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  1. Ophelia

    3 fatalities now. ETA - one of the deaths is being described as a 'chainsaw accident' after the victim tried to remove a fallen tree
  2. John Sutton

    Why are folk still looking at Lookatme? Ignore him (as I do) and he might just go away.
  3. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    That is a great result. Today was a big test of how far we've come, and the test has been passed. Perhaps not with flying colours, but that is secondary to the importance of the outcome. Well done Saints. We keep marching on!
  4. Injury Updates

    Kyle Magennis is on the bench today
  5. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Stewart (striker) starts. Stelios on the bench.
  6. Really? Maybe you can help me out then. What were Tesco obliged to provide by way of stadium spec in the context of the sale of Love Street? Oh, and on what basis are you reaching the conclusion that Gordon Scott was talking bollox(sic)?
  7. You didn't understand my post at all, did you? Would it have helped if I had used a bigger font size?
  8. This has been done to death. The brief from the Tesco deal was a stadium built to SPL criteria. That was it, plain and simple. No scope for bells and whistles or bespoke features. Gordon Scott was as frustrated as anyone else about this. So, could it have been designed better? Well, no, not really. Not in the real world, anyway.
  9. Injury Updates

    Why would it have to be a fall out with the manager? Even if it isn't a 'real injury' (mere speculation at this stage) there are any number of personal issues that could feature that have little or nothing to do with his relationship with the manager.
  10. He's too loyal to mediocre English based players, and is a stubborn wee bugger. Far too slow to make changes today.
  11. Hope so. As I just posted, I didn't expect a front two. Fingers crossed that it pays off.
  12. I'm surprised Strachan is going with two up front, but otherwise it is a predictable enough line up in as much as any Strachan selection is predictable.
  13. Shows no respect? I'm sure they won't give a flying f**k about what I think, so I wouldn't fret too much on their behalf.
  14. Catalonia

    The EU authorities should have condemned the outrageous conduct of a member state, but otherwise I agree.