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  1. Totally agree but its maybe less of an ask than what we have had so far with Foley at CB etc I like the higher energy and higher skills these guys have. I would play Ethan in his favoured position.
  2. Definately got to use the 5 subs better particularly as McAllister, Dhurmus, Connolly and Erwin dont look to have 90 minutes in them. Rather than have one forward chase down 3 defenders I would prefer we tried to have a strong midfield and a decent out ball. I liked thr fact that Connolly changed wings against Hibs. I would look to play our game and change our winger and centre forwards to create some sort of attacking threat.
  3. 4-5-1. Big Shaugnessy back at CB. Midfield of McGrath, Foley, Ethan, Cammy and a winger playing wide with Erwin starting up front.
  4. Looking forward to this one. Always liked Leeds going back to the Bremner, Gray brothers era. Always a strong Scottish connection. 'Mon the Leeds!
  5. Plus points. Ethan played well. Erwin looks very decent. Cammy looked good. Goalie will be fine for 3 games. Overall the side were very poor. We made a decent Hibs side look good
  6. Ethan's performance is the highlight of a poor team performance.
  7. Ethan has been very assured on the ball. Some good forward passing as well. Earned a run in the side hopefully.
  8. Big goalie has done fine. He will be match fit after a week with us if not shell shocked.
  9. Erwin looks the part. Gets in about them.
  10. poor passing again. I would like to see Cammy alongside Ethan. More energy and skill.
  11. No service to speak of. Holding the ball up well but no chances. Not playing badly.
  12. Foley not playing well. Misjudging the flight of the ball repeatedly.
  13. Nearly all over there. Good save from Bobby the goalie.
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