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  1. It's a long list but I'll get there..
  2. Hello boys and girls.. This season as I've already said on both Facebook and Twitter we will be looking for more interaction with the fans on a match day. With regards to the stadium music. We have a few ideas with things in the pipeline. But firstly myself and Colin want to give the fans the chance to have their playlist played during half-time. We are looking for fans to send us 3 songs and a short bio about them along with a picture which will be included in the match programme. A different player or member of management will be choosing 3 songs to be played during the warm up to each game too. After every game we will have the days entire playlist available for download on Spotify and hopefully iTunes too. We want as many fans as possible to join in and have their songs played. It's just 1 of a few things that we hope to bring to a match day. So come on buddies get your playlists and bio's sent to [email protected] Each playlist will be randomly selected. Because of printing deadlines for inclusion in the programme all playlists have to be submitted 7 days before each game.
  3. I've not posted on here for a while but just want to thank the people that have sent messages texts tweets etc for there support and even the guys that have posted on here. I have to say it was an honour to be asked by SMFC to take over the job. Both myself and Colin feel that way. The buzz you actually get at walking in the main entrance with a club tie on on a matchday is something you can't explain. Saturday was our first game without phil who I have to thank. Obviously for the past 20 years but also for showing us how things run on a matchday for the previous 2 home games. Looking forward we obviously want to enhance the matchday experience for supporters. And by next season hope to have a few new things in place. On the volume issues that's something we will obviously look to address going forward. Although at half time on saturday there were cheerleaders doing a routine on the pitch. So for the girls to hear it had to be at that level. Colin and myself are just 2 life long buddies kinda living out a childhood dream. But we both very much appreciate the feed back. Which I have to say was on the whole extremely positive as I mentioned before. Also speaking to people we've have had nothing but positive things said. We understand that we will never be able to please everyone. But hopefully we will for the majority of fans enhance the day.
  4. I Watched up till the end of the 2nd session. Camera zoomed in on Robbie Fowler at one point. And who was sitting 2 seats down from him? Nonother than our very own Steven McGarry!!!
  5. cambo1877

    Windows 7

    Took me days to work out windows 7!!!! The toolbar should be easy just customize it to what you want in your toolbar that should make it smaller. As for the the laptop thing im fecked if i know mines is on a pc sorry to be of no assistance whatsoever
  6. Are you aware Gary Blues pays for sex with hamsters............?

  7. I got a text just as i has about to start my work tonight. Iread it about 4 times and couldn't take it in i had to phone sandman and he was in shock as he already heard. Derek this world will be a poorer place without you you'll be greatly missed by everyone who knew you. I hope your looking down on us with a guiness in one hand and a smoke in the other. A true buddie for life!!!! My thoughts are with your family at this horrible time. REST IN PEACE DEREK. You'll never be forgotten
  8. Oh resign!! Aah i see now i thought you were sending them to the job centre to sign on
  9. cambo1877

    Missing Posts

    First posts now signatures vanishing!!!!!! im gonna get a bigger one for that girfuy
  10. cambo1877

    Missing Posts

    Maybe they have been abducted by aliens
  11. Just tell them that your origanal box has went on the blink. You'll get a new free digital one sorted
  12. hey i ressemble that comment!!!!! see you tomorrow mr martin
  13. the live lounge 2 right now its the foo fighters times like these
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