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  1. Danny Mullen

    McShane is our top assister this season with 8. Seems to create plenty... Where are you getting that number from? The stats I saw have him on 4.
  2. We need a goalkeeper and two central midfielders in my opinion: a touch tackling Hugh Murray / Jim Goodwin type and a creative Stevie Mallan type with an eye for goal. A prolific striker too is required if we are to win the league, don't feel we can rely on Gavin Reilly alone. John Sutton should be considered a Saints legend, but he hasn't taken his chances this year. Duffy was an odd signing and it really does amaze me that Ross Stewart is making his living as a professional footballer. Sometimes I remember it and just think "wow". These guys should all move on or be loaned out, as should Kirkpatrick and Hilson.
  3. Lewis Morgan

    Would be a shame to see him sitting rotting on the bench at Parkhead, but then McAllister and Mallan seem happy enough in the reserves for English Second Divison teams.
  4. Danny Mullen

    Regarding the McShane debate on this thread - I might be being harsh on the boy as there is a Stevie Mallan shaped hole in the middle of our team - but for me he just does not create enough. At the start of the season him and McGinn were falling over each other at times, and I still don't feel they compliment each other particularly well. I feel the lack of creativity in the middle of the park is why we struggle against diddy park the bus teams like Dumbarton, East Kilbride and Morton. I'd like to see a new signing for central midfield and McShane used a squad player. Stevie Mallan back on loan would do, or failing that, Kevin de Bruyne.
  5. Danny Mullen

    Amusing video of Jack and the media boy pretending Mullen is only staying until January on an "emergency loan"
  6. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Missed this. How much are we supposed to be getting?
  7. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    We need to do something about Lewis Morgan getting booted about the park with no protection from refs. He is going to concentrate on avoiding injury and not ruining his big move to England. Jack needs to be putting some pressure on the refs through the media to protect him and be on the look out for the "early boot up in the air". And we wonder why we don't produce skilled the players in this country that other (often smaller) countries do. We are living in the footballing dark ages.
  8. As it was mentioned that he had his scarf taken from him I would assume it was some blue bigot knuckledraggers that live near the stadium.
  9. Stupid from Stelios watching the clip now. He was playing poorly up until then as well, doubt we will see him start in midfield again. Still a decent player to have as cover for the full backs.
  10. Yep, Dundee United will take a lot of confidence from our result & performance. A great chance to put together a good run blown, I do hope yesterday is not the decisive game in our season but there is every chance it will be. Players mind were obviously elsewhere, the most we can hope for is the memory of yesterday to be used as motivation for a strong winning run to get us back to the top.
  11. He was the best of a bad bunch. No intensity at all today, terrible performance. We need to work out a gameplan for playing teams that will sit in against us. Should have had two up front from the start, probably Sutton.
  12. 29-24 in league wins in the head to head against them. We really do have an awful record against a club much smaller than ourselves. Boghead was often a place of nightmares for us mind you.
  13. Stephen Mallan

    McShane obviously. He isn't coming back through, it was Chic Young and Jack Ross having a joke during the pre-match interview that started this. There's nothing in it other than Jack wishing - as we all do - that he was still here.
  14. Most pleasing aspect of last night was the return to form of Kyle Magennis. I thought some of our passing and movement was excellent, and it seems we are learning to exploit space better when the opposition double or treble up on Morgan. I would say that is the most exciting aspect of this team, the opposition will target Morgan given his reputation now but I wouldn't fancy coming up against Cammy Smith, Gavin Reilly and Kyle Magennis running at me either. Annoyed at our goal in the first half being chopped off. Refs need to stop this nonsense of giving a keeper a free kick just because he can't take a cross. I do feel we need to be more ruthless in front of goal and either McGinn or McShane needs to be more capable of protecting the defence when the opposition breaks. It was a comfortable win in the end but Livvy did pass up some great chances. If we can add these elements to our game we should be confident of giving anyone a game, including Aberdeen. Eckersley is becoming a threat going forward and Liam Smith is a strong runner, which is going to help Morgan and Magennis create more chances. Just one request - Jack Baird, please give the ball to McGinn if a 50 yard cross-field pass is required. You are just giving the ball away otherwise!
  15. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    When will you be issuing your apology to Chic then?