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  1. Morton v Saints 12 August

    My head hurts.
  2. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Well said. One thing's for sure, it wasn't our contingent of grumpy old men that lifted the team and the fans last season. The young fans getting organised has been the best thing to happen to this club in years.
  3. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Sounds like a bunch of boring old farts jealous of young folk having a good time to me.
  4. St mirren squad

    Yeah, they both started to feature regularly (though really just sub appearances for Morgan) in the second half of 2014/15. You're right, he's under contract for 1 more season.
  5. St mirren squad

    Yeah, it's over a year and a half since he last played 90 mins for us. Seems to be well down the pecking order. Same age as Baird, Mallan, O'Brien and Smith but nowhere near the same game time.
  6. On trial at Fredrikstad FK, who are currently bottom of the Norwegian 2nd Division.Though they did get their first win in the league since September 2016 on Sunday! https://www.f-b.no/nyheter/ffk/aleksander-olsen/skottland-proff-kan-vare-ffk-aktuell/s/5-59-781202
  7. Aaron Mooy

    We'll have to agree to disagree on him being 'released' as I don't regard us as having released Dorman, Higdon etc nor PSG having released Zlatan. Fair enough re Huddersfield. For some reason I thought u meant in Australia. Though even that is an exceptional circumstance as I dont think Man City ever intended to play him. His signing there was always a means to an end. I take ur point though. No one ever thought he was going to be the guy running midfield in the EPL play off final. Some folk though did think he never got a fair crack of the whip with us.
  8. Aaron Mooy

    But you implied he was though, at several clubs. Happy to be proven wrong but I can see no record of a loan to a lower league club. What I heard from an A-league fan was he was outstanding every season in Australia.
  9. Aaron Mooy

    There's a difference between letting a player go for nothing and a player not being interested in extending his contract. How do you know which was the case at Sydney and Melbourne? From Wikipedia: "During his time with Melbourne City, Socceroos manager Ange Postecoglou labelled him the "best and most exciting player in the A-League", while former Socceroo goalkeeper Mark Bosnich described him as "the best Australian midfielder playing anywhere in the world" Doesn't sound like a reject to me.
  10. Morgan

    There was confusion back when he signed his contract as to whether it ended in 2018 or 2019. Both years were mentioned in reports. I dont think anyone here knows for sure, but I suspect it's 2018.
  11. Scotland Football Club

    I'm confused! Were the goals "two howlers" or two strikes to be applauded? I don't see how it can be both.
  12. General Election 8th June

    .... and then scrapped.
  13. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Thats because you're 50.......almost.
  14. Squad: Season 17-18

    No, he's out of contract. Not expected to be fit until sometime in 2018 by which time he will be 32 and will have scored 3 league goals in the last 3 years. I'd say he's goosed.
  15. £60 For Car Park

    Haha. They do pay, sort of. Just a tenner though!