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  1. Exciting times we will win on Saturday in a hard fought battle where I expect Ayr will play every dirty trick in the book to try and stop us.
  2. Although the result did not go our way I throughly enjpyed the game and the whole day. Jack Ross is the special one come the end of the season the blind ones will see again. Miracles are real
  3. On the ferry with a roll & Sausage and full St Mirren regalia
  4. If the cause is to use bullets and bombs then the only option is to put in the armed forces, were more innocent people killed by the army than republican or ununionists ? I have no idea the bottom line is too many were killed which was started by what ?
  5. Was at the Saints shop this morning people were coming and going at the ticket office when i was there so for sure we will sell out our allocation
  6. I'm just against any sort of vilance against innocent everyday people. Time has proven things can be achieved round a table. I'm all for Ireland being one country but it must be done the right way.
  7. There is the law of the land that's all .
  8. Blood on his hands from the killing of many children and adult's who had nothing to do with the troubles. Unforgivable for me.
  9. A Captain once told me never trust a person who does not drink. I don't know why but there are people who drink responsibley and have a good time myself include.
  10. Fan-tastc
  11. What time does the buses leave the court bar mate.
  12. Love Cape Town and surrounding area it's got everything me and the wife are going this coming January.
  13. We are not the worst team in the league on from since end of January due to a large change of personal which you fail to grasp. If we survive our position in the championship it will be a remarkable achievement. Some how I can't see you and Topcat getting that.
  14. There was a guy outside Parkhead selling St Mirren stuff.