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  1. Don't be confused, someone not on the club board/management team said to a SMiSA member that the USH was tested and working, i can see how you thought that TSU was confirming info from the club/management of the club when he stated " It was reported to the committee on Monday that the USH has indeed been fixed" but there is no official confirmation of this, it is just the words of one person to another, which were mentioned to us at our meeting.
  2. He was an incompetent git, that's what he was.
  3. The club have not confirmed the USH has been fixed, one person asked another what the status of the repair was and was told it has been tested and works, there is no official confirmation of this though.
  4. I would add to that by stating the 4 people putting their names up were all members who already attend meetings, no new candidates means no real change. I was hoping for new faces and am disappointed that people want to voice their disapproval of decisions on here, but do not contact to offer suggestions and or their disapproval. I would welcome an online chat facility for members which could be treated in an official manner,dedicated for members only, otherwise we could have non saints fans putting in their own agendas. That will not happen though because nobody new is coming on board, and there will only ever be one or two committee members commenting/answering questions on here.
  5. As mentioned before, if more people emailed in with suggestions then we would maybe get more items to vote on.
  6. You can't label LPM as being poison,in the same way as Mr, Dickson - nobody has ever been as bad as he is. LPM is stating his opinion here, the £2 spend can be for whatever members vote on, however there should be an option to save for when we need it rather than an option to save it an spend more on the wishes of the club board at a later date. You're out of order comparing anyone with Mr, Dickson. Are you looking to ban LPM at some stage ?
  7. FIFY. Yes, as mentioned previously i think we should be saving the majority of the £2 for when we need it to finance the final purchase and any other emergencies we might have from now until then. I have to disagree on it looking balanced though, £700 to get our name on shirts and thereby seen all over the Renfrewshire council area and beyond compared to £1500 to replace boards that just need a sticky back plastic overlay at most is not very balanced.
  8. Tickets on sale to all fans, no priority for ST holders and no limit on how many you can purchase, available online and at ticket office. Tickets for this match are now on-sale at the St Mirren Ticket Office. The match details and prices for the match is as follows: Hibernian v St Mirren Ladbrokes Championship Venue: Easter Road, Edinburgh Date: Saturday 6th May 2017 Kick-off: 3:00pm Ticket Prices Adult £22 Ambulant Disabled* £22 Concession** £12 Anyone wishing to book a wheelchair place should contact the St Mirren Ticket Office. *Must be in receipt of the higher rate of DLA/PIP. If a carer is needed and proof can be provided then the carer ticket will be free of charge. **Over 65/Under 18/Full-time students with valid ID The St Mirren Ticket Office opening hours for the rest of this week are as follows: 20/04/2017 - 10:00am to 2:00pm 21/04/2017 - 10:00am to 2:00pm 22/04/2017 - CLOSED 23/04/2017 - CLOSED
  9. Yes they could have been done less expensively (and that would have been my choice,if they had to be done at all) the only option put to the vote was for completely new boards and the majority voted to spend on them, so that's what will happen. A waste of money in my opinion.
  10. Don't thank me too soon, i've just watched them and the saints goals are cut out, also some Bairn wi a big heed is in the way
  11. Dont watch this version, go to next page
  12. I am with you on that, though unfortunately we are in the minority.
  13. General bit of posturing if you ask me, they are already in power and don't need to waste our money on an election. Maybe Mrs., May got a wee bit upset when Ms., Sturgeon acted like a wee schoolchild when she said "At least i was elected, she wisnae" English-up their own arse- Conservative government v Scottish-up their own arse- national party government, much the same really, they both want to cut money and take more money from me. The lesser of the two evils is probably SNP for me, simply because they might invest more in Scotland than the English will. There was no need for an election to show how crap the Labour party are, they do that well enough themselves.
  14. How do you know ?