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  1. Robinson is a cancer, and anyone espousing his bigoted, hate-fueled bile deserves to called out. If this lad hopes to have a decent future in the game, and in life in general, I'd suggest we are doing him a favour by pointing out the very grave error of his ways on this one.
  2. Oi, Miss Marple....stop pissing on my chips!
  3. A brief look at his Twitter account will tell you all you need to know.
  4. Appreciate the offer, but no thanks.
  5. Leigh Griffiths on loan?
  6. Do they let you use plastic cutlery?
  7. Mutual ,etc... http://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/902-kyle-hutton-leaves-the-buddies
  8. It worked fine, but had already been posted - hence the Titanic reference (with obligatory smiley face, of course). Just a wee carry on.
  9. Is he on the Titanic?
  10. Hopefully Tony Fitz will have word and he'll be told in no uncertain terms that SMFC is an inclusive club, and while he is a player, he is also an ambassador. Shape up or ship out, sunshine.
  11. Maybe the problem is that he did just that.... This was his brother's contribution. Look familiar? If only people and the authorities stood up and listened to @TRobinsonNewEra for all these years. Lets see what media have to say
  12. Good shout on all counts.
  13. Agreed. Not covering himself in glory with that tweet.