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  1. FFS, I've still not recovered from that one.
  2. Is there any TV links of our goal yesterday? Felt like slow motion when watching it live, really need to see it again, YouTube post earlier in thread wasn't very clear
  3. Got the train tae Paisley then he buggered off tae see his maw for 2 rolls n square sausage
  4. At Paisley Airport waiting for my flight to be called with a raging sore head. And I care not a feck. Pleasing.
  5. I'm good mate, taking it reasonably easy and saving it for tomorrow
  6. Spot on mate, currently sat in Jersey Airport en route to Edinburgh, beers flowing and not due to get into Edinburgh till 08.30 tonight, could get messy
  7. You around Edinburgh on Saturday mate? As you can see by previous posts me and MP are coming up, would be great to catch up wi ye.
  8. Kin hell, is that trip this weekend?
  9. Staying in Edinburgh as well mate, fly in Friday night got a mate who's got a flat on Leith Walk so free accommodation for us lol
  10. I know mate, it was a poor attempt at humour
  11. It's our biggest game since yesterday
  12. Correct sir, I was talking keech lol, misread the Hibs website saying only 3 stands were on sale, the other is obviously the away stand and no decision has been made yet if it will be split between home and away fans, I suspect it will
  13. Just had a look on Hibs fans forum, they've only got around 400 tickets left so definitely going to be a sell out, Never realised only 3 ends of the ground open, talk on there of trying to open South stand for this one ( I assume that's the old main stand) depends on safety issues, certificates, police etc. Anyone know how many tickets we've been allocated, looks like we're sharing away stand with home support.
  14. Is there a periscope link please