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  1. How does Michael Stewart get a gig as a summariser ? The guy is an absolute dick.
  2. Hamilton were better when they lined up in the tunnel. Imrie standing there looking straight ahead.
  3. 35 minutes ago, shull said: Whit's the third ? 9 hours ago, 3 moffat buds said: For any betting Buddies out there a nag called Peter Leonard is running in the 1625 race at York on Saturday - current odds are 6/1 - so it will be a case of COYS (singular) ! Theres the answer. Oops . Posted this on the buchanan and stewart thread. This is a poor attempt at copy n paste !
  4. He wont get it. He thinks Irony is what he presses his trousers with.
  5. You can explain the intricacies of your post to me then . While you`re at it, any chance of a wee update on the Willo flood stuff also ? I think everyone missed the point with that one !
  6. As you say,Players like Todd will be squad players. Every club needs a decent squad of players to see out the season. The experienced players you refer to would be looking to play every week and wouldn`t be interested in sitting on the bench if they were any good.
  7. However . He was fouled. It was a penalty , it shouldn`t have been a booking or a sending off. I can understand the ref not giving it but for the linesman with a clear view there is no excuse.
  8. should be an interesting 2nd leg at the partially completed New Douglas plastic abomination Stadium
  9. And what about the second booking ?
  10. Big mistake from the officials. Stonewall penalty .
  11. You know the score, invites are out for next week , get em back sharpish and take a minute to vote for your MOTM. No shortage of candidates tonight
  12. Well what can i say? What a game tonight , hard ,fast paced ,lots of goals and Bloody Hot inside the Bouncy Castle !! Both side showed good shill and attacking intent from the off but as the first 20 mins or so elapsed it was the Non Bibs who edged slightly ahead , they managed to grind out a three goal advantage and for the next 20-25minutes goals were . traded back and forth but still the nons kept the lead..... then the game was turned on its head. Scott had to leave the pitch with about 15 to go leaving the Bibs three goals down and a man short. That would be the signal for the nons to turn the screw..... nothing of the sort !! The bibs got one back , then two & before you could say "f**k sake we`ve got the extra man !" the Bibs had gone two goals ahead to record a well deserved ,if unexpected victory . Well done guys , Great game.
  13. Did i say or even suggest there was anything wrong with it ? I `d rather concentrate on players with a future at our club rather than those who wont be here. Whats wrong with that ?