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  1. Summed up perfectly. Next Season, for at least 3 matches, those in the Home and West Stands will be able to enjoy.... ABSOLUTE SCUM SINGING MORONIC SECTARIAN SONGS IN FECKING STEREO. Our Club welcome them.
  2. And Angelo Alessio is their new Manager. Three Year deal.
  3. Hannah wins on points and becomes World Champion.
  4. Ilves Tampere 0 Saints 1 22nd July 1980
  5. Mismanagement nearly destroyed us last season and wasted our Season Ticket money. They won't waste mine or any of my money next season.
  6. Not if the Club waste the income, like last season. A Club from Ibrox filled their Stadium every home match. They died.
  7. He always swears. Heavy duty jobbie mooth. Loves to abuse St Mirren supporters who dont agree with his wisdom.
  8. Absolutely tragic. Teamlines getting read out were legendary with Fiona's accompanying screams.
  9. The big one Scotland v Argentina Wednesday 19th June Kick Off 20.00 BBC 4 and BBC Alba
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