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  1. As celebrity dog deaths go, this one had me in bits ! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/5124104.stm
  2. See the Saparito cafes on Gauze St and St James St have adopted new names too. Think it was something like Blanco y Noir or some other pseudo continental attempt at 'white and black'.
  3. Being discussed on Saints Supporters Facebook page as a round of applause at the appropriate minute which Thistle fans will join in with too.
  4. Jeez, so awfully sad to hear about this. As others have said it hits you harder when it's a wee young life snuffed out. RIP young fella...
  5. Ardgowan was sold a while back and got renovated. I believe it's much improved, although I never heard Amy bad reviews until on here.
  6. Memories of said job here, including fleeting glimpse of Maersk shipping fleet... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MUrPGs_CLYM
  7. In 2010 there were a fleet of six or so Maersk container ships moored together to ride out the recession in the sea cargo business. I ended up on a job on them for 10 weeks, sailing out from Gourock on The Ali-Cat (now the Dunoon ferry) every Monday morning for a week's work, returning on the Friday. We would stay in the ship cabins through the week. Working below decks we'd hear the odd thing clanking off the hull, we were 20m below the water apparently. Those ships were massive, some ended up being re-engineered into smaller types and one sailed to India for beach scrapping. Pretty amazing loch as I recall .
  8. It'll always be there until it receives an RTB command from the mothership !
  9. Think we went on a primary school trip to the once state of the art 1970's leisure centre. I guess The Lagoon stole a chunk of it's market eventually...
  10. Was the drunken bam on horseback just off the Belfast ferry ?
  11. Several folk on here completely failing on the point of all this. Stroll on fellas...
  12. So no need to defend the bus, when there wasn't one and this all happens on a train ?
  13. Was there a Bankhouse bus on Saturday ?
  14. You had me until the train home bit, not sure what all the fuss is about ?
  15. When you see young guys in their teens and twenties at 10am on a railway platform with big 1ltr bottles of Buckfast and cases of lager about them, you know it's gonna get messy. The question I'd be asking myself is why would I need to get that tanked up before a beginning of season cup tie, or any tie for that matter ? It's like folk who go to music festivals shit faced and don't remember a thing about it. Just seems bizarre, that's all !