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  1. The singing section done us proud yesterday. Well done to all involved , would like to see the club support this at home games too . As for the Drum ? Brilliant [emoji106]certainly our commercial manager seemed to think so in the Bankhouse [emoji4]
  2. Wasn't Storie cup tied also ? Also don't think having Gordon available would have made much difference. Bit surprised Stelios or Fjelde werent given a midfield run out 2nd half.
  3. C`mon the Buds . Lets have a great day out .
  4. Where to start . Selling block by block wouldnt work ? What do you think we do for away fans in the west stand ? The M`well east stand is perfectly suited for this,sell to utd fans from the south & saints from the north.Massive segregation in the middle. As for the amount of fans who may turn up ? Where did i mention thousands ? are you daft ? there no way thousands would decide to turn up at the last minute , but there were about 30-40 turned up at Dumbarton without tickets who couldnt get in and yet there were hundreds of empty seats. Finally, well done to Buddo for his last minute change , hope you get a ticket Bud, although according to Renfrew,you dont exist !! Have a good day Bud , Enjoy the game .. C O Y S !!
  5. As I said previously , no numbered seats , or at least block by block . We manage it at almost every away game so why not this one ? As for neutrals ? (You conveniently forgot to mention the "switherers"!) Why not ? I would & have done it and I know others who would .
  6. I refer to my earlier comment. If they don't sell anywhere near their allocation and we sell out totally.What happens when Saturday comes, the weather is set to be the best day of the year so far and some of the switherers ( or neutrals) wake up and say " Ach , I think I'll go to the game?" due to the bloody stupid way tickets have been / are being sold , those people will miss out , both clubs lose out on extra £££ s
  7. Another hard fast game , again,two evenly matched teams with little to chose between them. Goals and chances from both teams with the lead changing hands several times throughout the game. In the last 10 minutes the non bibs edged ahead by a couple and managed to hold on for the win. Well done to all for a good game played in the right spirit. Invites have already gone out for next week, Lets get `em back in good n early. Dont forget to vote for tonights MOTM, no shortage of candidates from tonights game. Lastly , i had two late call offs this afternoon , if you have to call off at late notice , try and update teamer please and if poss drop me a txt to make me aware so i can inform the next on reserve list.. Calling off on here or FB is not ideal if i cant / dont check in on FB during the day . Ta.
  8. terrible events today . Innocent people going about their normal day
  9. Yeah , i agree it has many potential issues. Just a pity if there are empty seats .
  10. Possible . yes. However , if i had put my business in the hands of someone who couldn`t see the opportunities here, or had decided not to try and take advantage of the situation , id seriously be doubting the wisdom of my decision to enter into an agreement with said company in the first place.
  11. I know its a few days away yet and their track record isnt great , but the Met office has Saturday a a crackin day for footy. If saturday comes and there are still a few thousand unsold tickets , what chance the powers at be seeing sense and putting the remaining briefs on sale pre match for those who see the weather and fancy a late notice day oot ? I know the answer to my question but still.... i live in hope !!
  12. So what a great opportunity then for the club to make a few bob out of kids going to their first final , supporters wanting a commemorative scarf etc . If only we had a commercial manager .
  13. Sometimes its better just to admit to something rather than splitting hairs to try and justify a position which is indefensible. You inferred that those who didnt agree with your opinion were clueless, indeed you went so far as to put it in writing for everyone to see and now you deny it !?! For what its worth , i agree that JR has made a massive difference and should be judged on what he manages to do with his players rather than the inherited duds. i believe we will stay up and that the form tables would suggest we are the form team in this the moment . (LPM might want to brush up on what constitutes "form") However i am acutely aware that temporary form may not in itself be sufficient to save us. Why dont you just admit you said it (difficult to deny anyway !) , get it off your chest and move on ?
  14. Psst !! I think you did !!
  15. Well , if the club cant be arsed doing it , good luck to the guy.