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  1. buddiecat

    Alan's first signings

    I'm sure he said "the world cup"
  2. buddiecat

    Alan's first signings

    It would not be nice to interupt someone sitting on the throne.
  3. buddiecat

    Alan's first signings

    That was my take on it as well - unless it was players who were away playing in spectating at the tournament.
  4. buddiecat

    Alan's first signings

  5. buddiecat

    Season 18/19 St Mirren Kit

    He has some very strange ideas about letting fans know things. "I know and i'm no telling-even though this is the design" " "Let's sell the South stand To Sevco fans and not tell anyone until the last minute - it could help pay for the fans council cock ups"
  6. buddiecat

    How Very Dare They..?

    Aye bud, they can turn on a tanner.
  7. buddiecat

    Anyone But Hopkin

    Not McCoist please.
  8. buddiecat

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    You're not alone with the sour taste John. He done a great job for us and spoke of consolidating our position in the premiership, then does what he does by chasing the money, he doesn't owe us anything, but i can't help feeling like kicking his arse. And yes if he gets Sunderland promoted he will be offski from there too i feel. He hasn't gone yet and he may even be looking for a better post by using Ipswich and Sunderland to get his name out there, it's going to drag on i think and that can only be bad for us.
  9. buddiecat

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Sunderland ? i thought Jack had ambition. they have had 20 managerial changes in the last 16 years. It's a graveyard for managers.
  10. I think he will go if asked and i believe he will eventually regret the choice if it's Ipswich. Mick McCarthy with all his experience couldn't get them near promotion, Jack with less experience is on a hiding to nothing there because they don't seem ambitious enough (by not spending enough to challenge at the top of their league) Probably bigger teams will be alerted by his name getting put up for the lowly Ipswich post and he will get a bigger gig. I just hope if he goes it happens sooner rather than later, a bidding war for his services could be long drawn out and deprive us of a new manager having enough time to sign players. Keep Fowler and make McGinn his assistant (on the park) then eventually McGinn to take the helm.
  11. buddiecat

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    The group of committee members who all vote together to get everything passed i'd assume, i know at least three of them got to see the official election runner pages, don't know about the rest of them, my requests were ignored and no reason was ever given as to why, that in itself is not right.
  12. buddiecat

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    It has always been the way it's done Kenny, "give them as little time to think about it as possible" is a phrase i recall being well used by the Cabal. I am fully convinced now that the group negotiating the deal with Gordon had agreed to do what they could to allow him access to funds, that may well be good for the club in the present but it leaves us with less money when we buy the shares and by then there could be a good deal of upgrading work needed at the stadium and Ralston. I am thinking of keeping my money in the bank and making it available to SMiSA at the time of the share purchase.
  13. buddiecat

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    The main thing that annoys me about the £2 spend vote is that we never get to see the official voting sites results, we only get told what they are. I asked to see the voting sites results when i was on the committee was told i could only to find out all i could see was that i voted, after that my request was simply ignored. I have asked again by email and await an answer.
  14. buddiecat

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    It was hands up but no counting took place.
  15. buddiecat

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    They put the proposal for unaudited accounts forward at the last AGM and had it passed. Everything gets passed because hardly anyone turns up at the AGM and board friendly voters are always there in sufficient numbers to pass what they wish.