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  1. St. Mirren ladies team

    Don’t bother mate. I said I’d let him get his little hardon by giving him the last word so I’ve no intention of countering his ridiculous notion that thinking the standard is pish represents a bigoted view. i will admit though to being really tempted to respond saying “Bigotted? You couldn’t even spell bigoted” but I resisted. Not sure if Beyond our Ken was being facetious when he said it was mysoginistic but that of course would be an equally ridiculous notion, so I’ll assume he was.
  2. St. Mirren ladies team

    No idea, and to be frank, neither do you. Nope drooling and dribbling all the way. They must see something in me you don't Oaky. Then again, you don't even know me do you. Anyway, I'd a fair idea you'd be the Prime Minister of Outrage at the very suggestion of my posts. However, if I strip away the parts slightly loaded to hook gullible, humourless muppets like yergidsel, I would say the following. I have no beef with women playing football. I have no beef with women doing absolutely anything that men have traditionally been more associated with. However, I reserve the right to my opinion that the standard of women's football is utter pish and I also reserve the right to have zero interest in it until that standard improves. I hope that's ok with you. Obviously, as ever you'll want to have the last word, so knock yourself out and we'll leave it at that. By the way, women goalies...
  3. St. Mirren ladies team

    Shut it you! Although technically you are right. Women are prone to dribbling in my presence. Or is that drooling?
  4. St. Mirren ladies team

    I can assure you that you are most definitely not the only one! it appears to me that a great many on here in their rush to be right on, modern thinking and diversity aware (all commendable of course), have neglected to notice that women’s fitba is completely and utterly shite. Back garden and curtains spring to mind.
  5. Does Sportscene not have a cup highlights programme?
  6. How many tickets have Ben sold do this? Anyone know?
  7. The Cost Of Supporting SMFC

    I’m a wee bit more but in fairness I throw Jimmy peanuts from business class.
  8. Latest Scores

    Indeed. I would say the last player we produced who could even remotely be described as top class was John Collins and he retired from international football almost 18 years ago.
  9. Scotland v Ukraine Under 21 Euro Qualifier 14/11/17

    They have been utter pish tonight. Totally outclassed.
  10. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    Aye. The SPFL has today decided to scrap the Challenge Cup, citing “a pure beemur” as being their rationale.
  11. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    I wonder if they’ll fix the semi draw to make sure there’s definitely a Scottish team in the final. How embarrassing would a Crusaders v TNS final be?
  12. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    Queens oot!
  13. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    Queens getting battered 0-0 by TNS
  14. Take Note, Jack Ross and James Fowler

    What????? 87 was all a dream??? And I know that 4-1 victory over DU was good but I don’t think we got given the cup for it.
  15. Scotland v Ukraine Under 21 Euro Qualifier 14/11/17

    I didn’t think Mallan was THAT bad. He was very heavily involved in the game and always wanted the ball so inevitably a few things didn’t come off. I thought his dead ball deliveries were good, as was his passing for the most part. It’s true that as the game wore on his deliveries into the box from open play were poor and he definitely left his shooting boots at home tonight.