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  1. David McKenna was a reasonable lower league striker after leaving us. Think the problem for him and Baird was promotion came at the wrong time for them - had we stayed in the first division a bit longer they'd maybe have got more game time. I think Basher, McGarry, McKenna and Reilly are the only strikers to come through our youth set-up to have scored for the first team since the turn of the century, which is pretty poor considering we've produced decent players in every other position. And of that four Basher was in his mid twenties when he came back and Reilly has ended up in midfield.
  2. It wasn't a dig at him, it was a dig at Rice who claimed Stubbs had pretty much ignored his input during their brief spell together at Saints.
  3. Is the Brian Rice that has signed Sam Stubbs for Hamilton the same Brian Rice that claimed Alan Stubbs ignored most of what he wanted to do while they were both at St Mirren?
  4. One of the many trialists from this game is apparently going to sign for Newcastle.
  5. The quotes from Goodwin as requested.
  6. I take it the "don't believe the papers" stance only applies to things folk don't want to hear or don't want to be true Would be delighted to have McAllister back, especially permanently. Get him in then a striker, leftback and centre half should have us in good shape.
  7. Fair enough, wasn't sure if any of them were coding/design things you could sort.
  8. Maybe imagining it, but in the past I thought if you went to the fixtures section you were able to click the scoreline to read the match report. Doesn't seem to be an option any more. Also, would it be possible to add an option to change seasons so you can easily find reports from previous seasons? I occasionally need them for research purpose otherwise I'm fully behind making it as hard as possible for folk to read my pish. Would also be handy if reports included links to videos of interviews, highlights etc. I don't ask for much.
  9. I seem to remember a story on here that Ross had agreed to sign Halkett (although it may have been another Livi defender) and Stubbs cancelled it. As for Kellerman, sure Goodwin said that he has dislocated his shoulder so maybe that's why we're looking at another midfielder.
  10. Stu

    Stevie May

    Move to St Johnstone off. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/stevie-mays-st-johnstone-return-18774056
  11. Seemingly we're interested in Pavol Safranko, who was on loan at Dundee United last season. Guessing it would be a loan for us too. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-mirren-want-sign-former-18680093
  12. There was a quote doing the rounds on Friday from Goodwin's BuddieVision interview that suggested he wasn't a huge fan of how this technical director stuff is working. When I asked on P&B someone kindly reproduced it for me, so here it is.
  13. I really, really hope this is the tweet in question.
  14. Sadly, that is what it is looking like at the moment. I'd be very interested to know what, if any, support they get from St Mirren FC - of which the women's team is a part, not a separate entity. The club should be providing them with kit as the bare minimum, SMiSA should not need to be funding this. Surely that could be part of the kit deal? It certainly used to be for the youth academy (don't know if it is since we left JD Sports). I see most of the women's games are at Ferguslie - why are they not allowed to play at Ralston? Are they allowed to train there? If not, why not? We have a nice 3G pitch that SMiSA paid for they could surely be allowed on The women's team seems to be run on as little funding as possible. They have held crowdfunding campaigns just to get basic kit to get them up and running. They held a fundraising evening in a bar in Paisley - surely they could have been allowed to use the ground? It doesn't look particularly good to the outside world that the women's first team are having to ask for money for kit while the men's youth team is so well funded that the most pressing thing on their list is money for a trip to England.
  15. There's a surprise. Let's be honest, Lyle Langley could come along looking for money to build a monorail between the ground and Ralston and you'd approve putting the £2 spend towards that. Not a hope of me voting in favour of the youth academy's trip. I would vote in favour of the women's team but I'd be interested to know how much support they are getting from the club - both financially and in terms of using the facilities etc.
  16. Ah fair enough. I can just about use Instagram to look at photos, anything else is pretty much beyond me.
  17. He might have deleted the photo but no sign of anything like that on this Instagram account at the moment: https://www.instagram.com/thomasverheydt/
  18. Seems he became their manager last month.
  19. https://www.the-gazette.co.uk/sport/17767679.thomas-verheydt-verge-signing-st-mirren/
  20. Looks like he was involved in a belter of a play-off game last season. His side were 4-3 up in stoppage time and he wasted a chance to make it 5-3. The other team then scored twice before the end of the game (not extra-time) and got promoted instead. Let's hope Tony doesn't mention Hammarby to him. There's also an article about how much he cost Crawley per goal, however I only share it here because it also has this nugget at the bottom: "Cole Kpekawa worst value for keeping clean sheets – The defender cost Colchester United £62,400 for his one clean sheet" https://www.crawleyobserver.co.uk/sport/football/find-out-how-much-thomas-verheydt-cost-crawley-town-per-goal-1-8572776
  21. 13 goals in the Dutch second tier last season but wasn't very good with Crawley before that. Seems to have been pretty prolific in Holland, although so have quite a few strikers who have gone to England and not been very good. Interesting to see if anything comes of it. https://www.worldfootball.net/player_summary/thomas-verheydt/2/
  22. Google translate of the article: https://www.destentor.nl/ga-eagles/ga-eagles-spits-thomas-verheydt-op-weg-naar-schotland~ac4db410/ The future of Thomas Verheydt is probably not in Deventer. The striker of Go Ahead Eagles is on its way to Scotland, where St. Mirren has now registered for Verheydt. Verheydt seems on the way to the exit of De Adelaarshorst. The 27-year-old attack leader is already traveling to Scotland with his agent Danny Ris this coming weekend to get the right feeling at the Scottish club and settle the possible deal. St. Mirren plays a cup match against Dunfermline on Sunday at its home stadium in Paisley - a city west of Glasgow. Then Verheydt also has a conversation with the Scottish club. Reportedly, Go Ahead Eagles and St. Mirren have already had contact during the rush hour and that will no longer stand in the way of a possible transition. Verheydt does not have to leave GA Eagles, but the club management has given him permission to talk to other clubs. Verheydt has indicated that it is ready for a new foreign challenge. St. Mirren plays at the highest level in Scotland. Verheydt will not participate in the GA Eagles game against Excelsior on Friday evening due to a heel injury.
  23. Agree we need two wingers. Wouldn't be overly surprised to see Magennis playing there for a bit, he played on the right for a while under Ross.
  24. Think we need to get Malcolm Tucker in to kick some arses and teach people at the club how and when to speak to the media.
  25. Seen those quotes elsewhere today so guessing he was asked about it at the press conference to unveil Goodwin. Whether he should have given that answer is another issue, but he didn't seek out The Sun to speak to them and only them about it.
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