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  1. U20s

    I see shull has responded. I'm assuming it is with some inane shite or other, punctuated with a couple of emojis. Do us all a favour, Div, and bring back the Wank Tank, FFS!
  2. U20s

  3. New Moneymaking Idea

    I didn't actually read the news article, to be honest, so had no idea what the cost was.
  4. New Moneymaking Idea

    I'd imagine the anticiped reach would be reflected in the cost?
  5. Aye, fair enough (I didn't read shull's post as I have him on ignore for being a tedious fud).
  6. As much as anything else, I'm going by what the players said after that game. They could hear the Saints support from their dressing room, and it fired them up. I don't think it's a huge stretch to suggest that a big, noisy, and generally positive support is likely to have a beneficial impact, while next to no support, or folk booing the players could be detrimental. I appreciate there is no way of scientifically measuring this. I was just highlighting my own largely subjective thoughts on the matter.
  7. The match when I really grasped how important it can be was the 2-0 victory against Falkirk away, when Mehmet and Dorman scored. Since then, I've been in no doubt that a big, vocal, and encouraging support can have a huge bearing.
  8. *BUMP* He's well on the way
  9. Mixing Of Family Stand

    Our own fans who aren't members or signed in by members can't access the 1877 Club, so why should away fans? Also, why move existing ST holders to accommodate away fans in the South Stand? We have an entire stand where they can sit. That's where they should be.
  10. Injury Updates

    If Buchanan can carry the form he showed on Saturday into future games, any absence of MacKenzie (who seemed off the boil in any event) won't be such a big issue.
  11. Bugger - I'm shite at trying to embed things
  12. Craig Thomson

    I'm probably guilty of using a bit too much industrial language on Saturday. Nothing too extreme, but, on reflection, I should have toned it down. It can be a bit of a challenge containing yourself at the fitba sometimes, but OTT language and aggressive posturing isn't really on when there are young kids in the vicinity. I'm pretty sure I wasn't sitting directly behind a 7 year old, though
  13. Was that the lad with the daft hair?
  14. Indeed it was. Looked very improbable at the time but he tucked it away superbly. It's great to have a penalty box poacher.
  15. Craig Thomson

    Aye. I should have added in my post that, had the challenge been from Carrick on Irvine, I would no doubt have been screaming for a red. I concede that I'm an outrageous hypocrite when it comes to the fitba