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  1. I got my hole in Dunoon.......
  2. Stunned to hear this. Never struck me as being one of the usual brigade of rock & roll hedonistic nutters. Very sad news indeed.
  3. I'm guessing you don't have a souvenir ticket stub having tunnelled your way in.......
  4. you reckon Jack Ross will win a major trophy with Saints.......?
  5. Bloody hell, dmc, didnae know you were still kicking around here! By the way, I take it you're from the "It ain't New Order without Hooky" school of thought.... Absolutely. Totally and utterly absolutely. And that's what's made it so enjoyable.
  6. Plus, in beating Dundee at Dens, a fully-fledged, actual Premier League side. if Saints go down then he'll say "told you so"; if Saints stay up he'll say "you didn't believe I was serious, did you?!". Win-win situation for the bold Lex.... I don't give a flying shite about Morton, nor have I ever done.
  7. Ayr play Raith on the final game of the season. And Saints also have Raith at home.
  8. This thread is fúcking hilarious!!!
  9. That's a fair point about Laidlaw however I think Gatland SHOULD take three scrum halfs and, what's more, reckon that he will. Russell, for me, is a definite. Fair enough, Paddy Jackson played well on Saturday but Russell has been on top form for a while now. But that's for later in the year, I suppose; Paris is before that.
  10. I'd stick Greig Laidlaw & Finn Russell in amongst that lot as well. Absolutely brilliant performance and fantastic result. Gonna be a great tournament. Edited to add:- Actually, I’d put Laidlaw & Russell in the same bracket as Hogg and ahead of the others mentioned (although the others mentioned ARE a fair shout).
  11. :-D That's right, it was a shite goal and the Netherlands let Scotland win. Just talk to a Dutch person. They'll be in total agreement......
  12. Very saddened to hear this. Some of the stuff he did with King Crimson was immense.
  13. Seriously?! Spouting bile against your own team every home game is standing by the players?!?! On what f**king planet would that be....?
  14. We demand instant positive results. The instanter the better otherwise those failing the club and supporters must be murdered.