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  1. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Sunday sun

    I had Pols in my catering team for over 10 years on one vessel a team of 36 even before they joined the EU. They are great people with good humour when you get to know them so if there is a large local commuity it should be worked on to get some along to St Mirren. The club should look into this.
  2. Isle Of Bute Saint

    New Assistant Manager

    I'm sure you agree it's how a person dusts themselves down move on that can make said person a better human being. I feel uncomfortable that we are being to critical before the door is even opened. Gordon Scott is not stupid he will have done checks and happy to support his manager as we should also. I'm not making a dig at you It's the over all picture.
  3. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Chairman's Update

    Spot on and I'm sure Scott will get us where he wants to be that is an exciting prospect. The article with Stubbs trying to bring in some Everton young guns is also exciting pull that off I think we will have a good year , can't wait.
  4. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Speculation Thread

    Thought it was called Burrheed ? As a young boy around 14 me and my mates used to walk to Barrhead from Glenburn to the cinema to watch horror movies on a Sunday night movies like Frankenstein , Dracula lol.
  5. Isle Of Bute Saint

    New Assistant Manager

    It's who Alan thinks he can work with at least Rice should know some of our players from his time at ICT. Billy.
  6. Isle Of Bute Saint

    New Assistant Manager

    Coaching career[edit] In 2000, Rice was appointed assistant manager to Ian McCall at Greenock Morton, making one appearance as a player. Rice was then assistant manager to McCall at Airdrieonians, but the club went out of business in 2002. McCall and Rice then both moved to similar positions at Falkirk. McCall eventually moved on to Dundee United, while Rice continued at Falkirk, assisting John Hughes. He helped the club win the First Division in 2005 and reach the 2009 Scottish Cup Final. Rice followed Hughes in returning to Hibernian when Hughes was appointed manager there in June 2009.[3][4] Rice also left the club when John Hughes departed as manager by mutual consent in October 2010.[5] As of June 2015, Rice was coaching Al Khor in the Qatar Stars League.
  7. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Alan's first signings

    It’s short for please put your socks back on ffs
  8. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Alan's first signings

    From that interview he said he is speaking to players he expects to sign next week only the English U23's would take longer. It will also come down to the budget we have . Would not be surprised to see Stocks coming in which will put the forum into meltdown .
  9. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Glasgow School Of Art....Big Fire....Again

    Good for you old fellow.
  10. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Glasgow School Of Art....Big Fire....Again

    Agree not too small not to big and with a slight slope everybody gets to see. Also nice meeting area to have a beer it's basic but spacious. I like all O2's I have been in.
  11. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Glasgow School Of Art....Big Fire....Again

    Europe's biggest glitter ball smashed with the roof falling in.
  12. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Gavin Reilly. I Year Contract

    Stubbs at the press conference said they were still negotiating with him/ agent.
  13. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Glasgow School Of Art....Big Fire....Again

    Was shocked when I turned on the news the last fire was 2015.
  14. Isle Of Bute Saint

    Hospitality Prices for forthcoming season

    Would think it goes out to tender every so often. It's not that hard to put out a decent 3 course meal for a good price , you do need kitchen staff who care what they are doing that is the hard part.
  15. Isle Of Bute Saint

    League Opener

    Why not expand the play off's to bottom four premiership clubs top four championship . That way you could expand the premiership and have meaningful games. There are some big clubs in the championship.