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  1. Hola from sunny fuerteventura. This actually did make me lol [emoji106] [emoji23]
  2. Loving all of those Poz.
  3. Nae chance of you relying on your wit for a living , you`d starve within a week ! p.s. what does should could mean ?
  4. Christ , you really do have a chip on your shoulder dont you ? 1. Eh ? 2. Still doesnt help ( if it was /is another Callum , couldnt you find the delete button ?) 3. You really should check out the form. What do you mean by"as bad as i said" ? I pointed out their poor form... dont see how you can dispute that . And as for the FACT that they have slipped dramatically since the days of Jim Mclean & DUFC part of the new firm in Scottish football ?!? Are you saying they still occupy that lofty standard ? 4.This is where your chip really shows..... me being Positive was NOT a dig at you or anyone elses opinion, you simply took it to mean so. That says so much more about you & your negative mindset than my post ever could.... now THAT was a dig !
  5. SMISA invite everyone to submit proposals for the spend, why not drop an email with your ideas ? As for opening the Hospitality suite for community events during the day ? Not sure about that one , isnt that what community centres etc are for ? What did you have in mind ?
  6. Dundee united are already safe in a play off position despite them winning just TWO of their last 10 league games and being rock bottom of the form table for that period. They are not the mighty "new firm" club they once were and are eminently beatable...... I just hope we are able to manage it You say our upcoming three games are against teams with something to play for ? What do you think the last half dozen games have been ? We`ve played teams who are either threatened with relegation play offs or teams battling for promotion play offs & we havent exactly done too badly ! I would never be complacent nor take anything for granted when talking about Saints but i dont see any problem with trying to emphasise the positive aspect of supporting Saints at the moment
  7. Wednesdays invites have gone out. Waiting for two responses. Also waiting on Portmahomack Saint for Monday game
  8. On sale now. Just ordered my 2
  9. But he was offside for both goals. I think they should add another couple of referees assistants to eliminate these sort of errors.
  10. Fuxake, what a game & i missed it !!
  11. So have i , but she doesnt know why yet ..... i`m such a good hubby treating my missus to a night out in Edinburgh !!
  12. Agree, i was simply asking the question driven purely by self interest ! I recalled seeing the 700 figure mentioned on another thread and cant find it now. I was wondering if whoever posted it was speculating or if it was based on any knowledge of what we will get. As a non season ticket holder , if it is 700 i will almost certainly miss out, however i would fully understand if Hibs want as many home fans as possible.
  13. I didnt expect anything , i asked a question. Do you know the answer ?
  14. woah there , who mentioned you ? Guilty conscience ?