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  1. Cumnock lost on penalties in the Final of the West of Scotland Cup A Crowd of 1027 was in attendance at the non neutral Venue
  2. May get a few Lanarkshire neutrals to attend to give crowd a boost Although £22 entry fee may deter some.
  3. Prediction Hamilton Accies 3 Dundee United 2 Crowd 5132
  4. Congratulations Sir
  5. 2-1 to the Gunners !!!!
  6. 1-1 at Wembley 10 minutes to go
  7. Another off as a result of a dive ( second yellow ) Well done referee. Good riddens Moses ye cheating bassa
  8. Peter Leonard - Big Diddy 10th
  9. There are a few unhealthy obsessives on the Forum. Most with nothing original to say but always ready to ping the 'like' button, even if the person they are praising, is talking shite. Weird
  10. The Accies Red is the weekend winning colour