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  1. Latest Scores

    3-0 Motherwell Tremendous second goal for Moult.
  2. Disgrace

    It is all Dunfermline's fault. Thy have hated us since we stole their Title in he year 2000. They will absolutely despise our famous and fabulous Club when we win the League this Season. FECKEM !!!
  3. Latest Scores

    Easy Motherwell 2 Shitey Goalie 0
  4. Latest Scores

    Cracking goal Motherwell 1 Aberdeen 0
  5. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

  6. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    COYR or whatever colour their change strip is.
  7. As a 9 year old then, my immediate heroes were McLaughlin, Munro, McQueen, McLeod and McKean from the Team above. Add Danny Stevenson and Sandy Clelland and legends are complete for that wee era.
  8. QoS Game

    I am predicting Brechin to beat Dunfermline 1-0.
  9. I witnessed his first match at Hampden, away to Queens Park.
  10. http://www.whitlettsvictoria.com/item.php?pg=news&pd=1002&it=629
  11. Juniors

  12. Jim Gilmour who played for us during the Second Division years in the 1970's. R.I. P. Sir
  13. Adam seems to be the guilty one. Hope he paid for the appeal out his own wages.