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  1. Dumbarton down to 10 men. FFFS
  2. Ayr now 2-1 up
  3. Poor in the 2nd half. Back to the serious business next weekend.
  4. Are his socks matching?
  5. I love a good whooooooosh in the morning
  6. The significance of McGuinness in terms of the political landscape of the whole of Ireland in recent decades can't be overstated. Many argue that the peace process would never have been brokered without his involvement. From sitting on the war council of the IRA, to sitting beside the Rev Ian Paisley in a power sharing administration - quite staggering really. Whatever you think of his past, he has certainly left a hell of a legacy.
  7. Article 50 to be triggered on 29th March. Devolved administrations learn this from the BBC. Family of nations
  8. I hold my hand up to doubting the wisdom of even swapping him over to right back. Clearly, my judgement was unreasonable, premature, and has since been proven to be utter pish. I'm happy to acknowledge this, and concede that it is a lesson learned
  9. It has to be assumed that TC is just trolling now. Not a patch on the bold skip' before his catastrophic decline, but I suppose he is due a wee bit of credit for getting a few bites.
  10. Ayr and Dumbarton matches are huge.