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  1. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Better get doon about 10.00am to make sure you're getting in at this rate
  2. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Anyone got a copy of east Fife bin man, fecking priceless.
  3. Forum Upgrade

    Great update well done
  4. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Was down getting my 4 tickets at 5.15 and there was a fair amount of people in the queue, should be fun on Saturday One Love.
  5. Bollocks, why does a thread like this get game time?
  6. Great performance from the whole squad yesterday, but in typical st mirren fashion we all go to crappilow with high hopes and bang back to reality, that's what generally happens with us, but I think under this new management and squad of players we have hopefully will all change, think we will now take a sizeable crowd after yesterday's result.
  7. Brian Graham

    Russell? Have we signed another player?
  8. Sevco /Celtic We Can Do Without Them

    And they wonder why the English don't want or need them in their league
  9. The North Bank Aggro

    You ll get the jail taking pictures in a gents toilet
  10. Open Day

    As I've said before it must be school holiday time, bored wee boys trying to fill their day, away play in the lagoon for an afternoon.
  11. Gavin Reilly

    Not signed a player for ages
  12. Squad: Season 17-18

    Is John Sutton and David clarkson not still with us?
  13. 40 years ago

    Great times,great games, loved going to kilbowie.
  14. Stephen Mallan

    Actually quite tedious, take it the school's are on holiday again, thought this thread was about S.M?
  15. The Drum

    Just a wee thing I noticed from the Falkirk away game, the amount of young guys in the st mirren end, we were just to the back of the drum guy and the passion of these guys was brilliant, now these guys could be like all the rest of the sheep and follow you know who, but hats off they follow the team they love and good on them and great for the future of st mirren. Everlasting love.