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  1. I once bumped into Bob Catley in the bar at Birmingham New Street station.
  2. Loch Striven, as a fellow Wee Howff resident once said to me, is one bloody deep loch. Used to be a huge big tanker moored there. Was built, launched and never used. Sat there for years; used to look for it whenever the ferry arrived in Rothesay. Then it eventually shuffled off elsewhere. That was always how I saw Loch Striven but I will now view it with interest from another point of view. Cheers Iain.
  3. Cracking day out at Stranraer yesterday. The railway line goes right by Stair Park so Shull would've had a great view......
  4. I wonder if Amanda will be waiting for him to shove bits of wood into his every orifice...
  5. Unlike being a taxi driver where you can get hired by folk that are utterly comatose through alcohol intake on a weekend night then YOU can walk away with THEIR wallets jammed with cash......
  6. No, I'm a figment of your imagination...... Edited to add:- Oz was great, by the way; had a right good session in Melbourne with Baldy Oz Bud and Chris Corry ex-barman in Paddy's when you were in Edinbrugh (sic)....
  7. "The approach was rebuffed, meaning compensation has not been agreed, but the Dens Park side are expected to make a further approach." I get the feeling that the second word of the two word answer will still be "OFF!!!"
  8. I got my hole in Dunoon.......
  9. Stunned to hear this. Never struck me as being one of the usual brigade of rock & roll hedonistic nutters. Very sad news indeed.
  10. I'm guessing you don't have a souvenir ticket stub having tunnelled your way in.......
  11. you reckon Jack Ross will win a major trophy with Saints.......?
  12. Bloody hell, dmc, didnae know you were still kicking around here! By the way, I take it you're from the "It ain't New Order without Hooky" school of thought.... Absolutely. Totally and utterly absolutely. And that's what's made it so enjoyable.