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  1. Both freekicks leading to the Falkirk goals were at best dubious. Its easy to be selective when trying to prove a point. Bottom line is that poor decisions usually hurt you more when you are struggling. Stating the obvious, perhaps, but so it goes.
  2. Aye, but will the houses have any back Yards?
  3. I think McGinn's hit on Saturday is the best I've personally witnessed this season. An absolute stunner.
  4. I'm quite sure they'll be fine. They'll be fine if they are afforded scope to chart their own futures.
  5. Is it also possible that people have voted SNP on account of their policies, or the quality of the standing candidate, etc? See Brian's post above, for example. You seem go be suggesting that people only vote SNP because they support independence or as some form of protest?
  6. Define 'Nat'.
  7. Hmm. In what way would I be forsaking my democratic right? Surely I would be exercising exactly that - my right to vote in the way I choose, based on any reasoning I opt to employ. The point is that, as I've already explained (probably ineffectively), my main driver in voting on long term constitutional issues is the future of younger and future generations. It will, after all, impact upon their lives in a more enduring way. I'm influenced in doing this by what I understand to be the prevailing sentiment of those generations (that's not to say I couldn't be calling that inaccurately, of course). Certainly, my desire to do the right thing by my children guides me to be influenced by their vision of the type of country they want to live in. As a rule, I would approach the election of governing administrations in a different way. They are short term, temporary arrangements. A completely different proposition to hugely significant constitutional decisions.
  8. PotY 1st pref - Stephen McGinn 2nd choice - Gary Mac 3rd choice - Stevie Mallan YPotY 1st pref - Lewis Morgan 2nd choice - Kyle Magennis 3rd choice - Stevie Mallan
  9. Ah, now, you see, you've misread/misinterpreted my post, and hence the very crux of my position
  10. I can see some logic in this argument, but you're failing to factor in a very large constituency of the electorate - young folk. They are less likely to be jaded and disaffected. They have a longer future to consider, and are generally far less conservative (small 'c') than their parents and grandparents. You just need to look at any breakdown in voting demography to see this. One of the main reasons I voted YES was because my kids strongly believe it is the best thing for their future. Likewise, my remain vote in the EU referendum. I am, of course, capable of independent thought, but I think the best gift we can give the generations that come after us is greater scope to determine how their future plays out. My kids' future, and the futures of their generation is more important to me than my own. Young folk face huge challenges, and I reckon they deserve access to every means by which they believe they can most successfully meet those challenges.
  11. The shabby charge was a reference to Romanian clothes peg sellers etc. Like everyone elase, you are entitled to youe views on this. As I mentioned previously, this election is down to the Tories, and no-one else. Call it how you will, but remember that no-one else has asked for it. I will remain very cynical as to their motivation. They claim that Westminster isn't sufficiently united - for that, read that their majority is pretty slim - yet they haven't lost any significant rexit related vote. May is a liar and a hypocrite. The very personification of the Tory part (IMHO).
  12. It won't be 30 MPs - it might well be a few, but it'll be agents and other officials, presumably. Notwithstanding that, it has huge potential to damage the current govt and the wider Tory party. A snap GE is the ideal way to deflect from that while they are still (inexplicably) flying high in the approval ratings. They will, of course, increase their majority, hence mitigating the outcome of any prosecutions, whilst sealing another 5 years to further the interest of the haves, while the poorest and most vulnerable continue to be f**ked over. Nice! As for the rest of your post, I'll put that down to a bit a shabby trolling and leave it at that.
  13. It wouldn't have anything to do with the CPS considering prosecution of 30 key Tory figues in respect of alleged election fraud? No, of course it wouldn't Drew. Don't be silly. Its clearly all about the national interest, and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Tory self-preservation.
  14. Not all vegetarians are blatant knobcheeses like me.
  15. Aside from the Tories, none of these parties asked for this election, so I hope you don't let your (understandably) jaded attitude sway you against exercising your right to vote. In Scotland, this election will be a proxy independence referendum. Like it or not, that's the reality. For me, the very concept of a further 10 years or so of a government who have given us the rape clause, and benefits cuts for bereaved families leaves me feeling physically sick. That's the tip of an abhorrent iceberg, incidentally. There is a great deal at stake, here. I hope folks don't lose sight of that.