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  1. It's all about results. A 1-0 victory will save him for a few months.
  2. This Thread is thriving today
  3. Probably sacked in the morning.
  4. The atmosphere tonight won't beat the St Mirren End of Fir Park yesterday. Absolutely no chance of that. A 1-0 Scotland win will do.
  5. I might start going to away games to enjoy that magic atmosphere. Although , hopefully it can be matched in the upcoming home games. ALLOW THE DRUM IN !!!
  6. The players were fine and gave 100% today. But Drummer Dude was Man of the Match Top Class and never missed a beat.
  7. Up again Me tae
  8. Most other Clubs fans detested the likes of our Legends like Abercromby and Goodwin. Willo is a class act and is just what we need to complement the youngsters in our Team
  9. Seems to be gubbed presently Think I'll go to my bed.
  10. Hope the Drum is allowed in tae. Match Ticket Offers: Ayr United (1st Apr) & Dumbarton (8th Apr) SMFC Webteam Matchday Information The club are offering special ticket pricing for the Family Stand for the upcoming home game against Ayr United and an offer for Season Ticket holders for the match against Dumbarton a week later. For the game against Ayr United on 1st April adults can purchase a ticket for £10 for the Family Stand as well as get up to two free tickets for under 12s. There will be no online option for the uptake of this offer, tickets will need to be purchased either direct at the St Mirren Ticket Office or on the phone. The offer will also be available on the day of the match (subject to availability). The following week (Saturday 8th April) when Saints face Dumbarton, Season Ticket holders can bring along a friend for £10 and up to two children free of charge. This offer will also be available on match day. For more details on these offers you can contact the St Mirren Ticket Office by phone on (0141) 840-6130 or by e-mail:
  11. Would like Willo Flood in our Team for our Promotion push next Season in the Championship. Great wee player, who was the difference today.
  12. Can we win our remaining seven matches ? Yes, and we will.
  13. First Match today that I have experienced The Drum . When I arrived, my seat was across the Aisle from it and I feared the worst. I couldn't have been more wrong. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT The Dude in charge of the sticks was fecking brilliant and keeping those beats going for 2 hours was amazing. WELL DONE THAT BUDDIE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE REST OF THE SINGERS ALSO. in fact, the 5000 Saints fans were brilliant. 10/10. THE DRUM MUST BE ALLOWED INTO ST MIRREN PARK Sort it Tony Fitzpatrick