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  1. OK ..... forgiven....
  2. Jeezo Robert....twice now you have made an erse of the Score.....
  3. We didnae change ends then........
  4. 2-0 yeeeessss
  5. Yeeesssss
  6. Is Periscope available for the whole match ????
  7. Disappointed after last nights Match....Anyway , by the time I got home, 01.00 , I was thinking about Saturday and the next one up for us. Dunfermline at home, surely three points.....© Elvis.
  8. Sitting at the seafront in my car at Kirkcaldy, Wet, windy and cold. Match will warm me up. Nipping into pub for some pre match Nosh
  9. I will be in Aberdeen on Wednesday for a Firefighting Course but as soon as I finish I'll be off to Starks Park. Hopefully three points to keep me amused for the drive back up the A9 home later on.
  10. This is a huge result no doubt,but the performance gives us massive confidence going forward. Other teams will be seriously looking over their shoulders. Well done done to all at Saints.
  11. Bang on again Peter, said big brother lived in next building to me in Incle Street, met him a few times and always spoke to me usually asking after my older brother who was at school with him. He was arrested one night at the flat and it was a right rammy, loads of Police....Very serious offence.Think it finished not proven. His wee brother really was an odious runt who played on big brothers notoriety. One night at the Chippy in Glenburn he was standing at the door, blocking it and my mate,who had no idea about these folk, pushed the door flattening him against the wall......big bro was outside with his mates He came accross, saw me, and burst out laughing at his wee brother and told him not to be such a knob... I actually knew a lot of the older ones through my brother. You will as well Peter. Big Joe M, with the fair hair,built like a tank....?? Hope to be down soon for a Match, need to have a catch up.
  12. Aye, you've sussed him Peter. Him and the younger brother of that other well known Glenburn gangster, surname was the same as a former Saints player who was at St Mirins in my class...Cryptic clue no.2 .Have you got the gangster and the player?? . A right pair of arseholes those two wannabee gangsters.
  13. A good few of them from our schooldays I would say Peter. My Dad belted one of them outside our old house in Glenfield Road, a guy with ginger hair in my class at school..... He was damaging cars outside the house, thought it was funny. His surname that could be the same as a recently transferred youngster from Saints....or not. Nice Policeman actually said..." So his jaw attacked your fist ??" GBT were ok with me ,I knew a few but probably because I used to help out at the Stables at the bottom of Glenfield Road, owned by Sgt.Bobby Watt, I was generally left alone. Old school Cop, they were well feart of him. Good call, hard as nails, moved to Glenburn from Greenock. I liked him a lot.
  14. Your nose aint wrong......
  15. Damn generous of you there Drew........