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  1. Update On Aaron Woodall

    Sorry if this has been posted before , was just wondering how the wee fella was doing and found this. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/its-dream-come-true-wee-11096779
  2. Buddies Required for BBC 1 Programme

    Fitness benefits from watching football eh ? It’s the BAWA footy day out at the Dumbarton game , perhaps some of our guys might want to face the cameras the day after and show the world the “benefits !”
  3. St. Mirren ladies team

    All fair points . Perhaps I would feel different if I had a team to support or relative who played. As I said at the start of my post , I only watched in the first place because of encouragement from a colleague.
  4. St. Mirren ladies team

    I have no problems with the club supporting Womens football, neither do i have an issue if Smisa offer it up as a funding option. Having watched a fair old bit of the last Womens world cup due to a former workmate being a Footy player herself and persuading me to watch , my opinion & it is no more than that , is that the standard is woeful. If that was the worlds best on show, what is the rest of it like ? I am not being sexist or misogynistic..... just proferring my opinion on the standard football on show. Does it need to be promoted and funded correctly ? Yes. Is it anywhere near even junior football level ? Not in my opinion. Would i pay money to watch it ? No way. From watching the world cup, my opinion was that there are a handful of very talented individuals but the massive majority were several levels below spfl league two.
  5. W7 Fans & Banners

    Nor me. You hear worse things shouted and sung at every game .
  6. Fairly easy victory for the Bibs tonight. Despite having a similar amount of possesion and chances the non bibs were wasteful in front of goal and paid the price in the end. Five goal cushion gained early on stayed there for the rest of the match . Your invites are already out for next week , lets see them back in pronto and please take a minute to vote for your man of the match. Also , if you wish to attend the day out on the 2nd , please make sure you let me know or respond to your teamer invite by end of week please.
  7. Latest Scores

    Falkirk are getting absolutely roasted ! %age possession Utd 64 /36 Falk. . Goal Attempts 11/0 On target 6/0 Corners 8/0
  8. Shankland

    Because it’s a football forum and people ponder things and offer opinions. Not difficult to grasp is it ? Eta , just checked all posts since this topic resurfaced ..... don’t see anyone claiming to know for certain.
  9. The chirpiest checkout operator in the world!

    Has it ever occurred to you that they may have manned checkouts to keep people like you away ?
  10. Shankland

    Absolutely nothing wrong with ambition , ambition allied with dedication and a smattering of raw talent usually ends up in a positive outcome but what I was getting at with my “Billy big baws attitude “was simply wondering if he had fallen into the arrogant twat trap which befalls a great many up & coming footballers . Perhaps a spell in the third tier of Scottish football might be the metaphorical kick up the backside he needs to make him realise how lucky he is. He is still young and if he knuckles down an d works hard at improving himself he has the potential to make a good living from this game at a decent level.
  11. Shankland

    Didn’t realise he was only 22 . Obviously been a daft wee boy with Billy big baws syndrome . Not the first player to suffer from that and won’t be the last .
  12. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    & anyroad .....8-6 isn’t good enough for you ???
  13. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    Ffs , wish you’d made that clear . I’ve wasted all that time [emoji37]
  14. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    I can’t understand your dismissive attitude towards away goals double . If both games finished let’s say 4-3 to the home team that would be 8-6 in real money and 16-12 aggregate ! Goals galore , fast free flowing football .. what an advert for the Scottish game that would be !! [emoji848]