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  1. Kemp

    Help ???

    Someone delete this & ban this stupid prick please. Honestly embarrassing to have this pish on a St Mirren forum, not to mention how upsetting it would be for some of our fans (and players) to read.
  2. Kemp

    Kyle Magennis

    I wonder if young players are finally having second thoughts about jumping at the first offer that comes in from England. While John McGinn, Kenny McLean and Lewis Morgan were playing for Scotland in Peru and Mexico, Kyle McAllister and Stevie Mallan are preparing for another season of reserve or U23 football in the second and third tiers of England. Our new big centre back also reportedly turned down Middlesborough to have a shot at first team football up here. It would appear to me - for players at that stage of development - a year or two of first team football in Scotland is much more valuable than kicking your heels in England, no matter how much bigger your pay packet is in the short-term.
  3. Kemp

    Help ???

    Not sure if this is considered offensive......but you are one stupid f**king c**t.
  4. Kemp

    I'm So Excited For The Season Ahead

    I'm looking forward to seeing our next signings. Must say I'm pretty worried at the moment, taking part time players to full time clubs is very hit and miss. More miss and hit. Not a problem if its just a few squad players and we have some experienced heads coming in now.....
  5. Kemp

    Lewis Morgan tae Griffiths in trainin ' . .

    For once I agree with Shull, keep this crap off of here. I'll cheer Morgan on when he's wearing a Scotland strip. While he is at the bigots I wish him a thoroughly miserable career.
  6. Kemp

    Gavin Reilly

    I would have thought Stubbs would have wanted to get a look at him in training at least before making a decision? Pretty foolish of Reilly to reject the original contract offer also I would say. Sad to see him go, but he'll get another club at least at Championship level in Scotland.
  7. Kemp

    The Simple Digital Arena

    Says it all.
  8. Kemp

    World Cup Russia 2018

    What the f**k are you wittering about? The ref clearly saw it that way and the VAR refs watched it and saw it that way. These are the top professional referees in the world, they might know a bit more than you. Also if your eyes are painted on what use would going to specsavers do you?
  9. Kemp

    World Cup Russia 2018

    It's not a strange decision. There was never enough force in the "push" for it to be considered a foul. Could have been given, but not surprising it wasn't.
  10. Kemp

    The Simple Digital Arena

    Yes, had accepted a sponsorship deal from Kellogs Frosties.
  11. Kemp

    The Simple Digital Arena

    I don't like selling the name of the stadium. Not everything needs to be up for sale. Would you accept 25,000 per year to change the name of the club? It won't be long before a British club does that, already happens in other countries.
  12. Kemp

    The Simple Digital Arena

    Don't like this one bit, but as it is such a ridiculous name it now gives us the chance to cement "Love Street Stadium" as the universally used name.
  13. I'm just pleased we're not his full time club.
  14. Kemp

    New Manager Latest Odds

    From what I am reading the positives are a commitment to attacking football and a desire to bring through young players. (The work with young players was the main reason Tommy Craig got the gig though, but we'll ignore that...) These values I do consider important to the club, I take more pride in seeing three of our academy players in the Scotland team than I do from finishing a place or two higher up the table. He has a decent record in the transfer market, lets see what he does. Possibly some connections still at Celtic to beat Jack Ross and Sunderland to getting Morgan on loan?
  15. Kemp

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Or at the very least a drop in salary.