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  1. Latest Scores

    Much as I enjoy Celtic getting pumped, Hearts are a nasty club with shitehawks for supporters.
  2. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Nasty, tight ground, with a shite surface. 3-1 Saints.
  3. St Mirren Contract thread

    Aye, well he'd be wrong. I can't get my head round the reluctantance on the part of some of our 'supporters' to acknowledge when a young player is doing well. It's very odd indeed.
  4. St Mirren Contract thread

    Damned by faint praise. I thought he was confident, solid, and (critically) looked for the ball. That is impressive for a centre half, and something I can't recall seeing from a young player since Scott Cuthbert. He was our best player by a country mile today.
  5. St Mirren Contract thread

    It'll be good to have a bit of competition for the partner role. We are very fortunate to have 4 very solid centre halves. I can't recall when we were last in that position. Baird is a future Saints captain, assuming we can hold onto him. Contract extension is a must.
  6. Well, that was a shitfest, but it's a win. Baird is my MotM. The big man was superb today. Absurd refereeing performance. Absolutely baffling.
  7. We've defeated them twice in the league this season, and have just signed one of their best players. They'll have the odd good game and result, but will do well to finish the season mid-table.
  8. Foodbank Collection

    Good man. I'll be picking up some stuff on my way to the game.
  9. Just a wee reminder that there will be a collection for the local foodbank before the game today.
  10. St Mirren Contract thread

    Agree on Baird. I think he is already a good centre half and is improving all the time. He never shirks a challenge, and whilst he still has a lot to learn, there is plenty of time for that, and with his attitude, I reckon he'll do very, very well. Easily deserves a contract extension.
  11. Lewis Morgan

    33%. 10% for McLean.
  12. Danny Mullen

    Time you went on ignore. Tedious fanny
  13. Danny Mullen

    Speculation. Thanks for taking the time to decorate my post, though. It's good to know you care.
  14. Danny Mullen

    If we're paying a fee and there is a sell-on clause, I'm guessing it would be a 2 year deal.