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  1. I've just came off the British Airways flight from Gla to LHR . They don't accept cash , I'll let them know your opinion on the flight home tomorrow [emoji41]
  2. EK 2-1 up away to Stenny
  3. United also interested in this guy :
  4. Now being reported by almost all sources as a done deal. I`m not unduly bothered to be fair. Never a massive fan .
  5. 1. Speaks volumes 2. deflection 3. Ok , on that note its time to go . but not before addressing the last sentence. My contribution to this thread had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with your 26 player assertion, i asked a question regarding your statement "but people still suggest he hasnt got his own squad yet" you have not answered it and i suspect you never will.
  6. I dont know Bud, as you see, i was merely offering my opinion, not stating it as one of his "indisputable facts" How big is a squad ? Surely it can still be his squad but needs added to ?
  7. 1. A direct reply from me to a question from you. Direct reply, you should try it sometime 2. Those are not the "facts" i asked you to address (direct reply would be nice) I ask yet again , where are those you say still insist its not Jacks squad ? 3. Who has tried to silence you ? what i see is people willing to debate but debate is difficult where one side is so entrenched in their views , whether right or wrong.
  8. Show me where i even mentioned this "26" figure. I said Ross has been supported by the board , i said this is his squad, where did i say or even suggest you keep quiet about Ross signings. As per usual , when engaged in reasonable rational debate , you retreat into your wee defensive world and repeat the same rhetoric with no facts to back it up. I made a very simple statement about not seeing many (if any) on here who would say otherwise now. You seem to think there are enough of these people to dredge it up again . Where are they ?
  9. Yes plenty of people DID comment and up to January that was a fact. January's clearout and signings remedied that to a great extent and the end of season /close season signings have brought those claims down to the tiniest trickle of people. As for there being "no argument that he wasnt backed to put his own squad together" i really dont see many , if any on here saying that is the case. I do say not many because you will always get the occasional turnip banging on ad nauseam about things which are no longer an issue. ETA, fwiw, i think he still needs to add players to the squad, imo, we simply do not have squad cover nor a couple of decent first pick players
  10. How many people are suggesting that ? I would hazard a guess not very many . In fact i`d say the number would be significantly less than those who agree with the topic starters opinion . Didnt JR say in his most recent interview that these were his players ?
  11. I`m off over to N.I. next week for four days, hopefully they`ve got all their bile and sectarian crap out of their system by then and the place has returned to normal.
  12. God that was hard work tonight, The bouncy castle was like a Sauna, a man short & some of us coming off the back of almost two weeks drinking !! Not good,. Invites have gone out for next week. Lets get em back in early & dont forget to take a minute to cast your vote for tonights MOTM
  13. I think you`re being a tad harsh on yourself there.
  14. Yep , Can only be Scott McDonald. We only have Small adult top sizes in stock.
  15. It was certainly straight to the point.