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  1. Still trying to find the rumour in this story never mind the relation to St. Mirren.
  2. I wonder why he hasn't featured in any unders games yet as a trialist, unless there are some rules against it for overseas trialists.
  3. Am i the only one that thinks its a bit of a risk public letting other clubs know how you scout players with potential of them copying your model if you unearth some gems?
  4. One of my favourite players over the last 30+ years. Thought he was totally underrated.
  5. Yardley was one of my favourite players from the past, though a tongue in cheek moment from myself suggesting he was our greatest ever player.
  6. One of my best friends' old man. Top guy!
  7. Harry Davis was a decent signing from that level too to be fair. His goalscoring record isnt that bad for a guy in and out of starting lineups. The jury is out on our front two I agree, though have we given them a decent run of playing together? So far, it just doesn't seem to work with Morias as the lone striker. Did Hasselbaink (similar build to Morias) not play with big Thommohawk upfront when he was with us? A little and large partnership may be the answer. Alternatively i'd like to see us start with both Durmus and McAllister on the wings, with a target man in either Cooke or Obika to deliver crosses in to.
  8. Shankland who received a 6 figure signing on fee and a 6 figure annual salary by signing for Dundee utd.
  9. Thing is, he probably is doing well in training hence being front of the pecking order.
  10. My only take on Cammy being in front of Mcginn, would be his versatility if required to fill more than one position on the field. It seems that the gaffer wants to fill his bench with more attacking minded players. Interested to see what Djorkaeff has to offer when given the opportunity.
  11. I have a feeling with our attacking options in midfield we will see more chances converted in these positions. Tony Andreu if starting or at least having some involvement in a game, could easily see him bag at least 10 goals this season. I'm quite confident of that. I still think it's still early days for our front pairing at the moment to judge character. That Obika goal on Saturday was clearly onside.
  12. Goody did say the injury to Mackenzie forced him into making a sub in defence he would have rather had used further up the park in the latter parts of the game yesterday. I'd imagine that may have been Mullen.
  13. Because it's a public playground...sorry forum, not an official SMISA forum. Why should they get caught up on all the madness and loonies, when they can simply reply via email or take a phone call to an enquiry. All this section of the forum seems to bring, is by the large part, people shooting down anything SMISA are doing.
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