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  1. 14 for me.....
  2. Can you prove the fee is £175,000 ????? Chat.... I think nonsense.
  3. On his way for a medical as we speak, deal to be completed within 48 hours according to Div on Twitter. All the best to Stevie, you have been brilliant for us.
  4. So playing Ryan Stevenson in goal that night against Ayr never really made any difference to your season then Yogi.....You might have caught Dumbarton........ Bye bye..
  5. He can only be better than Foran, who has been pretty poor. Gives me a chance to lob some pelters at the wee ragbag.........
  6. Re ICT coming down to the Championship,general consensus up here is they will struggle for a few years anyway. No big backers willing to chuck money in any more, Hughes went because of zero investment in players and Foran was a much cheapness replacement..... That has gone well so far. ICT will go down,Foran given the bullet and Malpas given the full time gig as he is known there, and cheap because he can't get a job anywhere else.
  7. Oh Goody...... I'll get ma coat
  8. Yeeessssssss
  9. Periscope link please ........
  10. 2-0 HIBS...
  11. Hibs one up..
  12. Saw Gordon McQueen burst the net at Love Street as well.
  13. 2-2 Good game....
  14. Fantastic Saints....... Outstanding
  15. Fixed....