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  1. W7 Fans & Banners

    You are a organised group have a commitee if you dont already have one with its members. make an appointment with TF. Put your case and have rules in place. Time consuming but it should work.
  2. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    Are WBA not beating the drums for the N.I manager ? One thing we can be sure of is everytime a club in the Scottish Premiership comes up Jack's name will also pop up. Im surprised the dark side have not come knocking at our door Ross would sort that shambles out no problem.
  3. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    Understood, composition for McInnes will be high but maybe they dont care about that certainly taking their time over it.
  4. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    All bets suspended on Alex McLeish.
  5. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    We have skill and pace that is enough to cause any team problems add in the fact our players will be right up for this to prove they can play at the highest level if we dont win at least Aberdeen will know they have been in a game. Looking forward to making the trip north one of the fee games i can attend.
  6. Road To Hampden - The Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Just had a look on the Aberdeen forum - Shite draw from a few another wrote wonder if it will be McInnes or Ross in the dugout.
  7. Road To Hampden - The Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Well at least we are not Newcastle drawn Plymouth Argyle a 14 hour round trip. We go three hours up the road some think its a trip to the other side of the world. At least its coverd.
  8. Road To Hampden - The Scottish Cup 2017/18

    1959 we beat them in the final, the year we won the league cup we went up there and won. Certainly a tough game but its not mission impossible. My Aberdeen mate sent me a text reading - you will beat us.
  9. Road To Hampden - The Scottish Cup 2017/18

    I will be there cheering on the boys.
  10. Bring on the Rangers

    Hard one but i will make the trip to Aberdeen
  11. St. Mirren ladies team

    This is very good news.
  12. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    We don't need to worry about other teams it's what we do if we are to be champions.
  13. I'm Listening To....

  14. Bring on the Rangers

    Rangers at home would be a mouth watering tie especially as we have a winning mentality about us, however an easy tie if such a thing exists would be good to get into the next round the final is not too far away after that.
  15. Before yesterday I looked up the stats of them and was surprised at what the figures showed my first thought was this has the potential of being a ( Banana skin). They have scored 54 goals this season , undefeated , Knocked out two senior clubs in the Scottish Cup East Fife at home after that they travelled to Stirling the curent leaders of league 2 and put 5 past them to play us. So to put 7 past them in 45min and only lose 1 is impressive for me.