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  1. Danny Mullen

  2. Danny Mullen

    Yeah guys Taxi surely .
  3. Speculation Thread

    But could they afford you?
  4. Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    Nervous during the game but looking back Sammy never had a save to make. Livey actually did turn up and looked happy to take a point. We were comfortable through out and with a bit of composure we could have easy won that 2-3 nil. No harm to Mullen but we looked way better when Reilly came on. Cammy was a bit below par but even so scrapped away. Hippo looked good when came on. Champions
  5. Summer Transfer Window

    To be fair Sonny, I think they were referring to the Aberdeen game where we did have a full squad. Against Dundee although they won, you could see a gulf between the two teams but one in which we looked way better than them until McGennis came of injured and we had a wee "heids gone" moment. If you look at our first eleven, only Morgan is definitely gone and we need a replacement. I'm not sure if either O'keefe or Flannigan are good enough to replace him but they probably would be good enough to come of the bench and inject a bit of pace into the team. So I think we need to look at LM. Morgan is in some ways irreplaceable. But we're really not a one man team. A decent LM in the mould of Flynn would work fine. I'd be delighted if we brought in 5 or 10 new players as some suggest and we will have a bigger budget when we clear out some of the dead wood. But I'd much rather we brought in 2-3 players that were definitely better than what we have. So Cairey making a third stint at saints, Higdon returning, Paul McGinn, Scott Allen. That's the calibre I think we need to look at. Not sure how many of them you get to the pound.
  6. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Only caught the second half. Was a bit miserable. Sutton and Hippo played up front and both looked disinterested in what were admittedly poor conditions. Highlights for us were Robbie Leach, Garry Irvine, Connor O'keefe and Nathan Erhahon. (No team sheet so I'm guessing that's who they were)
  7. St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    Nah he wasnae, but he was a trier, Don't agree with booing him.
  8. Nah, kills of Untied, Livvy have strengthened well, but I think once the Surprise of them having strikers wares off they will fall back.
  9. Hate's a strong word.
  10. I can see Blow Betty getting getting mutually consented tae feck tonight
  11. Danny Lennon as director of Football
  12. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Sorry boss some days I forget whose alias I am
  13. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    how many likes do you have, and more importantly is it more likes than Smokie.
  14. Massimo Donati

    This kind of makes sense when you consider that we were after Mallan as creative force in midfield. I suspect this means that McGennis moves forward with McGinn and Donati or McShane behind him .
  15. Tony Watt

    I'm pretty sure we've been in touch with Tony. I get the comparison with Riordan, the difference is that for a few years Riordan actually did the business at Hibs and at Celtic. Watt has never been anything other than promising. But he's not rubbish, there is a player there. Too bad he's not on Linkedin or we could offer him a trial.