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  1. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    I've come up from London for this game, my first since maybe Livingston away. Our record has been pretty horrific against Dumbarton in recent years, so hopefully this is the one to change that, wouldn't mind us keeping a clean sheet either.
  2. I think we should go with the 5-2-3 formation that we played against Livingstone. With Stelios and Smith playing more as wing backs. The first 15 minutes of the game we looked pretty dangerous with Morgan, Smith and Reilly interchanging across the front. The 3 centre backs should hopefully be a bit more solid, especially with our fondness for leaking goals and the fact Utd at least on paper look dangerous in attack.
  3. No idea about the red. No St. Mirren fan had a good view as it was far side. McGinn went mental This is awful. Good first 15 then utter shit. Midfield non existent. Stelios has been very poor, but is being hung out to dry as we've not changed shape. Just as bad as the cup game here last year
  4. That goal from the corner is unforgivable. Awful awful defending
  5. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Pretty much spot on. Still plenty of time, but losing 4goals to anyone in the league even with 10 men isn't great.
  6. Morton v Saints 12 August

    From what I watched we are completely undone whenever anyone runs at us. Far too open at the back.
  7. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Incredibly poor at the back. Midfield hasn't been in the game either.
  8. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Awful touch from MacKenzie in the first place
  9. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Clear penalty, unsure of the red. I thought they got rid of the double punishment.
  10. We don't look at all good. Riding our luck at the back massively. Non existent midfield. I don't think Ross has paid Falkirk enough respect, as we are far too open.
  11. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Has the Pro life deal expired? Didn't we agree a deal for additional conditional for our players last season?
  12. Smfctickets

    Does the website actually work for anyone? Does the website run on chrome or edge? Do I have to phone up/go to the ticket office to purchase tickets for any of our games?
  13. The 3 Monthly Spend

    So we have paid the wages for the sports scientist for one year before the bowl gets passed around again? Smisa needs to grow a bit more of a spine and be willing to say these should be cost already accounted for within the running of the club.
  14. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Pretty disappointed in the spending choices. Sports scientist should be in the club budget without Smisa spending. Extra weights for the training ground could easily been deducted from players wages. I feel Smisa money should be for emergencies or for the greater good, not making up the shortfall in the budget for the team. We can't keep going on in this manner when we fully own the club.
  15. Does our ticket website not work on chrome?