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  1. Carswell did ok for them last year and can expect him to be ok this year. Scott Gallacher wasn't that bad. And Callum Gallacher was at least an honest hard worker even if he was pish. But Walsh is a wage thief. and Hutton?
  2. Danny, Danny Lennon Danny Lennon Lennon. Danny Danny Lennon Danny Lennon Lennon. Hope he come to the next home game so we can all sing that to him Danny Lennon
  3. A statue of yir arse. f**k that would stop traffic
  4. He took it away ya spangle
  5. Na he isnae. I'm the master of . . . . . . Wait what?
  6. Bit harsh. I don't think Smokie's, that bad. Nah, yir right
  7. Surely all three know nothing about football
  8. Too much information IMHO
  9. Second goal's a cracker!
  10. Don't disagree.
  11. I think after Saints basically ripped the pish out them (even though we lost three goals). Dundee started to get frustrated and lost the head. Scott Allen was pish. He'll get eaten alive in premiership. I would take McGowan, Haber and the goalie but other than that, they looked really poor.