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  1. As opposed to our stats!!
  2. Standing Area At St Mirren Park

    I'm not convinced. I genuinely don't think the sanitised "safe standing" would be anything like the old days. It wasn't just about standing up. It was all about the togetherness and those amazing big swells and surges in the crowd, none of which to the best of my knowledge ever killed anyone. Having everyone standing up in neatly penned off rows is not the same thing. For me that's just standing up for the sake of standing up.
  3. Lewis Morgan

    I would rather he left in January than end up playing for either of those scumbags.
  4. I appplaud this rescheduling. Mainly coz I wasnae planning on coming up for it and a wee Friday night bevvy session wi Jimmy H will do nicely. Call me fickle.
  5. 140th Anniversary Kit

    I'll have you know I'm an athlete!
  6. Isn't it worth appealing Eckersley red anyway so he can play against QotS? Then even if the appeal isn't upheld he'll miss the Dumbarton/Brechin games instead (or possibly even the Raith game). Or is that not how it works?
  7. 140th Anniversary Kit

    It is an incredibly amateurish and unimaginative kit. Especially given that it was produced for a special occasion. However, I should point out that I couldn't give a monkeys as I'm a grown man and I don't wear fitba tops.
  8. Lewis Morgan

    Surely to Christ he couldn't go to Celtic or Rangers. That would be totally depressing.
  9. Just watched the highlights. X rated.
  10. The Jack Ross Interviews Thread

    I wonder if JR will ever give an interview that you could be critical of. The guy is a legend. He didn't need to rant and rave like a looney to know that he is seriously pissed off with the performance, but you just trust that the man will do his real talking behind closed doors and that players will be left in no doubt. Compare that to the blinkered ravings of John Robertson last week. It's night and day.
  11. Bet Jack and James are glad they did the Q&A last week and not this week.
  12. If Davis and McKenzie aren't fit, we're a trifle f*cked!
  13. We look absolutely honkin all over the park.
  14. I'm in Jersey wishing I was in Fife. Now there's something you don't hear people say very often!