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  1. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Earliest possible league winning date is now the 3rd April (when we don't have a game). My prediction......7th April away to Brechin.
  2. Latest Scores

    livi equalise
  3. I don't really regard QPR, Norwich, Birmngham, Hull etc as a step up. But I get your point that they may be earning more. Good luck finding a new manager !!!!!
  4. It will have as much chance of further motivating them as it has of anything else.
  5. I would disagree that Barnsley is "proven to be a stepping stone to bigger and better things for most of the people who pass through it". Quite the opposite in fact, most players head down the way apart from a few folk like Mawson, Stones and Steele. Best of luck to you guys though :-)
  6. Maybe we need to agree to disagree. Eckersley instead of Stelios, a home game, a ref with balls..... I think we could beat them. And they're supposedly the 2nd best team in the country.
  7. No, they were better than us. They didn't make disasterous decisions like Stelios did. Their keeper didn't jump into the net. Their midfielders did better than us, controlling the ball in 2 touches instead of our 3 ;-) They should have been down to 10 men. Would it have allowed us to get back into the game? Probably not, but it would have helped.
  8. I said it was a factor, not the main reason. I think it was a factor as to why our players needed 3 touches to control the ball and why we were so shite in the 2nd half. Other factors include Stelios, Samson and the ref not sending someone off for a studs up foul when already booked. I'm pretty sure we would have done a lot better if the game had been in Paisley, but we'll never know.
  9. The pitch was a disgrace, but if you think players that are used to a pristine pitch are not disadvantaged by being asked to play in a field, fair enough.
  10. That pitch is definitely to their advantage. Not the main reason why we're losing, but definitely a factor.
  11. Danny Mullen

    McCart's loan deal will expire after this weekend anyway.
  12. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    Happened right in front of me as well. I agree that it wasn't an absolute, definite red card offence, but it was certainly of the type that asks the ref to make a decision between a yellow and a red. Sometimes you get one, sometimes the other. Fundamentally disagree that it wasn't the key reason we lost. With 11 on the pitch we would not have let Hutton and Carswell boss the midfield like they did.
  13. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    Walsh is a good player. Maybe a bit lazy but there's a good player there.
  14. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    Mental from Stelios. Can't see him featuring much from now on.
  15. Ross Tokely

    Nice one. I hate him more than any other footballer.