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  1. Thanks [emoji106]
  2. According to the program schedule, it's Bryan Burnett on at 630. Is the Saints thing particular to AM or something? Cheers
  3. [emoji23] got to wonder what some folk are watching
  4. I have tried Brewers Tap, Court Bar, Bankhouse, Tile Bar. Don't think there are any other buses running...
  5. Seems all the Saints buses are sold out. Guess I'll not be going after all
  6. Any bus convenors on here? Looking for two seats for East Fife.
  7. Don't understand why people seem to think games vs East Fife and TNS are going to be a stroll
  8. Anyone know what sort of fee was involved?
  9. Get a pair of tights out the washing machine and rip a ladder in them...
  10. Is there a dodge for watching pars TV if you're inside the UK? Any proxy server?
  11. Our change in fortune since Quinns return from injury can't just be a coincidence!
  12. Does anyone know why on Saturday were Raith allowed to wear very very very very dark blue shorts whilst we were wearing our black shorts. Not to mention the refs black shorts and Raiths top which was primarily white fronted iirc. It seems that sometimes "kit clash law" is rigorously enforced, whereas other times it doesn't matter...
  13. City -1, Barca -1, Arsenal win, Napoli win 8/1
  14. I was of the belief that my 12 quid a month allow me to affect major decision making at the club by providing me with a right to vote. It's quite a major decision to sack the manager without consultation of the stakeholders.
  15. I'd flog Mallan in a heartbeat!