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  1. Kenny McLean

    And a Bus with nae roof.
  2. Chant Lyrics. Tune of sugar sugar

    Naw, it's ........... "Oh BuddieinEK, you post so much shite "
  3. Full Time Heart of Midlothian 1 Hibernian 0 Scorer - Cowie 87 mins
  4. See what you startit, you've got the obsessed getting intae me now. Anyway, winning yesterday was a means to an end which could have been a Cup Final victory and an Open Top Bus Parade to celebrate a League & Cup double. Now wind yir fecking neck in. OOPS, Fecking Sorry
  5. Thanks anyway. I am absolutely fine and comfortable with my excellent content. Surprised it rattles a few, and delighted. WHAT'S THE GREAT BUD THE BAKER GOT TO DO WITH IT THOUGH ?
  6. Not sensitive or annoyed at all. Just laughing at you being jaked on a Sunday lunchtime And you and others totally obsessed with Forum postings
  7. An incredible post, with the usual abuse thrown in.
  8. You mentioned it because you love the sound of your own voice and are obsessed with your own self importance! Tit. Round up the Posse, Shull is posting.
  9. Did you overindulge yesterday ? I mentioned it because going to the Cinema is a distraction not a Scottish Cup Tie which he stated.
  10. Not the point I was making. NNN above was saying the Aberdeen game was a distraction from the League. He was writing it off. I was stating it wasnt and it was a very important cup tie. Within reason, they can do whatever they like pre match.
  11. Taking the players to the Cinema, Bowling, etc next week before the Dunfemline match is a distraction. Yeaterday was a very important Cup Tie on par with any League game.
  12. Colts in bottom league

    Forty Clubs should say no. They will be given " sweeteners " Football Clubs being greedy will then then bend over and say " yes please "