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  1. Chant Lyrics. Tune of sugar sugar

    I had to ask what the lyrics were as I was unsure how to spell Stephen McGinn......
  2. Good Riddens Italy Football Club

    Zidane was sent off ten minutes from the end of extra time so I’m not sure how much the game was “spoiled” by the removal of a player who’d played 110 minutes, i.e. over 90% of the game. “Most talented player” is, also, subjective; for me the best player on show was Fabio Cannavaro, who should’ve been the player of the tournament. However, that title is rarely, if ever, given to defenders, of which Italians have always excelled. Would be interested to know who you thought were the best side in 2006.
  3. Good Riddens Italy Football Club

    1. Scotland's goal was offside so that evened itself out. 2. The ref was 100% correct in sending off Zidane. Trying telling the police you smacked a guy in the street because he insulted you and see how far you get. Best team won that tournament although the best player didn't get the player of the tournament like he should've done.
  4. Brian Gallagher

    I knew that had to be you!
  5. Could Our Stadium Have Been Designed Better ?

    Try telling that one to Law Stud......
  6. Could Our Stadium Have Been Designed Better ?

    A running track. We could've had a running track. Has anyone mentioned a running track? A running in track is something we could've had. Stewart Gilmour messed up big time on not insisting we get a running track..........................
  7. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    He only started that recently.......
  8. So Farewell Then Sean Hughes

    Bye bye, now, bye bye
  9. Whisky Drinkers

    Ye sure? It's normally a litre no matter the location.
  10. Nothing To See Here

  11. Whisky Drinkers

    Were they litre bottles or 750ml?
  12. Away Outside And Have A Look

    Certainly looked rather excellent over Hampden last night.
  13. Defend Better and inprove away form

    Ah, but he did and broke the curse.
  14. St Mirren Targets for the Season

    So....instead of cheering the team on to victory at the game....you find the time to go on-line to imply "I told you so"....? Wow! It.....it ALMOST seems like you're actually pleased that Saints lost a goal.....
  15. Clamping Down On Hooligans At Greenhill Road

    f**k off, c**t.........