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  1. The Hibs first team weren't good enough to beat Raith all season, so the chances of the reserves "busting a gut to impress" and pulling it off are probably slim. I assume the first team will be back well rested to get stuck in to Ayr and ourselves? It's not on. I can recall numerous cases of managers with their season finished pushing their first team players to show respect to their fellow professionals and finish strongly. It shows the contempt Lennon has for his fellow pros at this level. Raith have been absolutely pathetic away from home mind you, so all is not lost.
  2. You were saying? f**king arseholes!
  3. I don't think there is any argument that the Hibs players would prefer to win than lose! Quite a lot of posters in need of checking the definition of motivation clearly though.
  4. Like many I am very worried Hibs will be in holiday mode now and Raith will outfight them this week when they meet. Time to send some good wishes the way of our former Buddies....I am sure someone can drop them a line on twitter and remind them what's at stake!
  5. I don't see any paranoid "its an agenda" type posts here. I've watched it again on Divs periscope broadcast and it must go down as one of the worst refereeing decisions I have ever seen. Just cant understand how the ref or linesman could not have seen it.
  6. If we go down by a point then the ref from yesterday will indeed be partially responsible.
  7. Gutted at this. We now face two of the biggest games in our history.
  8. Aye, a bit early for a moment of the season poll! We have three games away from glory or absolute disaster! One way or another the moment is still to come. I'll take a Super Stelious last minute winner at Tannadice with all other results going our way for once!
  9. We will lose Jack Ross, but when that day comes it will be to a bigger club than Dundee. GS offered Ross job security with us & made clear he will be our manager even if we end up League 1. Go to Dundee for 6 games and get fired upon relegation? Not the most appealing option. If Bomber Brown hasn't been sectioned yet he will be back there leading the charge.
  10. Another massive game, I reckon we will win this and win it well. United are without a doubt there for the taking.
  11. Morton are incapable of doing even the simplest of tasks. Someone bin this thread, it's embarrassing for everyone.
  12. Will this go down as the greatest derby win ever? Quite possibly yes!
  13. Why does Rabbie Burns have a Hitler moustache on Badge Two?