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  1. Like Adele, he has received a ridiculously disproportionate level of exposure in the mainstream media. I'm f**king sick of hearing that he is in love with someone's body, and that trad Irish type number is abysmal. Ed's over-hyped, over-played, and yes, I'm undoubtedly over the hill!
  2. When you think about, though, the sell-on clause will be another motivating factor for Hibs holding out for a bigger fee. All good
  3. I reckon McGinn is worth £2.5m based on the daft money that exchanges hands in the English game. If Hibs hold out we could be in for a major cash boost.
  4. Aberdeen will be looking for a 7 figure sum. He is their most valuable asset now.
  5. My daughter got the missus and me tickets for the Friday of the TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow, with Radiohead headlining (her birthday, and faithers day for me - both fell on the same day, poor lassie). No idea what to expect, as haven't really listened to Radiohead's stuff since In Rainbows. The rest of the line up is pretty decent, right enough, so looking forward to it.
  6. Go to bed and get some sleep, mate.
  7. £100K for us if rumours of a 10% sell-on are to be believed. Kenny is too classy a player for ranjurs, so I hope he goes to Birmingham, but the sell-on windfall for Saints is the most important thing.
  8. That was my first thought. One trick pony. Then he falls over.
  9. I can't see anything to get too upset about. Its a fitba strip with black and white stripes, and is definitely an improvement on last year's effort.
  10. Poxy logo as always. I hope this Skyview mob are weighing us in with a shed load of poppy.
  11. Looks fine to me, but why the f**k isn't Rory Loy in it?
  12. To free up a slot on the wage bill?
  13. Reckon he'll be released shortly, if not already.