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  1. thomsons dropped it

    Old Football Grounds

    That’s my Brother at 2.40 nonchalantly strolling to the Match..... Where did you get the Video EAB ????
  2. thomsons dropped it

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    C'mon boys, don't be so hard on Idefinitelyneedhelpmaboab.
  3. thomsons dropped it

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Amazed at how Paul Lambert is getting so much stick.... Lambert was guff at Livvy but..... Took Wycombe to the play offs Done ok at Colchester and was poached by Norwich. Two consecutive titles and into the Premiership,left for Villa Kept Villa in PL for three years Kept Blackburn up Kept Wolves up Took over a basket case at Stoke...... Not too bad for me. Opinions I suppose.
  4. thomsons dropped it

    Speculation Thread

    Definitely, solid and tough as hell.
  5. thomsons dropped it

    Champions League Final

    For Sale....Goalkeepers Gloves, one careless owner, apply Liverpool FC....
  6. thomsons dropped it

    4G Plastic For Livie

    It may be inevitable financially but we should let other sports “develop” hybrid pitches until you cannot tell the difference. Until then ,no grass, no play in top league for me. Accies and Killie’s pitches this year have been horrific impersonations of a football pitch. Weird bounces, black shitty bits flying about which cannot possibly be good for you if you should you ingest them. I firmly believe that there is much less of a product being watched on these wretched career shortening f**k ups by supporters. I would say we are being short changed over this . Ban for me every time....... As before.. 4 and 5 G should be for your phone and not for Football.
  7. thomsons dropped it

    New Manager

    Amazing how some folk can’t get a grip of the procedure....... ” Thanks for coming down for the interview Mr.Ross, very positive, but we have other candidates to see” Waits for phone call to see what happens next. Meanwhile.... “Tony ,we’ll wait a wee bit to see if Jack stays, he’s done really well here. OK Gordon, seems fair enough.” Cue the current meltdown.
  8. thomsons dropped it

    Ross County Relegated

    It would seem yesterdays Ref. at Cowdenbeath was of the same opinion in not letting Cove Rangers in to League 2......... Allegedly.......
  9. thomsons dropped it

    Limits on the Forum

    Some Posters are repetitive, annoying and sometimes plain “at it”. Its a pain and I can miss it by skipping past the drivel. Something else that’s a right pain is the blatantly shit alias accounts, so childish....
  10. thomsons dropped it

    Anyone But Hopkin

    If the Assistant was selling drugs then it looks like the Kit Man has had a few....... Check out the photo on the Livvy site.........
  11. thomsons dropped it

    Ipswich Town - Permission to Speak with Jack Ross

    The One for me as well.
  12. thomsons dropped it

    Thugs - Do We Need Need A Couple?

    I was a wee bit confused myself about the timing of him being there and that photograph.
  13. thomsons dropped it

    Thugs - Do We Need Need A Couple?

    Mc Coist.
  14. thomsons dropped it

    Lucky me....

    Third Dimension Framing in Musselburgh, check your PM’s.
  15. thomsons dropped it

    Lucky me....

    Came home yesterday and my signed Saints Top had arrived in the post. Organised by my workmate who knows James Fowler . Delighted !!!!