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  1. Oh God how to not lose it here. He'll knows what Jack Ross did to you TopCat clearly something did when he was a player . Your bitterness is there for all to see. Clearly Jack has his work cut out from what I have witnessed for the start of the season. However he saved us last season in some style I'm sure given time this great man can go on to bring a successful team given time. At the moment things don't look right but Jack will admit that if you looked at his face after the game. You were always quite a positive supporter who had balanced views unfortunately not these days. Fine that's your view, bottom line is we have got to get on with it and hope Jack can sort it out. We need stability after so many managerial changes even you can surly see that.
  2. Can you confirm Davis is signed as I have read he is but nothing official? We really looked weak up front and in midfield. I'm not Mr Agary just concerned as did Jack Ross on TV. This is not a challenging team for top four mid table at best. Maybe Jack was expecting the new players to be better than they are. However I still think Jack is the man to take the team forward. Shoot me down if you want.
  3. Not a bad day at the office simply put we have too many players not good enough to step up to championship level. Another worry we had 4 players started in midfield yet Thistle did not need to get into first gear to over run our midfield. From what I have seen so far we have no chance of promotion Jack has taken on more than he can chew. I would have Sutton worked on with wide players throwing in crosses in the training ground. Midfield needs stiffened up McGinn can't do it all by himself. Worrying very worrying.
  4. Im confused over Davis been told he is on a one year deal yet nothing offical to confirm that so you could be right
  5. Have stayed in a few for mid week games for me it's a bed as long as it's clean. Abbey Inn ok accommodation good bar and good grub average price £50. Scotia, walking distance from the town, very clean and helpful staff. Only now and then for the £50 Mark. On my train line and very central the Waterfront in Greenock £31 most times going up to £36.00. The odd time stay in Glasgow if deals are on.
  6. Debtcard silly me trading standards told me the same thing. Guess what I am going to take out before the kitchen equipment is purchased.
  7. Cheers Richard.
  8. Not too sure top base is like iron. Will look into that so thanks. Received another e-mail saying they would look further into this problem on Monday so will give them a call and see if I can charm them.
  9. Opening up a coffee shop has been frustrating and stressful. The shop had to be taken back to a shell whichI was happy with so you can put your own mark on the place. The work has taken longer than expected ok can deal with that. After long a long searchI found a company called Cafe Reality with chairs and tables that would be good for the shop being a wee bit different from the run of the mill the idea to add quality and comfort. Chairs and tub chairs arrived first and was well pleased with the quality very smart looking and comfortable to sit on. Next the tables arrived. You have a base plate on top of that a square pole then another base. All good so far again very good quality and very heavy to make the table secure. Now the thin table top should fit into the top base with screws. Problem is the holes in the top base do not match the holes on the table top. Phoned Cafe Reality who informed me to drill new holes in the table to match the table top base. Even before I contacted the joiner working in the shop I knew this would not work and why should you have to drill new holes on a new table ? Joiner said because of the thinness of the table it could not be done as it would not take long for the top to come loose. Back on the phone to Cafe Reality and said I would like to return in exchange for a suitable table top. I was told tops would need to be returned in original packaging. I now don't have the original packaging, however told Cafe Reality I would get suitable carboard packaging and bubble wrap. This offer was rejected with no budging. So I phoned Trading Standards who informed me Cafe Reality would need to take the tops back because they are not sutable and unsafe. Cafe Reality wrote to me by e-mail and said if I had orderd complete tables this problem would not have arisen that i chose miss matching bases and tops. Told them I did the order over the phone and they confirmed to me everything matched so looks like my word against theirs. Anyone know where I stand ? Really really gutted about this as I was hoping to be open mid June but one set back after another has held me up,now I hope some time in August to be open but hell knows how long this is going to go on for. Spent quite a bit in Cafe Reality the tops are not even a quarter of what was spent with them ;(
  10. Sad as it's a ship we want to see running for years to come, it also brings in money from day trippers to places like Rothesay.
  11. Correct David.
  12. Waverley is a great day out totally unique if a bit on the expensive side. Long may she sail see her often given where I live never fails to bring a smile to the face every single time I see her
  13. What was it Tom Hendry used to say create 30 chances you will score as long as you score more than the opposition this from a maths teacher I'm all for attacking formation it's just so much more enjoyable to watch.
  14. Quite a while ago an old guy was chatting to me sitting outside a pub in Rothesay looking over to Loch Striven telling me how the dambusters used to practice runs with the bouncing bombs. Have talked to quite a few locals who told me that it was utter nonsence to my disappointment. Last night on STV news there was an article about divers bringing up bouncing bombs from Loch Striven no less. The news even showed film archives of bombers doing the run dropping the bouncing bombs on Striven. Great peace of history that I can take up in the pub once more.
  15. Did Jack Ross not say a striker would be coming in ( hopefully)