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  1. Tantrum past my bedtime
  2. So nobody would care if he wasn't in the west stand, and you know this because ? I'll save you answering, you don't know that and are just using the excuse to stir shit, strange though that you then go on to stir more shit by accusing the club of using marketing ploys and then suggest the club will just give the whole stand over to home fans because you imagine they will. With you obviously slating LPM over what he posts on here, i'd have a good look at my own posts first if i were you.
  3. I do get the impression that Gordon looks on the stadium as if it were his own living room and wants it to be filled with fine things, (i want brand spanking new fancy HoF boards) when a decal covering the existing JD logo would have sufficed at a tenth of the cost. Just my opinion though and based on wanting to save money. I would agree totally on your idea that options being proposed should be subject to debate before being set and would be interested in the reply you receive from the Board. Or even better i'm going to write and ask that all emails/letters to the board be featured on a "your letters" section on the SMiSA website, that way we could all send in suggestions and have them open for discussion, doesn't need to be restricted to comment on the £2 spend. A comments section could also be included as could a poll section where members can vote on £2 spend or any other subject at all, this could possibly save money on survey software being purchased and we could all see how the vote is progressing.
  4. Believe me on this, i am still a strong advocate for BTB and voices of dissent within the board stretch to 2 sometimes 3, now maybe 1. We need people to stand for board election. The £2 spend was not the reason i gave up being on the board.
  5. Not referring to the £10 a month, one thing agreed at the AGM was, that money is ring fenced and cannot be used other than to buy the shares. Okay on the £2 spend it is up to the majority what it gets spent on, nothing wrong with me publishing my thoughts on what is prudent or not, i'm aware that murals appeal to some, but also aware they need money spent on them annually to stop them fading, and to repair any damage (accidental or otherwise). Safe standing areas cost a fortune to build and continuous costs of extra stewarding are too high for the project to be seen as a good use of our money. Only my opinion.
  6. Have no worries about that Hambud, my efforts to get other SMiSA board members to agree to involve and inform all members of what is being discussed at meetings and also to prevent using funds on nice but unneccessary things was falling on deaf ears at meetings, so i'm approaching it from outside the board now. Would you agree that wanting better communications and being prudent with members subs are important points and worthy of campaigning for ? That is what i'm doing and if that's wrong then tell me why.
  7. You misinterpreted the bit in bold LPM as did i when i first read it. Sounds like being involved in an alternative project " leaving others to see through the project you appeared to be really involved in." But it really means he thought i appeared to be really involved in SMiSA and couldn't have been really committed because i threatened to withdraw subs, and i have left it to others to continue it now.
  8. Making mountains out of molehills here Hambud, I am totally behind fan ownership and if you read other posts, i have said i would save any subs and pay the money in at a later date. Truth be told i probably would not stop paying. As usual i am using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, might seem petty but it does get the message across i.e. Don't waste our money.
  9. Suppose it's okay to mention chips now, Callum Ball has long gone.
  10. Still see them about town, usually in the craig dhu.
  11. Whoever cast the shadow of course.
  12. No longer involved in the SMiSA board and no intention of starting up any supporters club, i was referring to me being my own wee personal supporters association which would only consist of me and my shadow. Apart from that it was just a throwaway comment. So you are another person who has no need to worry about me having involvement with SMiSA.
  13. Quite funny that me having him on ignore was the reason he would not commit to SMiSA.
  14. Fully expect him to join now that i am no longer involved with the SMiSA board.
  15. SD did advise that it was not correct to provide the loan without consulting members however "nobody would be going to jail" because the board were acting in good faith, They now know that in future the members should be consulted on such things.