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  1. It was an appearances trigger that activated an extra year. This kicked in at the turn of the year.
  2. Gary Irvine already activated a years extension through appearances earlier in the season.
  3. I think of there is a dev fee involved we may be able to do something similar with aberdeen as we did with the signings of carey and McGowan from celtic. We something like a 50% clause of a sell on fee that celtic would receive if we sold either on.
  4. Must have gave him a belter of a tip.
  5. His post match was a great watch. Not from a gloating perspective, though because it carried a lot of honesty and truth and i genuinely like Yogi. Remember Butcher doing a similar thing and Hibs' fate was sealed to relegation.
  6. Not forgetting of course the potential of sell-on fee income from future sales of these players.
  7. Could be a case that we don't want other clubs knowing our selling price on players. I'm sure all will be revealed behind closed doors with fans.
  8. They already have Ryan Christie, Gary Mackay-Steven, James Forrest and talk of that boy back from Man City on their books for a similar role. I doubt they need any other wingers.
  9. I can't see any team next season being able to fill more than the north stand, apart from Morton.
  10. This lad is a cracking talent and has done fairly well down there. He would be a fantastic signing, would never say never.
  11. Recent radio interviews and post match as well as the poty awards, Jack has talked Mallan up to moving to bigger anf better things, which would be most likely this summer. It seems veey coincidental the timing also after Jack saying he wanted to move quick to signing up current squad and see whos going so he can get in replacements.
  12. The boy Andrew Robertson went to Hull for a few millions just over a year after he was cutting about as an amateur playing for Queens Park
  13. Jack and James sound like they had already prepared for Mallans departure, which leaves me in no doubt they already have in mind either a replacement within the squad ready, possibly Magennis, or they will add a new addition.
  14. I'm pretty sure i reads somewhere that they made something like £7m from his transfer to Man City!
  15. Think he signed a 3 year deal recently. Has a similar affiliation with QOTS as McGinn does with us. I doubt he would be going anywhere.