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  1. QoS Game

    Hope your right. What would be your back line with so many out. Hearts lad right back, Baird central Stelos left back. Have we one more who can fit in ? Is Irvine available if so that would be my back four.
  2. Former Saints Goalkeeper Passes Away

    There were some right good players in that team. RIP Jim.
  3. Notice of Player Reference | Adam Eckersley, St Mirren FC

    Shull the Dunfermline player elbowed Adam first but gets off scott free. Adam retaliated with anger, yes that was wrong and was a red card. The question i ask is how the Dunfermline player did not get a yellow ? Would love to see the stats for this ref when doing our games. Been written on here he is a Saints fan i find that hard to believe.
  4. Notice of Player Reference | Adam Eckersley, St Mirren FC

    Cant see this being overturned would loved to be proved wrong. Only thing going for us is the fact the Dunfermline player elbowed him first.
  5. Lewis Morgan

    Would be happy with that get some money in and have Morgan till the end of the season, win win.
  6. Lewis Morgan

    Cant see that happening with a few month left on his contract. There has been one from us on the table for ages so why has it not been signed?
  7. Disgrace

    I got a bit of pie ! Oh aye when i got home after the game. See what age does to you , makes you forget but still lets you have fun.
  8. QoS Game

    Would not say poor , lets call it marked by two shadows to stop his runs. Jack will need to come up eith something to counter that.
  9. Syrian Refugees

    Yourself and all buddies will be made more than welcome would love to see you and other buddies over.
  10. Could We Eat Polar Bears ?

    You can eat almost anything have seen some things eaten that would make you boke. However if you are hungry i starving you will eat anything tbough maybe not a seagull thy were just too salty
  11. Syrian Refugees

    Ambience. You would have to see the concept inside to get the name. Getting trained by Scotlands top barista who roasts his own coffee. Using all types of milk the best i have tried is oatmilk with coffee its something else. Hot chocolate milk and white comes from france the white with coconut milk is orgasmic. Doing my own baking food also. Have a great vinyl sound system installed for back ground music where the customer picks the albums laid out in part of the sbop away from tables like a record shop. In that area have a frame with old concert ticket stubs. Next to that frames that hold album covers for art that can be changed. Seating area is contemporary art. Got a long bench against one wall upholstered in Bute tartan. The whole thing has come together better than expected. Trying to bring something different for here drink and food wise also. Applying for a wine and beer licence. You wont get rich here but should make a living. Thats the plan.
  12. Syrian Refugees

    Planing permission which took 8 month and a small fortune in fees to me was knocked back. I did that aplication through an architect so the application was professional . It was a coffee kiosk not a van. Sometime fate is with you as that led onto a shop in the seafront in Rothesay which went to auction so got it for a great price. Took the shop back to a shell now it is more or less ready. Had to get planning permission for a name change and to install an awning. Regarding figures mentioned above , first there is no secrets living on a Island hence my bank details and accountant are off the Island that was advice told to me by an Islander which i'm thankfull for. The story was run by the Herald a few month ago regarding the hairdressers I'm sure you can find it on the web. Heard the story before the print. Now the baking story is doing the rounds. As I am in catering I know the price figure for equipment 30,000 grand is not a lot of money to purchase industrial catering equipment.
  13. Massive Fire In London Tower Block

    There is probably some truth in there , she sounds like the kind of girl i like to sit next to at some party after clubbing on a Saturday night ( long time ago ) was always one who liked the rebel the nut case someone you did not take home to mum and dad because there was much too fun to be had , wink , wink.
  14. Syrian Refugees

    Its not because they are Syrian i write this it could be Spanish anyone. Its about a group getting help where the same level of help is not available to others. You mention the figure being higher than you have seen or expected. Why not come out and tell the local comunity first to build bridges. This story was coverd by the Herald a few months ago.
  15. Syrian Refugees

    Yes it has wheels very mobile