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  1. As far as I could see if he took a slap he chucked it...... Another one who should have been better than he was (in his own head maybe) when he looks back on his career. Utd are welcome to him,they seem to be picking up a few players of very average quality. No sell on from Andy Robertson and Utd. will implode this year.....
  2. Brechin away has got absolutely nothing to do with your all round ability to upset just about anybody on the Forum Robert.....
  3. Jings.....with that kind of luck needed you must be seriously tight....
  4. See you there Big Fella.....Clach game as well ?????
  5. Seeing as you saved money staying in Nairn instead of Sneckie......I could manage through for a beer....
  6. Two pre season games for me now.....
  7. Mason Boyne ........whose daughter was named Orangina...
  8. Not for me it's not !!!!!!
  9. Exit poll predicting just that,Tories 316 seats, Labour 288 but SNP predicted for 34 seats, quite a big loss.
  10. Recording it,see it next week when I go home.Looking forward to a good watch hopefully.
  11. On nightshirt Offshore looking at this.......6 dead and three of the perpetrators shot dead. Another sad day for us all.
  12. As I said a minute ago on twatter...we are really looking like a Club on the up.... I love it !!! Oops, Welcome Jordan......
  13. 14 for me.....
  14. Can you prove the fee is £175,000 ????? Chat.... I think nonsense.
  15. On his way for a medical as we speak, deal to be completed within 48 hours according to Div on Twitter. All the best to Stevie, you have been brilliant for us.