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  1. Saw Gordon McQueen burst the net at Love Street as well.
  2. 2-2 Good game....
  3. Fantastic Saints....... Outstanding
  4. Fixed....
  5. Had a seven hour round trip yesterday,weather was great but a little cool on the bike.Left at 17.00 after the game and home at 20.15,not bad with those pesky cameras. The Match was a little disappointing result wise but we are off the bottom and let's be positive. The Great Unwashed on Tuesday, lets get something there and keep the momentum going. Yflab came over and introduced himself after the match as I was getting ready to leave, good of him to do so and nice to meet a fellow Saint from the Forum A good day overall for me,I don't see Saints as often as I would like although it looks as if Caley will be on the fixtures for us next year....... P.s. Most impressed at the level of applause for the team at full time, despite the result. Well done to all.
  6. Agree,early goal would see us go on and win I think. That's my hope anyway. First home game for me this year. Just getting ready to come down the A82 on my motorbike.....Black and White one of course. Fine day up here,meet my Brother at the Green Welly and all we need after that for a right good day out is ....... You know the rest Saints.... COYS !!!!
  7. OK ..... forgiven....
  8. Jeezo Robert....twice now you have made an erse of the Score.....
  9. We didnae change ends then........
  10. 2-0 yeeeessss
  11. Yeeesssss
  12. Is Periscope available for the whole match ????
  13. Disappointed after last nights Match....Anyway , by the time I got home, 01.00 , I was thinking about Saturday and the next one up for us. Dunfermline at home, surely three points.....© Elvis.
  14. Sitting at the seafront in my car at Kirkcaldy, Wet, windy and cold. Match will warm me up. Nipping into pub for some pre match Nosh
  15. I will be in Aberdeen on Wednesday for a Firefighting Course but as soon as I finish I'll be off to Starks Park. Hopefully three points to keep me amused for the drive back up the A9 home later on.