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  1. Lewis Morgan

    As Lewis can sign a pre contract agreement in January and move on for nothing, I would imagine we will be looking to get a deal done within the next month? Given how his profile has risen I would hope we can get a decent fee and have him loaned back until the end of the season.
  2. Why on earth would anyone be happy with Moyes? If we could tempt Michael O'Neill away from Northern Ireland that would be a great appointment. He has done a tremendous job there, often with players plying their trade in Scotland!
  3. Looks like somebody needs attention today.
  4. Wild guess - but maybe today's start and Tuesday's rest are connected?!
  5. Disgrace

    Glad to hear it, thanks.
  6. QoS Game

    Indeed. The money lost at the gate due to stupid kick off times outweighs anything received from TV. It's a bit of a joke really, I am all for preserving the language but is there a single Gaelic speaker really interested in watching St Mirren v QOS (who wouldn't be going anyway)? The game itself is a good chance to bounce back. I would be wary of QOS though, they can do some damage going forwards and our sieve like defence will be even weaker for this one. Any form of win and I'll be a happy man.
  7. Disgrace

    There's some right contradictory bastards on this forum that would do anything to spin any form of blame back on their fellow Buds. Dunfermline were taking the piss yesterday. Advertised as "pay at the gate" when it is in fact buy tickets at kiosk and then move to another line to enter, put two staff on to cover the entire away support and continued to charge full price to fans who had missed a good chunk of the match. Even worse, there are photos going round of fire exists tied shut! What the hell are they thinking? To answer the question above, I would say yes, if a game is "pay at the gate" in the Scottish Championship I would expect to show up at 2.50 and make it in the stadium for 3pm. Yesterday I would have been disappointed as people who arrive at 2.30 didn't get in until 3.15! It's a right mess, and I hope the club will be taking all of this with Dunfermline. On the other hand, for those grumbling about the time taken to get hot food: If you can't go 90 minutes without shovelling a pie or hot dog in to your gub there is something wrong with you!! I never understand why the "luxury" of buying a pie and bovril is always factored in to complaints about pricing or queueing up at the football.
  8. We played 3 5 2 against Dundee United and it seemed to suit us perfectly. Obviously not the case yesterday. Inverness had some success last week playing through balls, and Dunfermline obviously picked up on that today and really looked to do nothing but that. Occasionally they would find space out wide with Stelios posted missing, but how a three man central defence can't cope with passes pinged from within the opposition half I don't know. As with the Morton game we were sat too high up the pitch, too often and we got carved open through the middle (indeed, all three games we were just too soft down the middle). The Partick game was a little different in that the midfield seemed to be posted missing and Thistle ran at our central defence who would respond by falling over. I am amazed that given what a solid defender Jack was he is unable to solve some of these problems. In some cases it would seem to not be the formation but the players who are the problem. However, tactics were obviously at fault against Morton and Dunfermline. I don't know what the solution is, that's what Jack and James are paid for but it is probably time to be a little more conservative away from home and get some protection in midfield for the likes of Baird, Buchanan and MacKenzie who this season do not appear to be up to it at this level. Time to stop expecting Morgan and Smith to bail out the shaky defence every week.
  9. It's a simple analysis, but serious questions need to be asked of our defenders. We are losing way too many goals, they collapse under the slightest pressure, and seem to lack even the composure and discipline to stay on the pitch for 90 minutes. Four red cards in three away games! Haste ye back Harry and Kyle! Hopefully they can put an end to these away day horror shows! I thought Reilly and Smith were utterly dreadful as well today, so not just a defensive disaster...
  10. World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

    Funny taste in men your wife has. Suppose that goes without saying actually.
  11. John McGinn

    Nothing my post suggests that's my method! Anyway, I don't particularly care where Hibs finish! Just feel for a number of factors now would have been a good time for McGinn to be sold.
  12. John McGinn

    Teams that get hammered off Hamilton at home don't generally finish top 6. They have just been promoted, they didn't exactly walk the Championship last season. We took them apart fairly easily at home. Worthy winners of the league of course, but I don't see much to suggest they are better than the majority of teams already in the Premier League.
  13. John McGinn

    Can't say I agree unfortunately. I think Hibs are going to find out the pre season talk of them competing in the top 3 or 4 is quite wide of the mark. I can see them struggling and JM's perceived value depreciating as a result. Would have been delighted if Hibs had accepted 1.5m for him.
  14. Revised Predictions

    I would hope Jack and James are lining up a number of replacements of Lewis to bring in in January. Jai Quitongo is a fairly pacy direct player who would at least fit in to our style (although clearly not as good as Morgan). Can't think of many others in this division mind you.