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  1. St. Mirren ladies team

    Great news. I know somebody who will be absolutely thrilled. It is her dream to play for St Mirren FC.
  2. Latest Scores

    Dundee United 3 Falkirk 0
  3. Bring on the Rangers

    Suppose so. Let's have a League One Side at Home. Stroll in the Park.
  4. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    ICTFC 1 SMFC 3 Crowd 2487
  5. Bring on the Rangers

    Sevco at home especially if they have that Paisley bluenose McInnes as their Manager. He really is a shit boss.
  6. Telly Programmes

    Are you in the fecking Jungle ?
  7. Should have given us free entry to the Training Session then.
  8. Forum Traffic

    You are quick to condemn from your Bunker, ye sleekit coward. Not so quick when your vile moron pal, Bluto and the dude from Cumbernauld dragged and left the Forum in the gutter.. You , Drew and other hypocrites in complete silence. Laughable.
  9. Hutchison Vale Community sports football club Page Liked · 13 hrs · Our club leader Tam Smith and Hutchie Stalwart Jimmy Stanton present a Gift to St Mirren for today’s William Hills Scottish cup 3rd Round The result wasn’t what we wanted but the lads did them self proud in the second half, we also say thanks to a very nice St Mirren Committee and some class young players in their side we wish you well for the rest of the season, and VERY BIG THANK YOU MUST GO TO ALL THE FANS WHO TURNED OUT IN THEIR HUNDREDS TO SUPPORT THE CLUB WELL DONE TO YOU ALL , official attendance will be announced soon ,
  10. Been on a high regarding St Mirren Football Club since 2.50pm today. This Thread is just a wee hilarity bonus.