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  1. gc_SMFC

    New Manager Latest Odds

    If a manager actually has a means to implement his tactical ideas, and a good range of contacts to attract players then a knowledge of Scottish football isn't all too important. If anything the refusal or the length of time it takes to embrace new ideas in this country, has limited our football identity. I wouldn't say the managers that have Scottish experience are what we should be looking for, unless we are ready to back them financially like their prior clubs.
  2. gc_SMFC

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Probably very unlikely. I'll probably be hated for saying it but Billy Reid if Graham Potter does leave Östersunds FK for Swansea, should be in contention. Excellent level of experience, in the Scottish league, and now abroad so you'd assume decent contacts and a pretty good track record at youth level. If our board are willing to risk the style of football though, is a different matter. Otherwise Zedek Zemen get the hipster support onboard and go down in attacking flames.
  3. gc_SMFC

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    If anything it makes it clear that Ross won't be here next season. Perfectly understandable move in terms of finances for him and his family. It also makes sense for his agent to be touting him about for other jobs. Scott and Fitzpatrick should be sounding out the next manager, and their preferred targets.
  4. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    My toys are ring-fenced m9. Can't touch them apart from their attended purchase.
  5. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    If i'm being bitter, so be it. I honestly can't believe it's went that way. I look forward to hearing how smisa consider the funds to be remaining ring fenced. All I can see is they've won the vote on club before business, which is understandable. That's me out though, I hope everything I've put in only goes to share purchase.
  6. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    I really hope there is people that can make the Agm and ask the hard questions. Even what do Smisa define as 'ring fenced'. We're all St. Mirren fans but we have to look after the takeover process as well as the club.
  7. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    All fair points. I can't see any logic in the decision from the Smisa committee. Only they can explain why they've decided to let this go through to a vote, but unfortunately their response doesn't say anything apart from 'complex finances', supporters want a 'big ticket item' and we think the funds are still 'ring fenced'. Which makes me even more concerned. The guys on the committee have a tough job, they should be removing near to all the emotional attachment to the club to make decisions. I've a massive issue with the committee deciding it's acceptable to touch funds that are clearly set aside. As you said if they put it forward of we'll pay in instalments out of the £2 fund they'd be zero issue. To me the proposal means that the supporters are actually paying 50k more than the agreed price for the club. We give the club 50k then have to refund ourselves out of a pot of money set aside for other things. There's also still room for improvement in community projects. Getting a St mirren youth team sponsorship doesn't cut the mustard Get football accessible to any child who wants in Renfrewshire, if you want to do anything at youth level.
  8. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Unfortunately not, unless it's being held on a flotilla in the North Sea!
  9. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Yeah I'm pretty disappointed with the response, seems to be a pawing off rather than offering anything direct. If the agm is Saturday, I expect no one will be there, as we'll all be busy celebrating!
  10. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    "We appreciate the latest April £2 ballot has generated a bit of debate and the finances are complex but hopefully I can answer your question. While I fully understand the point you are making, we don't believe what we have asked members to vote on goes against the principle of how #BuyTheBuds has been set up and we wouldn't have put it forward if we did. To be clear, the money set aside for the share purchase (ie the £10s) will still be used for the share purchase. So in that respect, we would still consider it ring-fenced. Ultimately our contribution to the Ralston project will - if approved - be paid for by the £2s. All we have proposed is using money which would otherwise be sitting in the bank to allow it to happen now. We put this project forward because we saw it as a good way to support what members told us was their top priority for £2 spends - ie the youth academy. All we have done is put a proposal to members - it is up to them whether they are happy to vote for it or not. I hope this helps but if you wanted to talk it through in any more detail please come along to our AGM on Saturday." My response from SMISA. Rather meh, and doesn't actually address anything. I'm thinking I may be out no matter the result of the vote. I'm happy with the £2 pot going to community and youth projects, but not mainly the the club. I'd be interested to see how much of the £2 spend has already been given to the club for the first team. I'm unable to attend the AGM but will be responding with my thoughts over the whole matter. I like the idea of a fan take over, but I want it to be run as a business making sure that we are taking on minimal risk and that everything falls within what we bring in as a club without turning to supporters associations.
  11. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Smisa shouldn't even have allowed this to go to a vote. This isn't about an AstroTurf pitch, it's about Smisa making a really poor business decision, which doesn't bod well for the future. That for me is something to be concerned about, in this format Smisa aren't showing enough business nouse to maintain the club and shape the club as we won't. You can't blame people for stopping paying their money if they feel the clubs ownership is going in the wrong direction. I'm sure a lot of people were sick of feeling the previous board had went stale after years at the helm, and with little movement on the club sale, Buy the Buds was a perfect opportunity to do something about this. This isn't the way I expected or wanted smisa to be going about business.
  12. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    The £2 fund has definitely been overused in matters that are associated with running the club, from the sports scientist to new balls. Ideas that I don't really feel the £2 pot was supposed to be about. I was sold it was about community projects, something that would boost St. Mirrens profile off the pitch and make us a hub for the communities around Renfrewshire, from late night youth football to supporting local sports teams that have not had links with the clubs. The £10 pot is for buying the club, and that alone, no money should be taken out of this apart from the purchase of shares. Buy the Buds isn't a vehicle to support the club on the pitch or in the background. It's about a group of supporters taking over a business, we have to treat it accordingly, so we can shape the club how we see fit. Too many people understandably can't or won't be able to separate the business from the club they support. That in the long run will make things difficult when we do hit sticky patches. When this AstroTurf needs relayed under our ownership it'll be rightly be coming out the playing budget, if we don't want to do that, we don't have an AstroTurf field. People signed up for buy the Buds because the felt the old ownership was stale and had a fear of a rogue businessperson running the club into the ground. It feels now that Smisa is just giving the fans the option to vote for poor future management with the constant club bowl being passed around. I'm still awaiting to hear back from SMISA, but to be honest depending on what they say and future votes I'll be seriously reconsidering my membership of a project that clearly isn't on the right track and may not be able to correct itself.
  13. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Is the Asset lock the section which a laymen should look at in the constitution regarding this move?
  14. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    I've emailed Smisa over the matter, hopefully they respond early next week, and if they aren't releasing a proper statement regarding the decision I'll post whatever response I get. It's always going to be a hard line to tread, with the 'we want what's best for the club' against the fact the takeover is a takeover of a business and needs to be treated as much, cold and clinical. Smisa have helped out the playing squad far more than I thought they would have already with regards to balls and bibs, to the ush heating nonsense.
  15. gc_SMFC

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Voted no for both, and will be sending an email to SMISA to ask why the £10 fund is being put to vote, while limiting future £2 spends. I have to agree with the majority of what's been posted above. Its a poor decision from SMISA to have accepted this proposal from the club, and put it to vote.