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    Most talented Saint of all time Billy Thomson.
  1. 194 posts of pure shite !
  2. Why are so many of the St.Mirren greats missing from the Hall of Fame? Now that Jack Copeland is inducted when will Billy Thomson be inducted. Criteria is by invitation and player must have 200 games under his belt. According to Saints info page http://www.stmirren.info/id110.html Billy has played 284 games. Ian Munro has a combined 251 games is another good shout http://www.stmirren.info/id103.html . ( Both Thomson and Munro are still Saints most capped Scotland players on 7 caps), Mark Fulton, http://www.stmirren.info/id96.html. There must be loads more. Poor Bobby Reid though only played 187 games so he's no Saints great!!!!
  3. Totally agree Shull. Penny pinching is one thing though......Two bob decisions are another.
  4. Welcome back to the best club in the world Jack. We all wish you and John the very best of luck. COYS.
  5. Me for one.... lol
  6. We do.....regularly.. lol
  7. ABOUT TIME. Well done Jackie.
  8. Well done that man
  9. From the Jim Goodwin thread started by Norrie82 in April. Perhaps You should follow your own advice Nosferatu.
  10. Good Luck StDaveduKong.
  11. Good luck Sean
  12. M! Sounds familiar...... Good luck Stuart.
  13. Welcome to the club Ryan