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  1. Goalkeepr Hit By A cow Causes Crisis for QOS

    Did he sign from Irvine Meadow.
  2. Director Election Candidacy - Kenny Morrison

    Obviously i do not know the reasons for Kenny resigning,i do know his input will be missed,we largely agreed on ideas for engaging with groups who exist outside of the club. I resigned from the board of directors of SMiSA but did not cancel my subscription to the trust because i believe that fan ownership is right for our club. The fact that Kenny has stopped his subscription gives me cause for concern,we might find reasons at the trust AGM or in the pages of the accounts,although i believe we are going to see less detail in the accounts this year. I would suggest that for him to cancel his subscription there must be something he does not want his money spent on,and clearly that certain something did not exist when he became involved with the committee,or he would have cancelled it long before now. Pure speculation on my part but it does worry me.
  3. MYLES HYPOLYTE - Welcome

    I would like to think we can trust Jack Ross to pick a good player, Myles is certainly a good player, i just can't stand the dark side of his game which i have viewed first hand on several occasions,(elbowing,diving,sneaky fouls) i have said many times that there is no need for a good player like him to do these things, maybe he can change and focus on playing football 100%. Over to you Myles.
  4. saints fans survey 2017

    Usually comes out straight away,maybe a bit of grief with Gordons statement but i'm just guessing there.
  5. saints fans survey 2017

    To save it is not and never has been an option, the options are spend it all every quarter or don't spend then spend it next quarter or next again, to save it a majority of members would have to vote no to every option right up until we buy the controlling shares. You will not find all of that written down anywhere but the controlling majority on the SMiSA board have stated that it is for spending every quarter, they do not want to save it, they had a new line put into the constitution which roughly states they will assist the club in any way they can and that line will be used to spend money even if we vote to not spend any more. I have not heard of the new constitution being approved by supporters direct or the finance body as yet, it may have been but i certainly have not had any contact from the SMiSA board to say it has.
  6. saints fans survey 2017

    I would add - save it until we buy out the shares, because the SMiSA board interpret saving it as making the next spend even bigger and rest assured the club and academy will have no problem in asking for double the amount next time round. Meanwhile board members and guests have no problem in getting their free food and refreshments on a match day, maybe they should have a "pay for your dinner and refreshment day" and fund the new equipment needed that way, not a fat cat in hells chance of that happening though.
  7. Chairman's statement

    Voting no to all options actually means all the money from this quarter will be available to add to the next spend. I believe It is time to stop the spend and keep the money in the bank to use as a discretionary fund when we take over and have no funds to begin with. Somebody asked if the club ask for spend options to be put to the vote - yes they do, and in my experience every request went straight onto the vote and won. Another strange thing about this, why did Gordon know the SMiSA board were putting the Glenvale request in the vote,do they have to run everything by him now,before making their mind up. It's a bit of a joke now, i suspected the majority cabal on the SMiSA board had unwritten agreements with Gordon and that they had regular meetings without the rest of the SMiSA board, now it looks like Gordon was also being told what would be going into the vote, it explains why a number of ideas which were thought to be worthy when mentioned at SMiSA meetings were never spoken of again or were suddenly thought to be not worthy - by members who previously agreed they were. I am voting no to every option from now on.
  8. Chairman's statement

    The money will go where we as members vote for it to go, don't see why Gordon felt he needed to try and influence an independent supporters associations vote,he should have waited until the vote was over and then made a statement. If Glenvale get the £1800 i don't see it affecting Street Stuff that much,they are both individual organisations and some kids might not want to join in with one or the other, so helping give them an option is fine by me. What i do find strange is selecting an individual clubs request for the vote, this was thought unacceptable when an individual club approached us for help with kit, to the extent that a variety of clubs were invited to put their names into the hat for a draw. But then again they didn't have an ex Saints player with friends on the SMiSA board as part of their heirarchy.
  9. Accies & the Nigerian Prince!

    Les Gray being chairman of Hamilton and a director of a finance company get's duped financially ? not a good advert for his finance company is it. His finance company are shareholders of the accies and our own director Alan Wardrop is also a director of that finance company, hope we haven't invested in the scheme - whatever it is.
  10. "using threatening, abusive or insulting words" i think swearing comes under that description ya fanny.
  11. The Squad 2017/18

    Why are the board members anywhere near this team photo, are they registered as players - NAW - get a life ya prima donnas
  12. Over the top nanny state situation here, James Fowler will be getting the sack if the originator of this statement cares to sit behind the dugout, i sat there at the Irn Bru cup game against the Hearts weans - one of many comments from James "Are you fcucking deef, i told you to mark that cnut". Ban swearing - don't make me laugh, it's an excuse to single someone out and ban them, if you ban people due to offensive language then the whole singing section goes and almost everyone i know will be banned, grow up ya fannies.
  13. Challenge Cup

    I would rate East Kilbride as playing at a higher level than Hearts U20's though. Gordon Scott told me last season that we made a loss in this tournament and would possibly have broken even if we won it, that was without having to go to Ireland or Wales, which could happen this time.
  14. Challenge Cup

    Hearts U20's as opposition should mean the price for this game should be the same as an U20's match at our stadium.
  15. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Don't know, did it ?