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  1. There is a Ford garage on Bute where every summer it sits in the show room for a couple of weeks when its in for its yearly service. it's British racing green and looks fantastic a real eye catcher. Have never seen it being driven on the Island. I asked the garage who own's it was told a guy who has a business in London. Just watched the car auction on channel 5 where one went for over a million. Gulp ! How the other half live.
  2. Dundee United have money problems made worse by losing the play off's. Granted they are the biggest club in the league but there will have to be cuts to their budget. I would rather have United than Hamilton who would not be any push over ether with the parachute payment make no mistake.
  3. Mate I have no idea what he is doing all I'm saying if the Thistle story is ( true ) then I would expect him to sign for Thistle. This is 2017 Stelios could be in New Zealand does it matter as players have agents plus communications now are far better than it was 50 years ago
  4. If the Thistle story is true then he will sign for them as money will be better there plush he is playing at a higher level being put in the shop window better than the championship so my knickers are in a twist. Great player.
  5. Anyone interested in the history of Coats should get today's Herald , the magazine has a great story on their history. Did not realise this was once the third biggest company in the world. That the blockade by the French during Napoleonic war silk was not getting through to the uk. Thread made by cotton was invented by Scots. BBC2 June the 7th at 9pm there is a documentary called The Town That Thread Built. If your a bud don't miss it.
  6. Thee have no faith. Look what happened in the January window mate. We are bringing in young talent the clubs are gutted to lose. Bring on the new season TopCat is going to be gutted and pleased at the same time.
  7. Got player of the year for his division sounds good.
  8. Don't think too much mate I will do mine after a few games. Budgets will be hit hard next year due to lower gates. Hamilton have injuries to key players as such I expect them to lose on Sunday.
  9. 1/ Beatles- We love you ya ya ya - ok I know it's she but it sounds like we. 2/ Popcorn 3/ 1987 cup final song / When the saints go marching in.
  10. This is hugely exciting something special is being built at our club under the stewardship of a special manager. Reading our assistant manager update was really pleasing on how important it is to have our under 20 coach involved with the first team. I'm buzzing with all the building blocks Jack Ross has implemented have seen nothing like it before. Mr Ross will go far in the game you only have to listen to players who have played under him.
  11. United are a team that can look very good their problem is its only in patches they tend to drift away for long spells. I see United wining tonight then Hamilton wining their home game. So it's going to be very close for an out right winner.
  12. Oh you will be happy TC a manager who you have no faith in after a striker who scored one goal in 22 appearances.
  13. Jack Ross, I have a job to do here. Get us back to where we belong and where Jack believes we belong then he will get minimum Aberdeen but more likely English Championship though TopCat will tell you no chance that Gus McP will go further LOL !
  14. It was big in Japan while I'm not a big pop fan sometimes there is a genuine toe tapping pop song grabs you. Big In Japan was one example.