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  1. Stadium bar before club buses, ticket question

    Al says you can't get in.
  2. How many points will win the league?

    They would need to win 5 games and we would need to lose 5 games. So they would almost definitely make up the goal difference. Plus it doesn't really matter. You are not Champions until it's impossible to be caught.
  3. Where Will We Win League?

    Ooops Sorry No problem. When do you think we'll do it? Dundee Utd away?
  4. Where Will We Win League?

    Can't win the league at Brechin now (if Livingston lose next 2 games and we beat Brechin) we are 15 ahead with 15 to play for. We can. We would be 15 ahead with 12 to play for.
  5. Where Will We Win League?

    Still think it will be Brechin as I see Livi drawing their next 2 games.
  6. Samson - The Modern Day Les Fridge

    The ironic thing about this thread is that Les Fridge was a good player. As was David Elliot!
  7. Samson - The Modern Day Les Fridge

    7 clean sheets in a row at home. I think we matched that in the promotion season with Gus. Wonder if we've ever done 8!
  8. How many points will win the league?

    So the earliest we can clinch the league is still Tue evening. For it to happen requires 1) Us to beat ICT on Sat. 2) Livi to pick up 1 point or less against Dumbarton and Dunfermline. 3) Dundee Utd to pick up 4 points or less against Morton and Dumbarton.
  9. Latest Scores

    No problem I'm sticking with 20 hours with one game finishing at 7pm and the next starting at 3pm.
  10. Latest Scores

    2 games in 20 hours, 900 miles apart.
  11. How many points will win the league?

    Earliest we can win it remains the 3rd April. My prediction remains the 7th April.
  12. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

    Earliest possible league winning date is now the 3rd April (when we don't have a game). My prediction......7th April away to Brechin.
  13. Latest Scores

    livi equalise
  14. I don't really regard QPR, Norwich, Birmngham, Hull etc as a step up. But I get your point that they may be earning more. Good luck finding a new manager !!!!!
  15. It will have as much chance of further motivating them as it has of anything else.