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  1. Id say with Jack going then Reilly is more likely to sign on, im sure he didnt want to be second or third choice striker.
  2. I wouldnt have thought so, McGinn came back for family reasons to Scotland im sure, so i doubt he would head back down, although i guess its not a million miles away in Sunderland.
  3. Re the above mention of a friendly sweetener - id hope it would be in Sunderland - the pre season friendly with Sheffield Wednesday was a great day out, so lets hope its at the stadium of light. We have probably lost 2 of our best 3 players with Davis and Morgan going, now the manager - I wonder if Jack is likely to come in for McGennis or perhaps Cammy Smith, both who you would think would do a good job in that division with the potential to play at a higher level.
  4. Id say its poorer than it used to be, but it wouldnt need tweaked too much to make it decent value again - used to do it quite regularly but the last few times ive been its not been worth the money. Hopefully a revamp giving slightly better value for money, better food and longer for the drinks package would make it worth revisiting again. There should be comment cards for people visiting this season to see what they think and what they could better, it should be full every week really if its priced well.
  5. Re-subbed my season ticket today after not having one last year (I think under Rae was the only time in the last 10 years or so that i wasnt able to stomach the football).
  6. marrez

    Director Elections

    I know all the candidates - two of them very well, one less so, all three are good guys though. Its a toss up, but ultimately id come down on the side of David Nicol.
  7. Really sad to hear this, Cubby was fantastic, he was our postman in Abercorn Street for many years and always had time for a chat and a story, we were all gutted when decided to retire but any time you walked into the pub he would always offer to buy you a drink. RIP Cubby.
  8. We have had a mahrez for over ten years!
  9. It seems baffling - at the AGM we were told it would be an experienced manager, we would take our time and Alex Miller would be in charge in the interim, literally none of those things have happened. After watching a few interviews he at least comes across as personable - lets hope he does a decent job.
  10. Part of the problem with Murray is that we still have Danny Lennon fresh in our mind - whether you thought it was time for him to go or wanted him to say its fair to say that he fully respected the fans and that was mutual, very similar to Fitzy in that respect. Id love to see Murray turn it around but the football this year is even more boring than last year with arguably a better squad in a poorer division. I dont know who the answer is - we are in freefall.
  11. Jim Goodwin has been our best player this year by some margin, as he was last year.
  12. Jim played the more advanced today and was superb there, id keep him there, he's got the legs for it still.
  13. We would have been screwed last night if we were allowed a 4th sub, as soon as McMullan came on the subs all buggered off up the tunnel.
  14. i have a feeling he will goto Hibs and was released after they played him.
  15. Shame, he's better than playing in a backwater league like Saudi Arabia
  16. No he's in Cyprus with Anorthosis. Scored a few pre season
  17. Isma has said he will come back, im sure he will be 33-34 before we see him again though. He's doing well in Cyprus at the moment.
  18. Ditto - better the devil you know - Samson would be great in the championship - people are quick to forget he got regular Scotland call ups while at Saints, something that happened far less at Killie.
  19. Guess its gonna be permanent and as such he probably wont play on Friday, would be bonkers if that happened.
  20. He looked like he had re-signed for us on Saturday at Sheffield!
  21. Got 5 tickets today, we are driving down though.
  22. Id love Langfield to come in, he's a big saints fan, would imagine if he did come in he would be no.1
  23. If Carey is going to come in we need him in pronto, he was a fat mess when he joined the last time and took him till December to get semi fit.
  24. Any news on the away kit? Plain red would do the job.
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