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  1. Lewis Morgan

    Money for Morgan in Jan with the condition that he returns on loan for the rest of the season. Money then used to bring Mallan and McAllister back on loan and we'll be singing Queen in no time.
  2. spare tickets for qots game

    There's no chance it'll be sold out. I'm pretty confident you'll get a ticket from the office at the ground.
  3. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    There was a young man called Dargo...
  4. Maths was never a strong point [emoji23]
  5. Since it seems to be all ifs and buts - if we win the next three against QotS, Brechin and Dumbarton, we end the first round of fixtures having only lost two games and won eight. If we do that another 3 times, we win the league! Calm down everyone. It's unrealistic to expect to win every single game in this league. Noone is going to do that. Yes I was as disappointed as anyone on Saturday, but we move onwards. The players have a great mentality and will bounce back.
  6. Far from over. Need to up the tempo second half. Not moving the ball well enough and McShane's deliveries woeful so far
  7. I'm on my way uhu uhu uhu uhu... Just past Kingston Bridge en route to Kincardine Bridge given the issues expected at the Forth Road Bridge and the Queensferry Crossing. Buzzing for this one. COYS!
  8. St Mirren songs

    Perhaps Utd's new Lukaku song could be adapted for Gavin Reilly [emoji23]
  9. saints fans survey 2017

    Each to their own eh
  10. saints fans survey 2017

    A token 1 share per member would have been a good idea. Even if it's not possible now, the promise of 1 share when smisa take control.
  11. Really enjoyed tonight. Jack and James very approachable guys
  12. The Unique Original Thread

    Shania Twain on the red button or Garden Rescue on the main channel
  13. Never been to one of these but booked for tomorrow. Do I need to print my ticket or can I just show confirmation on my mobile phone? Also is it the main entrance I go to? Thanks.
  14. Lewis Morgan is top notch, of that there is no arguing. But for me, motm today is Gavin Reilly.