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  1. Can't make today, looking forward to Livingston game on Tuesday too
  2. [emoji23] No I don't expect 5 or 6 prolific seasons. I'm pointing out a fact mate. I'll reserve judgement til I've seen the lad play a few times. Cheers.
  3. And if the stats are to be believed, chat of his goal scoring prowess is based one and a half good seasons
  4. Why don't they just slap it in a transparent box?
  5. Has Loy signed up?
  6. The Dabbah in merchant city is dyno
  7. I'd like to see an upbeat clean version of "my old man said be a Saint Mirren fan..." It does this already exist? If not, song writers - ready your pens.
  8. Went to see Alloa play Brechin in Alloa and didn't think Kirkpatrick had a good game at all. Then again can't judge the boy on one match.
  9. Rocco Quinn could maybe play the Storie role next season - coming on for the last 20 mins to shore things up and hold onto a lead
  10. Might be better for us if we win and Ayr draw on Sat, leaving us safe from auto relegation and Ayr with a right good chance of survival based on beating Raith on the final day. Otherwise that game turns into a damp squib for Ayr, who would essentially have nothing to play for due to the large GD. Ayr then beating Raith on the final day is perhaps our best chance of 8th place finish.
  11. Thanks [emoji106]
  12. According to the program schedule, it's Bryan Burnett on at 630. Is the Saints thing particular to AM or something? Cheers
  13. [emoji23] got to wonder what some folk are watching
  14. I have tried Brewers Tap, Court Bar, Bankhouse, Tile Bar. Don't think there are any other buses running...
  15. Seems all the Saints buses are sold out. Guess I'll not be going after all