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  1. 205 posts now. Every single one complete bullshit.
  2. It's a good 9000 mile drive to Collins the Butcher for me. I'll try to source a local alternative.
  3. I'll give yer Steak & Chips recipe a go this weekend... I'd say 3 mins each side would be enough.
  4. I think we should actually wait to hear from Jack Ross before jumping to any conclusions or engaging in this type of discussion. It wouldn't sit well with me if he decided to jump to an only slightly bigger club after being given assurances of staying in charge no matter which league we ended up in. However, at the moment we don't have much more than paper talk to go on. In short, the man deserves to have his voice heard before we entertain any more of your pish.
  5. Can this thread please be renamed "If yer Auntie had baws...."?
  6. And Jack Ross has a two year deal with Saints, what's the difference? Could everyone please stop quoting the couple of fuds that seem to be jumping for joy at something potentially going wrong for us. I have them on ignore for a reason. Would be poor form for JR to jump ship. GS showed enough loyalty to make clear Ross would be our manager if we went down to League 1. He has brought in players like McGinn and Eckersley who wanted to work specifically with him and given them contracts the same length as his own. Dundee are not the next level he should be aiming for. Still, if he goes we just try and recruit well. St Mirren should be challenging for the league title next season no matter who is in charge.
  7. According to the man himself he grew up watching Junior football. I wouldn't imagine he would jump ship to Dundee given how things have gone so far. A pay rise and Premier League football might tempt him though.
  8. Dunfermline will be involved in the title race. Their record in 2017 is very similar to our own. I'd say it will be between Saints, Falkirk and Dunfermline for the title. There's also no reason Dumbarton can't compete with Morton and Livingston next season.
  9. Jack can be blamed if he has offered him a salary decrease. He is such a rare & versatile player, I don't understand why we would risk him going elsewhere. Should point out I have no idea if he has offered him a reduced deal, just going by what is above.
  10. Fair enough, would still be strange to favour him as a first choice over Stelios and offer reduced terms.
  11. Would be Jack's first truly bizarre decision to sign up Gary Irvine over Stelios.
  12. Get shot of him. No point being soft about it, we need the wage for a player / staff. Clarkson was finished before the injury, he won't be anywhere near this level when he is back. Didn't even bother to keep himself fit and in good shape while playing. Time for him to move on and get his coaching certificates or join the rest of us in "the real world".
  13. Is Clarkson still under contract? Surely we need to get this guy off the books asap.
  14. It would be very foolish to move Sutton on in my opinion! Proven striker at this level, a great option to come off the bench. Still in good shape as well, was surprisingly energetic in the run in last season.
  15. What were Stewart's stats at Albion?