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The 2017/18 Champions League & Europa League Thread

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11 minutes ago, Slartibartfast said:

I assume Celtic just scored, just heard my neighbour cheering. If it was the neighbour on the other side I would assume that they had just lost a goal.

Shull stays next door to you? :rolleyes:

Unlucky to have tantrum on the other side right enough. :lol:

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6 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

Not a classic if Tom English is any judge.

Tom English (Chief sports writer, BBC Scotland) - Celtic's goal was a moment of beauty dropped into a load of rubbish.

He's close to the truth, Anderlecht are piss poor and Celtic have been marginally better.

Like all group stage games, it's all about the result................................still 0-2, 75 mins. 

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21 minutes ago, guinness said:

Dreadful match. Celtic better of the two but both poor

Overall yes but a 3-0 win, away from home, is a more than a decent victory.

Also PSG had another comfortable victory, putting the result against Celtic into some perspective. 

Not going overboard but, as I said previously it's all about results in the league stages.

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