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  1. 3 of our first 4 fixtures against the teams who finish 2nd,3rd and 4th last season, difficult start but a great chance to throw down an early marker for the season.
  2. Morning All, anyone got any idea what time today the fixtures are released? Ive been given the task by my so called mate here in Jersey to sit by my puter and book several easyjet flights for the forthcoming season as soon as we know the fixtures. All because the lazy bawheid is up North climbing some mountain or something gay like that.
  3. My normal Saints travel companion here in Jersey has a house next door to the Horseshoe Pub just up the road from you, Great wee boozer, you know it?
  4. Kin hell, that's a ridiculous price, won't be touching us at those short odds, but as FS said the bookies obviously see us a genuine contender
  5. That's a fair point, but all of them don't always get it right. Theres so many to choose from these days, I'll guarantee a few will base it on last seasons league positions, so I'll be keeping a look out for the best odds available and opening an account ( if I've not got one with that particular bookie already) and lumping on straight away before they cut the odds.
  6. If I get 15/1 I'll be placing my largest bet ever, lumped on us st 20/1 99/00 season, that was nice
  7. Anyone know of any bookies giving odds for us to win the league next season yet? All of the main online/high street bookies aren't showing anything for the Scottish leagues below the Prem yet. i would imagine Dundee Utd will be favourites, with another couple of teams ahead of us in the betting, wanted to lump on us soon as the odds came out, Im guessing we will be around the 8/1 to 10/1 mark.
  8. Cheers
  9. Any buddie know when the league fixtures are announced? Easyjet cheap as chips at the moment direct from Jersey, early Saturday morning departure back Sunday afternoon, perfect for a flying visit [Pun intended}. I need to get these trips booked soon as poss to witness our glorious march to the title.
  10. You still alive?
  11. HoHo, me and you are turning into the new Shull and Faraway
  12. You had to edit that?, did you downgrade me from VERY funny to QUITE funny?
  13. Kin Glory Hunter
  14. FFS, I've still not recovered from that one.
  15. Is there any TV links of our goal yesterday? Felt like slow motion when watching it live, really need to see it again, YouTube post earlier in thread wasn't very clear