison. If the guy is who was reported yesterday, then he could obviously not be deported if he is a british born citizen.
  2. Sky should be prosecuted for that.
  3. Thats what I remember
  4. He also planted a saints flag in the semi-circle at half-time
  5. I would like to think that this is more of an issue on Queen of the Souths behalf, with someone entering the field of play at their ground. St. Mirren will certainly be asked to intervene and co-operate, which would most likely sanction a ban on the culprit entering any games at the Paisley 2021 and/or away grounds. The last time i witnessed this was at Bloomfield in Blackpool 2000, when a streaker from the saints end ran onto the park. All i remember was that he spent a night/weekend in the cells and had to appear at court on the Monday and no fines were sanctioned to our club. *Please note, I was not said streaker
  6. Smith off Sutton for me. He has a bit of pace and dig and can move into a flat 4 midfield if needed later in game.
  7. Seen on twitter someone mentioned the queue at the ticket office today was snaked round the main stand, so a positively busy day with sales
  8. Alternatively try giving Tony Fitz a call or drop him an email. When Brian Caldwell was at the club, he was good to contact regarding any ticket issues. I know Campbell does an extremely busy job with limited resources in different areas of the club, so he may be just be a bit busy leading up to the final on top of the usual day to day.
  9. Regardless of if they are relegated or not?
  10. I remember hearing about the bus, though didn't realise it was active as i hadn't checked in here. I walked with a few of the lads back to town centre after the bar closed.
  11. Probably had one of the biggest budgets in the league with the playoffs slipping away from them, just like Norwich and Alex Neil paid the price too. A lot of managers in that league get very little time to make an impact. Look at how well Clement is doing at Swansea now after his sacking from Derby.
  12. Failing that, St Mirren TV for home games is great coverage when out of the country. Used it on the ipad in the U.S.A and the Canaries.
  13. I wonder if Alex Williams will bet on Morton to lose?
  14. If you can't be arsed using your indicators to signal you are moving out of lane or trying to push your way into a lane, should also be seen as a penalty.
  15. Wouldn't fancy being a guinea pig test passenger on that. Incredible flight time though.