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  1. Unfortunately for us moving to Barnsley, no matter what happens, is much better for his CV than staying here to get us over the winning line. If he moves he'll get credit for the work he's put in the if he doesn't then who knows if he'll be wanted by that level again. These sort of opportunities are limited especially in the footballing world.
  2. The Totally Football League show was very complimentary towards Barnsley, with ex Buddie Sam Parkin offering some knowledge about Ross from his PFA days up here. From what seems to be reported Barnsley and Beane aren't willing to shed their youth development policy, you just have to look at the centre backs alone that have come through. It's the next stepping stone up if Ross does have real ambition in the game, staying for a Scottish Championship trophy wouldn't add that much to his CV, and these offers will be few and fair between.
  3. Barnsleys new owners are in for the long haul and with Billy Beane involved your imagine they'll be rather analytical in their decision. I doubt they'd be sacking anyone if they do go down unless performances were that bad. Working with someone like Beane alone would be of interest to a lot of managers. Ross ticks the box of youth development, something Barnsley have excelled at over the years. Along with his man management skills, we're not a team that have turned our fortunes around with over the top tactical schemes, instead having a system that suits the players we have. That's why he could be viable for them. I'd be surprised if Ross didn't take the job if offered, I doubt there's going to be much bigger offers from down south until he's made an impact in the top flight here.
  4. Dunfermline v Saints. (Friday 26/01/18)?

    I ended up giving the barman a £5 in the Rising Sun next to St Paul's to put it on. Worth every penny.
  5. Dunfermline v Saints. (Friday 26/01/18)?

    Did any London based Buds have any luck finding anywhere showing the game as well as the FA Cup match? Circumstances have found me in Central London. Antrin gave me some knowledge for last week but it was unfortunately too far out the way.
  6. New Striker

    That he is, but his approach to the game in terms of fitness and ability can't really be underestimated. He wouldn't be massively inspiring, but I don't think he'd be the worst player to have around the squad, even with the younger players.
  7. New Striker

    Kenny Miller has apparently been told he can leave.
  8. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Bit of a bump to this thread. I hope Smisa are willing to put funds towards the ladies team without the need for a vote. I hope the men's teams are also contributing to them as well.
  9. Excellent was considering taking in Fulham against Burton as well so that would suit.
  10. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Not at all, it looked we we actually played much more direct, by-passed the midfield and let them pick up the second ball straight after the break. Which led to Smiths header from a good Stelios cross, one of the first of the game. Maybe I've just become too accustomed to us playing well, it was much more second half Morton to second half against Utd for me. A very much must do better against the 'bigger' teams of the division and against Aberdeen next week.
  11. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    So far ahead in the first half it was 0-0? We adapted after the break. We definitely went far more direct at the start of the second half, aiming for balls in behind the defence rather than the midfield constantly having possession. Let's face it we played an incredibly poor Dumbarton team and didn't play all that well. We won that's all that really matters, but there's definitely room for improvement, in the first half and just slaughtering teams.
  12. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Not at all. I thought we really struggled to deal with the pitch first half. We failed to adapt. We started really brightly second half, playing direct to get the ball in behind their defence and let the soggy pitch stick the ball. We went two nil up then just didn't bother. We can't keep doing that. We should have put a few past Dumbarton today, it was one of Reillys worst games for us. I dont want to settle for mediocre when we all know that this team is better.
  13. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    An incredibly poor first half that can't be excused. We were equally as poor as Dumbarton. We stepped up slightly in the second, however I worry about how we again turned off when we went ahead, something that hurt us against Morton, and could do so again. Reilly was incredibly wasteful in front of goal, and i thought Mullen should have been on earlier. Still feel a bit harsh complaining about a 2-0 victory, but I want to see us perform and entire 90 minutes, we don't want to bottle this.
  14. Can anyone recommend a pub in London to watch the game? I'm staying in the city but would rather go out and watch the game
  15. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Really really poor. We've failed to adapt to the team we're facing and the state of the pitch. Hoping for a better second half, it's screaming out for Sutton second half