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  1. Fair enough Shull. The point I'm making is that, despite the rules, this should have been sorted out and you should have been able to buy your programmes today. Never been a problem before. Bought them on Fridays and Saturday mornings on various occasions over the last 25 years.
  2. Agree mate. However we're a family club. A quick call upstairs to ask if it's ok to bend the rules to accommodate a fan would have sorted this out. My experience of the guys in the shop and over the phone has always been excellent, right enough Nothing to do with the Shop. It was in the Stadium Reception where the Programmes were. The Lady did attempt to contact Campbell Kennedy with no success. I had already been in the Shop where they told me to come back before kick off.
  3. Your post above sums you up. Nothing wrong with my Thread.
  4. That's original from Lucy. Not allowed to comment about St Mirren on a St Mirren Forum. He will maybe contribute summat decent on here eventually.
  5. shull

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Not from me.
  6. It got me also. Absolutely baffling and outrageous that a supporter /customer can be standing in the Main Reception of St Mirren Football Club,money in hand to purchase a few Match Programmes. The said Programmes are in Boxes 4 feet away and not one person in the whole Stadium, including Gordon Scott, Campbell Kennedy and many more could not take 20 seconds out of their time to help seal the deal which is actually advantageous to the Club. After buying Programmes for decades, I will purchase no more. Years ago at Love Street, there was never a problem. Press the buzzer at the Main Stand on a Friday afternoon for entry. By the time you got up the stairs, the fantastic Receptionist would have your programmes bagged up and ready to go. Great service then.
  7. Big Advert on Official Site promoting tomorrow's Match Programme. They say it will be available ' ahead ' of the Game. What kind.do of Commercial speak is that ? Why not say only at the match or even better.. The Match Programme will be available to purchase from Friday at 1pm onwards from the Club Shop and Stadium Reception.
  8. At St Mirren Park presently. As I have a few Orders pending for tomorrow's Match Programme, I thought I would pop in and get them early. Asked in the Shop, they said no and I could get them just before match tomorrow. Asked the lady at Reception. She said no as they're not available for sale. Then I noticed the programmes in boxes next to the front door. I pointed this out. The lady again said no, not available for sale. I had the money in hand ready for purchase but to no avail I asked to see Campbell Kennedy but he wasn't available either. I walked away empty handed and absolutely fuming. Maybe cutting my nose off to spite my face but thinking of cancelling all St Mirren Programme Orders from tomorrow and in the future. Dreadful Business Practices from St Mirren. Just to add, I had phoned the Club on Wednesday regarding the Sunderland programmes and said I would pop in on Friday to see about them. It really is unbelievable that we have a Club Shop opened at the moment and tomorrow's Match Programmes sitting sealed in Boxes in Main Reception. Laughable.
  9. shull

    Gonny let me out now

    Forgot about him
  10. shull

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Hopefully the Weegie Bassas will be doing the same at the end of this Season after we win the League.
  11. shull

    The Forum

    It has taken a lot of stick recently, very unfairly as I think it's been thriving for at least the last year or so and before that it was fine. The last few days, since the start of the season, The Forum has been shit hot. Great entertainment and a fabulous read. Well done to Dave The Buddie and Munoz for their classic Threads that they started yesterday. We might even have our first Forum Love Affair between Dave TB and DougJ And the Super Saints are unbeaten.
  12. shull

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Oh, it's Frankinkstain ................. On first glance it didnae read that.