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  1. Hopefully "exciting" means Cammy Smith or getting McAllister back on loan. No offence to Gary Irvine, hopefully he will sign up too.
  2. Happy to see him given another year, seems he has some potential.
  3. Suppose it will need to appear in the company accounts? Anyone know the actual cash figure we got for McGinn & McLean from there? Hard to believe we have actually gone backwards at negotiating since swapping Paul Lambert for Jim Gardiner!
  4. I think you are correct. They were down to one keeper for quite some length of time and didn't bother to find a replacement. Paid the price for it. Shows it would be crazy to only have two on the books!
  5. 15 correct. Quite surprising how many I recognised straight off.
  6. I think it makes sense, assuming he isn't on a huge amount of money. Look at the fiasco at Raith Rovers. They made utter arses of themselves and destroyed the morale in their own squad by not being able to sign a keeper. Ryan Stevenson retired after the game and the club ended up relegated. A third keeper is worth the insurance cost. As also pointed out above, we don't seem to bring any good keepers through the academy, so having someone with Langfield's experience working with the kids can only be beneficial. I think O'Brien could do a job as a 2nd choice keeper and giving him a year or two to develop. We need a commanding and confident keeper if we are to challenge for the title and shore up what is still a rather dodgy defence. Could do worse than getting Craig Samson back in my opinion.
  7. Aye. He has hee-haw experience of being a CEO. It was a bizzare appointment in the first place, if the proposed transfer fee is true this would probably be a good moment to end this particular charade.
  8. I'd bet we never produce another player like Mallan again. This is a complete waste.
  9. He clearly knows bugger all about the football transfer market. Being decent in construction and real estate doesn't mean to know everything about every business. This transfer is a f**king joke.
  10. It's a travesty.
  11. Did Dibbles and Lord Loony just claim we got 500k for McAllister? And nobody pulled them up on it? That post is showing some signs of serious delusion. Please seek medical help & support. The fact we have a good youth system that Rae didn't use properly does not make Rae a good manager. Good god, the team was a complete disaster and all the youth players were shit scared to do anything with the ball. A footballing dinosaur, please lets leave him in the past. Preferably deep underground and fossilised.
  12. Mind you he did also say he isn't exactly the most reliable defensively. Its a shame playing him on the wing didn't seem to work. Worth another shot though in my opinon.
  13. He has just said on the radio he wants to keep him.
  14. Ross at first wanted him on the door asap. I recall a rather confusing comment along the lines of not just a new keeper coming in, but a new coach a couple of days per week as well. A goalie coach to come in to train our goalie coach? It didn't look great for Clangers. I think Jamie has shown a great attitude since then. Has accepted being dropped to the bench but did step in and play quite well in one match. Certainly comes across as very positive and committed to the cause. Whether he is a good coach, I have no idea. He isn't realiable enough as a player. In my opinion we need two new goalkeepers for next season as I don't think O Brien is good enough either.
  15. Tour of Ireland.