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  1. I agree that in some cases with players, they just need to be a right fit for a particular club.
  2. I can see where you are coming from, though if he is one of the players we have monitored through our new vetting system, or at least done a bit of research on, there is nothing to say he's not worth having a look at. The difference this time round to what Stubbs had done, is we are not quickfire signing anyone without at least having some sort of knowledge of them.
  3. Possibility we are holding up Lyons announcement to parade him with one or two more at the same time to the press
  4. I think Jack Ross is a traitor and there are plenty who agree but choose not to speak out as the (I Love Jack Brigade) will be right onto them. He's a traitor for bettering himself with a higher profile job and financial security for his family? This opportunity may never have came round again if he flopped in the Premier League this season with us. Whether you agree with or not, Sunderland have the infrastructure of an English Premier League club, have plied their trade in that league for many of years, have the stadium, the fan base etc etc and have a re-building job on their hands to take them back there. I for one do not hold a grudge for all of the above. I am just thankful for the good times Jack James provided for our club, winning the league, giving us our club back and bringing that unity between fans, players, management and board. Though here we find ourselves having a debate over how loyal he should be and how shite our fans are for going to a Sunderland game. Dear oh dear.
  5. No wonder we are known to opposition fans as St. boo If a minority of our fans have nothing to moan about on a daily basis, they are not content. What an embarrassment that this is even a debate. It's nobody else's business what people decide to do with their time. Even more so that the bus load of people who made the trip to Sunderland, travel the country following St. Mirren week by week. I personally don't know why people are so hung up on the idea that JR is a traitor. Very short memories indeed.
  6. I don't think they have thrown any serious money at it in regards to the squad though agree they should have enough about them with their resources to get promoted. JR may end up getting funds this window to mount up their challenge.
  7. Aberdeen signed Cerny allowing Rogers to come to us as they had two experienced keepers. Makes sense they are in no rush to take him back if he is 3rd choice.
  8. I don;t really see any point in responding to your posts any longer. Not one positive spin on a response. Not asking you to agree with everything i say, though you seem to wake up on the wrong side of the bed daily when St Mirren are on topic.
  9. I was just stating that it subsidised some of the outgoing cash, most notably Heaton part payment.
  10. Unless any of us have view of club accounts its fair to say no-one on here knows the budget OK has been set and what packages were paid to the last manager etc etc. My guesses are that the chairman has said to OK to trim the squad to X amount and we will support you with X amount of spend. We will have made a loss yes, though that's not to say the board have not allowed room for additional funds for one or two more this window to boost our chances of survival.
  11. You forgot to mention we pocketed some transfer cash for Ross Stewart (Striker)
  12. Rogers - Question marks over him being the new no1 or if he would be happy to stay to deputise a new no1 incoming Anton - Would love him to stay, though the ball is in his court. Kpekawa, will either find a club or we will most likely do what we had to do with King and mutual termination Eckersely - Doesn't seem to be near first team for some reason. Possibly leaving too? GMack - On the road to recovery. Very useful player when fit. I'd like to think he can chip in with contribution with the season run in. Flynn - Used sparingly, though may have a place in the team. Unsure on if OK would keep him or not due to his lack of game time to date. Kellerman - Looks like he may have a chance to impress. Can't play for a 3rd team this season either. Cody Cooke - Worked extremely hard to get himself into the managers plans. Seems to pick up a few niggles though. Uncertain whether he will stay or go? Smith - From online reports, his departure is imminent, with Dundee utd looking like his likely destination
  13. Do you have inside information that we don't?
  14. This lad completely disappeared off the face of the earth after being substituted in his last game. Don't even think he got a sniff at u20s team.
  15. Mullen & Baird, possibly Flynn?
  16. Reports out of Romania from what look like a reliable journo and newspaper with interview suggest it has. Possibly either waiting on paperwork or anounnclng a few on same day.
  17. I thought the same. I mind a coupel of years ago Morton got stung for this on their signing of Tidser in the January window. Signed him then didn't realise he couldn't play for them till next season!
  18. No disrespect in anyway to McShane, though he is currently playing for a club that were rooted the foot of the championship before his arrival. He will be head an shoulders above most of his team mates.
  19. Add international caps to that too
  20. I take it you don't like the board?
  21. 2 managers in a row can't be wrong as much as Stubbs was an arse? Had a clean slate with OK and still couldnt make a regular place in starting 11.
  22. We also made money on the transfer of Ross Stewart, so surely that would have subsidised some of the Heaton transfer if not, what we have paid of it so far. Stubbs most likely could have brought in one or two more, though the board seen trusting him with anymore of a budget was a major risk when he couldn't even identify a striker, a creative midfielder or winger.
  23. Both Josh and Cody Cooke were based on their ability of playing at National region league football. That is where Josh has ended up back at. If we have someone within our backroom staff assessing him from now till end of the season, I am sure there will be a fair judgement on him. Could end up being a key player for Kidderminster as they chase promotion, comes back a refresher player full of confidence.
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