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  1. If I wasn't for the swearing part that sounds exactly like the wummin behind me at the cup final. In fairness to her she didnae swear but oh my god she was irritating. Like you say, the constant running commentary. A clueless commentary at that. Joining in with songs too but getting all the words wrong.
  2. Having very broadly dealt with the late 70s/early 80s we fast forward to the back room at Paris Silk Street circa 83-85.
  3. I'm on pished nostalgia mode. Prepare for a barrage!!
  4. My last memory of the magnum was buzzing round ice rink to baggy trousers by madness old piano by Diana Ross.
  5. You hear of adults battling cancer over a number of years and eventually losing out and that is of course very sad. However, the thought of this wee man battling in vain for nigh on half his life is truly heartbreaking. As a father of 3 I can't even begin to imagine the pain of this, but all I can say is that the wee man is truly inspirational. I'm sure his parents are so proud of him.
  6. Was very impressed by Aberdeen tonight. Christie in particular was excellent.
  7. That my friend, is the sad sad truth!.
  8. Just to further prove the "different strokes" point, there was a woman sitting behind me at the Irn Bru Cup final. I can categorically reveal that she didn't utter one expletive during the entire match, but she still irritated the absolute feck out of me for virtually the whole 90 mins. Her unique brand of squealing combined with utter cluelessness (word?) was far more likely to have me scurrying for the exits, than any simple bad language. Disclaimer - This is not a chauvinistic post. The fact that this post mentions a woman is purely factual. Over the years I have heard plenty men equally clueless.
  9. Bet you don't. You'll be too feart.
  10. Goody two shoes! I pure say sweary words aw the time so ah dae. Makes me big and clever!
  11. Agree with that Soctty. At least then people have a choice. From my personal point of view, I'd always want me and my child to get the best possible match experience. For me that's view and atmosphere. Swearing wouldn't come into the equation. But absolutely appreciated it's different strokes for different folks.