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  1. Drew

    Speculation Thread

    It won't be. It'll be finished (3.30pm KO apparently). ETA - FT 4-0. Stokes hattrick and a 40 yard screamer from Kenny Miller.
  2. Drew

    Kyle Magennis

    Wow! I didn't expect that. Fantastic news and business by the club. I'm absolutely delighted with that.
  3. Drew

    Alan's first signings

    It was, and he is, very much so (confirmed it in his interview with top man Jimbo).
  4. Drew

    Alan's first signings

    Whatched Jeff King being interviewed on Buddievision. He came across very well. It is important that these lads see St Mirren as a big step up, and a chance to prove themselves. They all seem genuinely buzzing to have signed for us, and that ticks a big box for me. I would much rather that than seasoned journeymen whose best days are behind them looking for a club to coast towards their retirement with, or bampots happy to accept any port in a storm. These lads know that there is a lot at stake for them. They won't just be phoning it in, and I wish them all the best. I'm really looking forward to seeing them play for us.
  5. Drew

    Alan's first signings

    Ach well, you can't please all the people all the time. Some folks will always look for something to whine about. Racism is totally unacceptable, however, and if this lad is racist in any way, shape, or form whilst at our club, then he should be unceremoniously booted out on his arse. He is still young, though, and whilst that is no excuse, it is to be hoped that he has learned from the rebuke and awareness input he received. As for the general attitude on the part of some on here who seem keen to write off our latest acquisitions before they have even featured, it is pretty typical of a section of our support. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do. I hope they are ambitious and committed, and would rather see them getting a chance with us than the likes of Stokes and Miller.
  6. Drew

    Alan's first signings

    Absolutely. I was correcting Lenziebud, more than anything. Perhaps those who are criticising the standard of signings so far could clarify exactly what they were expecting.
  7. Drew

    Speculation Thread

  8. Drew

    Alan's first signings

    We didn't release Paul McGinn. He opted not to accept a contract extension in order to get first team football.
  9. Drew

    Alan's first signings

  10. Drew

    Alan's first signings

    One kid that he has seen play and who had offers from elsewhere. This is a good start.
  11. Drew

    Alan's first signings

  12. Drew

    Alan's first signings

    Aye, and he could also have a wee word about Aaron Mooy while he's at it!