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  1. Flights booked for this one, suppose I better tell the missus
  2. Not sure if it's me just being thick, but can't get 2nd half on periscope, just repeating the first, link someone please to 2nd half
  3. Is there a good travelling support there today?
  4. Back home in Jersey, great weekend, United probably deserved to shade it on their second half performance. We just couldn't keep a hold of the ball last 30 minutes and never looked threatening whereas they looked like they had another goal or 2 in them, great catching up with some old faces, onwards and upwards bigger fish to fry next couple of weeks, 2 massive must win games.
  5. So what happens when (if) we sell out our allocation? Sounds like the 2 United allocated stands will be more than half empty. Would be unfair given all the empty seats if some Saints fans miss out on a ticket. Surely some sort of segration could be put in place to allow more supporters.
  6. I'm still trying to recover all these years later.
  7. Gap down to 1 point, what's the biggest gap we've trailed by at the bottom this season? Was it over 10 at any stage?
  8. Anyone know how many tickets we've sold for this one?
  9. £13 cash out lol, stingy [email protected]
  10. Trying to claim half of my winnings, shame on you
  11. Admin, can you ban this poster, I have absolutely no idea who he is, he's beginning to creep me out :-)
  12. Technically we haven't, cos I've never stayed at The Millenium Hotel before lol