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  1. Invites are already with you guys, good to see them coming back in already... lets keep em coming A very even game tonight with a solitary goal being all that separated them in the end. Despite some late pressure the bibs just couldnt get that elusive equaliser, the nons holding on for the win.Good to see Fraser Burns back in the squad for tonights game after a lenghty spell on the sidelines through injury, welcome back big fella, hope youre not too sore tomorrow. As always, please take a minute to cast your vote for tonights motm.
  2. Right Guys : Date for the diary. The club have got back to me to confirm we are ok to use the 1877 Club for the next day out. The day we are going for is the game V Livingston on 11th November . Meet in the club for beer pre match, still open to suggestions for post match. Do we go back to the bankhouse for pies n pieces ? Any other ideas ? It is still six weeks away & i will put a reminder at a later date. As before , i will need to supply a list of names of attendees beforehand to comply with the club fire regulations
  3. Harry Davis

    Derby county signed Kyle McAllister when he was injured. f**kin idiots !!
  4. Ross County sack McIntyre

    Mr McGregor at RC seems to be a very hard taskmaster. Adams sacked after two promotions and a challenge cup win , now McIntyre walks after three spl seasons and their first ever League cup triumph.
  5. Ross County sack McIntyre

    Thats a very decent shout.
  6. Ross County sack McIntyre

    What ? Ross county & ICT ? Never !!
  7. Craig Samson

    I watched MOTD & Sportscene last night. The keepers in Engerlund regularly take a touch or ten and very seldom come under pressure (unless Jamie vardey is about) while up here there is usually someone closing them down and most of them lump it up the park as quickly as they can .
  8. QoS Game

    Were you at the same game as me ?
  9. Jamie McCart

    Behave yourself Shull. The guy is an attention seeking Troll
  10. I sat in meetings with the council as we fought to retain the old pool at Greensands and the facilities at Loreburn & David keswick Stu. The council at that time were intent on spunking millions on a centre with inherent flaws from day one and to f**k with everywhere else. The wankers who took those decisions should be doing time.
  11. QoS Game

    We are a funny old lot at the moment . When we play well we are as good as anything out there. We have days when we dont perform and it can go either way, last week - too many off the pace.... we got gubbed. This week we still dont hit top gear yet we go on to win and didnt cave in as we would have done in previous seasons. There is a spirit about this club ( not just the team) at the moment , not the sort of arrogance that thinks we can and should win every game but a belief that when we do lose out , we have the character to regroup, hit back and move on. That sort of spirit is something that cant be underestimated. We are beginning to enjoy playing at home in front of a crowd who are enjoying watching !! It is still early days but this has the hallmarks of a season we will remember for a long time. There are no stand out teams in this league , we have good players , cover in most departments and key players still to return. If we keep peforming as we have done we have every chance of achieving success.
  12. QoS Game

  13. QoS Game

    Bloody shame, the guy waits all this time to get a decent chance, performs well & then this !!
  14. QoS Game

    Ach Bollocks !! Has this been confirmed on OS or Twitter Bud ?
  15. Falkirk sack Houston

    Ive never been a fan of Houston , always found him to be one of these bitter little man types. That said, i think he has done a decent consistent job there,however , has he taken Falkirk as far as his abilities will allow? Falkirk now have a dilemma , go for steady the ship type and build for next season or go for an up & coming young manager ...... & build for next season !! Remind you of another team ?