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  1. My point is before yesterdays game we know where we are in the league what went before is a total irrelevance why ? Because it can not be changed,. Now if yesterdays game finished 2-2 it could possible go to keeping us up.m The ref made a huge blunder not a mistake its feels like a form of cheating. Anyone at yesterdays game could not look at it another way.
  2. Over reaction mate. United have only lost one home game all season.
  3. I still stick by my post.
  4. Slightly more damage is an understatement. He could be responsible for us going down. That was no mistake on their first goal.
  5. Interview radio scotland
  6. Ref sold the game that's the bottom line. That was no mistake. Then to tell Jack Ross you will both OK after the game is shocking.
  7. So looking forward to this game:)
  8. Old fashioned mate I like going into a bookies then checking the coupon as the results come though. Nothing like handing in a tin of biscuits to the staff when collecting the winnings. Not often enough I may add.
  9. 3/1 in landbrooks is tempting.
  10. Go on then tell me why you think she won't face other party leaders in a TV debate. To me it sounds like she will be shown up to what her policies are hurting her party of votes. Why else would she refuse to face the nation. What a bizarre post you made.
  11. Mrs May refusing to take part in a TV debate tells it's own story.
  12. Hibs fans saying the minimum we will get is 1,500 That will be enough.
  13. 700 won't even be enough for season ticket holders
  14. Me and the wife booked a hotel in Edinburgh for the last game did not think a ticket would be a problem. If it was only 700 I'm sure our club would have an announcement for season ticket holders ?
  15. We are behind the goals for those interested.