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  1. Cannae wait for the Falkirk match. We should be fine by then after the League Cup disaster. Promotion can be achieved.
  2. Too late. We have been knocked out the Scottish League Cup, in total disgrace. Just like the absolute shambles last Season in the same Tournament. Remember the Edinburgh City atrocity ? I won't be wasting my time & money on a Training Session next Saturday
  3. Arthurlie FC‏ @ArthurlieFC 3h3 hours ago More Pre-Season Result.. . Craigroyston 1 - 6 Arthurlie. Arthurlie scorers in the capital rain were McKenzie (3), Walker, Lindsay & Paul
  4. So Very Very Very Sorry
  5. It's cool for you to criticise though ?
  6. No cringe. Jack's pish Team lost 5-0 today 0/10
  7. Was one of the worst first halfs I have ever seen.
  8. Who is happy and gleeful ?
  9. The Jessies with the unruffled pretty hair don't deserve our support. Why do some of our players, after losing the ball or missing a shot, play with or feck about with their tights, sorry, I mean their socks ? Sorry shower of shitebags.
  10. I think TopCat will be delighted if we beat Falkirk, go onto have a great Season and get promoted under the guidance of Jack Ross. Why wouldn't he be ?
  11. He seems upset about us losing like the rest of us. What makes you think he's happy ? He's a realist
  12. Thistle's 5th Goal was similar to McKnight's against Falkirk in 2000.
  13. Thankfully, I haven't purchased Tickets for the Airdrie United ( 2002 ) Match next week. Fecking useless Club dinnae deserve our support. Fecking humiliated in this Cup Edinburgh City last year And Livy & Thistle this year. Next week now a Training Session. BRING ON THE FALKIRK