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  1. What does Rory loy contribute to this team, looks very disinterested and he's [email protected]
  2. Peter Leonard and David Elliot.
  3. Good luck to the young lad, I really hope it goes well for him, he's moving to potentially a massive club in England, the fee yes we can moan but we move on it, the BOD had a decision to make that's their job, just spend wisely to hopefully secure our future in the championship.
  4. Decent player when he left, is he the answer for our midfield now?
  5. What if Kyle Mcallister fails his medical at Derby? just saying like!
  6. When and if he becomes a saints player then we will care.
  7. Who cares ?
  8. "Let it go, let it go " the guy has left time to move on !
  9. Well past sell by date now.FFS
  10. Going to let this go and move on.FFS.
  11. Has the team improved any under Murray? Still thought we were bullied off the ball and again sat far too deep inviting pressure. Kelly's distribution and marking was poor, playing one up front your going out not to lose the game, most of the time when the midfield received the ball they had no one to pass forward too, hence back or to the side.
  12. Was John mcginn related to jack mcginn, just asking like!!!
  13. Mcginn and Mallon are running about like wee schoolboys, McAusland dear dear, kelly, Naismith the list goes on and on.
  14. Must one of the worst St mirren teams I have seen, defence is shocking, midfield very poor and nothing whatsoever up front.
  15. I was only asking, like