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  1. I am not trusting the ticket website and have emailed tickets @ stmirren . com to book my seat.
  2. That's what i found as well, i tried using the "contact us" function on the ticket site to find out if my seat is booked and it asked for a security code, there is nowhere to enter a security code and i have no idea what my security code would be ?
  3. You don't usually need to book your seat for any game if season tickets are valid. Have the club said we do have to for the Dundee friendly ?
  4. I fear the loopy decision makers can't just be satisfied with straight forward decisions e.g. get a kit sponsor and tell them to get it ready for sale on time, charge reasonable amounts for matches and don't add on wee frills that over complicate the process of just buying a ticket and gaining access to a match. They somehow seem to think they need to jazz it up or tinker with the concept just for the hell of it, correct me if i'm wrong but did we not sell a hell of a lot more tickets when the process was simple.
  5. A big open day for this pre-season was proposed by LPM whilst he was on the SMiSA board, no entry fee as there would have been invitations sent out to local/nationalcompanies or organisations inviting them to pay for a plot and set up their own presentation stalls (free entry for fans and future fans, and the club could make some income), have the kit ready and on sale on the day, players training and mingling with the crowd, mini youth tournament and the Saint for a day match all on the same day - this idea was not even considered worthy of a reply from the club.
  6. Too easy to read, runs down the wing, does a stepover then cuts inside and as Drew said, falls over when the defender has read the move and takes the ball off his foot.
  7. Am i missing something, "the top teams in the first 6 games" ? no team are top never mind top 6, the league hasn't started yet FFS
  8. Thanks thats jess what i needed.
  9. I second that, had to wait until i got home from work to reply, didn't want to get the sack.
  10. Double post ! did you use an envelope ?
  11. Miller is like the friend nobody wants but have to put up with, a lot of players wives are friendly with his wife and they have to put up with him turning up everywhere with her.
  12. Burton Albion spent a record amount on the transfer in of Boyce from Ross co., so i doubt they will be bidding for Morgan again.
  13. There wasn't one in May, there was one last week though, check your spam mail, because quite often the links they use cause the emails to drop straight into spam. Don't get too upset if you miss it though, it's just the same as every other update.A load of waffle, a request for suggestions for the July £2 spend, a Renfrew youth team won the draw to have sponsored kit and no news on the HoF boards.
  14. 6 minutes each side, after turning the heat down from initial pan warming, no tabasco just olive oil. Cooking steaks for short periods of time was invented by lazy cooks.
  15. Enjoy,