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Annoying Things about this Forum

Crispian Crunchie

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Or the fact that scrolling disnae work when the cursor encounters a new-fangled Video insertion.

When you "mark this forum as read", if the forum has any sub-forums - like General St Mirren Discussion - they don't get marked as read. Any chance of fixing this?

The way round that is just to mark the whole forum as read.

You won't miss much... :)

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Annoying things?

How about Div spamming this site with all the OS stuff.We know where to find it if we want it.

I know , we're being introduced to the OS propaganda which I hope isn't to be followed by their heavy-handed moderation!

That's the thanks I get for bringing the Saints news from six different sources straight into the forum for you to discuss :rolleyes:

Can I expect a "Div must go" thread anytime soon ?

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A friend of mine (who is a Mod) tells me that Div has lost the forum.

And that if there was a vacancy at Google, he'd be off like a shot.


Div has been seen many a time taking in a discussion at m*rt*n unofficial, conclusive evidence that he is a closet soapdodger and his heart isn't really on Saints....get the baldy soapdodger tae f"k. :)

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