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  1. Absolute bliss. In the house Friday night with a Curry from the Chinese and watching the Super Saints bury the Pars. Dunfermline 1 St Mirren 4 Crowd 3887 Easy
  2. League or Cup

    It was a simple statement which you misinterpreted and got your knicks in a twist about.
  3. League or Cup

    Blame Jimmy Krankie
  4. Why don't the blessed and intelligent among our support get together and demand of our Board for our Team not to play in anymore Cup Competitions?
  5. Neither are annoying. Why are you annoyed ? There are many more on here today giving pelters to the Team and players. Selective are you.
  6. League or Cup

    Some effort you are putting in. I am impressed. Ye tumshie. Oops, sorry.
  7. League or Cup

    Dunderheids everywhere trying to steal Smokie's title.
  8. League or Cup

    It was thick and obnoxious ye dunderheid.
  9. League or Cup

    Dunderheid. Smokie must be in heavy counselling as he is the biggest on the Forum
  10. No way back now. Time to get back to my work. BRING ON THE PARS
  11. *** caps - Did they know what they were doing?

    Took my time to suss. New year, new name Welcome back
  12. A wee quick goal and try for a replay